Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Final (2) Summary

As with last year’s finale, it’s in the second half that things really kick into gear, emotionally. I mean…nobody touched the divine or anything, but it certainly beats watching TWO WEEK 1 CHA CHAS I’LL TELL YOU THAT MUCH. Mark is summarily dispatched at the start and shows a certain amount of admirable self-awareness about the fact that he’s been doling out his leaving speech in installments over the last 12 episodes like one of those 52 part “Build Your Own Dinosaur” magazines. Which is nice. He’s then immediately forgotten to the extent that later Frankie will be heard good-naturedly grumbling later on the red button footage about being the only celeb in the final never to score 40. D’oops.

Speaking of Frankie never scoring 40, she has to suffer the indignity of getting a 39 for her paso doble, which really could have gone the full whack, and which sadly feels slightly overshadowed by the lack of Donny Osmond cameo. You know he could have done one. He can’t be that busy. Caroline’s Charleston if anything falls flatter, as the lack of backing dancers mean the spectacular final carpet-bundle lift is missing and there’s a lot of parts where Pasha looks very isolated, although she still gets 40 for it, and becomes officially the first celeb to bowl a perfect game in the final. This leaves Kristina and Simon to absolutely and comprehensively slam-dunk their Argentine Tango to close the evening, complete with actual PRIMAL SCREAM from Simon to cap it, followed by Craig giving a very lengthy speech about Simon’s transformation as a human being that’s almost moving (ON THIS SHOW) and which sends his odds with the bookies coiling in past Frankie’s to the point where it almost looks like he might pull off the greatest upset in Strictly history.

Sadly for this show’s need to sell itself as unpredictable and exciting…it’s not enough and (after a genuinely terrifying group dance made up of 70s tv theme tunes played at double speed through a Nightmare Coil and SO MANY MONTAGES AND RECAPS) Caroline and Pasha win. It’s the first time in recorded history that the winning celeb is far more excited than the winning pro, as she cries and snots everywhere as Pasha looks his usual cheerful self. I, I who have been waiting with increasing impatience for Pasha to win something since he got WUZZROBBED by Sabra Johnson on So You Think You Can Dance in 2007? Somewhere in the middle of the two.

Oldest female winner ever, and the one who resets the gender balance at 6 winners of each sex. Where to from here? I say…YEAR OF THE BIDDY 2015! #anitadobsonsrevenge


13 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Final (2) Summary

  1. Elaine

    My lovely Pasha finally made it! Without Beyoncé, thank God! Am jiving with joy, and he only had his shirt off for nearly the whole thing. Wheeee!

  2. PerfectCustard

    Love your SYTYCD references, I agree that Pasha should have been in the final, but Danny was the rightful winner. So nice to see Pasha finally win won of these dance contests, (and I hope Anya helped with the choreography) and feels part of this success as well.

    Let’s give some credit to Caroline who went from wardrobe loser & also ran to full fledged performer. She really brought it in the final. It’s hard because I liked both Frankie and Simon, and they could have easily won in another year. I really enjoyed that final. Yay Flasha!

  3. Agrippina

    Yes, I am officially delighted for Pasha and his little face, but I did also really like Caroline, so I’m happy all round with that result. Mind you, it’s now Pasha’s fate to be saddled with duffers from now until he finally leaves the show acrimoniously, a la Ola, who was conspicuous by her absence in the big reunion dance.
    My wishes for 2015 – ringers for Natalie and Iveta (proper ones, not pretend ones like Thom), a decent contestant for Tristan so we get to see more of him, Anya to come back (surely her presence in the pro dances was a means of easing her back in to replace Ola?), keep Trent and Joanne, Zoe to present with Claudia instead of Tess, and Len and Darcey to be replaced by Ian Waite and Erin Boag.

      1. Gerry

        Broke her leg — it’s said it could be nine months before she’ll be back in dancing fettle again. The Strictly Powers-that-be could well be considering not hiring her again for that act of folly.

  4. MorticiaA

    The producers have been gunning for a Caroline win since Pixie’s departure. (The final ITT of the series was a hilarious team Pasholine party political broadcast with Marian Keyes and Darcey both salivating over Pasha and the Friday Panel unanimously in her favour). Caroline was very good but not faultless or the best winner in Strictly history as those scores would suggest. It gets to a point where 40 becomes meaningless if flung around too much. Maybe for that snotfest snowdance but not for the Cha Cha or the Charleston. Sorry. Bah humbug! After Simon’s AT I was hoping for a massive televisual upset, and for him to beat all the odds by snatching the Glitterball, but after all those bottom 2 appearances that was never to be… The one high point of the evening was that the public at least agreed with Mark’s analysis of his show dance as “two kids running round a play ground” and booted him off first. Despite all my gripes about Jake’s lack of technique, he would at least have produced a show dance worth watching rather than THAT…(channelling a drunk Alesha at this point). Once again, bah humbug and apologies for lack of seasonal cheer – it all just got a bit predictable by the end, it was just a matter of sitting through it all until the Glitter Ball was handed over, without any real doubt as to who was going to win.. Now I really want to see what Pasha can achieve with a total and utter week 1 boot standard duffer…
    Can’t wait for your full recap, Monkseal, XXX.

  5. Huriye

    Great Summaries Parts 1 & 2 Monkseal, and I totally agree with Morticia’s post above.
    I didn’t want to appear as carping, but a full set of perfect scores? Caroline hasn’t even demonstrated she can dance good Ballroom yet, and far from “brave”, their choice of Showdance was right up her street. She’s clearly trained in Contemporary, and dances that free, emotional, style very well. But the Judges should’ve chosen her American Smooth, where she tripped over her dress, that Bruno said he wanted to see again in the Final (and was presumably outvoted). She danced the Cha Cha very well, in week 1 and in the Final, so how much “improvement” was actually needed? Whereas Frankie was given a dance she said she hated, and messed up, and “came aht” and made it a triumph, in my opinion, winning Round 1. It had far more difficult content in it than Caroline’s Cha Cha. Or Simon’s Charleston, and Mark’s Cha from week 1 seemed so basic for a Final. What on earth was the point in choosing that for Gawd’s sake? Good Luck in your ‘Who Was the Best Judge?” Poll Monkseal, COS THEY WERE ALL CRAP!

    I genuinely think Frankie had cause to feel unfairly treated, and good on her for voicing it on the Red Button, in a non-hysterical way. Craig really got on MY nerves last night, and no, Frankie, don’t go to his tacky party! I loved her Showdance. ❤ It was such a pleasure to actually see some BALLROOM. I loved her hair, dress, choice of music, she matched with Kevin so well, I didn't mind the bench hopping (but thought it went on a bit too long) and it's nice that this year's celebs seem to have all influenced the Pros' choice of Showdance for them. On a night when Caroline got a full house of 10s, and Simon's AT got 40, I do feel aggrieved for Frankie & Kevin that none of their dances did. They deserved to – and they danced first in every round. Is that fair? But the Caroline FTW steam roller was bulldozing it's way through the GBP and Judges, through Zoe, ITT, and the Strictly Producers, and nothing was gonna stop it. I don't begrudge her, she danced well, I'm pleased for Pasha (he's never smiled so much) but in my eyes to be hailed the *Best Strictly Champion Ever* you should've demonstrated great technique in Ballroom, Latin, aswell as having the flair and charisma, facial expressions and emotion that Caroline had in dance styles she was comfortable with. I agree with Monkseal, the Charleston did look bare and basic with just the 2 of them, though danced well.

    After the first show I voted for Frankie & Simon. I enjoyed Simon & Kristina's Showdance, the quick changes, and especially the part where they did quick Salsa armography in perfect timing and phrasing to the percussive section of Elvis's song. Good choice for them, and so pleased he danced very well all show. Thankfully the quality of the Finale was so much higher than the semi-final. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂

    I know Tess is getting alot of flak, but frankly sometimes Claudia appeared gormless to me too.
    Kevin: "I'm so, so proud of Frankie, she's improved her technique every week, and I couldn't be more proud of her".
    Claude: "So how proud are you of Frankie, Kevin?"
    Even he looked contemptuous!
    Out of the 3 of 'em Zoe is head & shoulders the best.
    Tess looked like she'd had an emergency and couldn't make her hair appointment.

    Overall, it has been a really fun series, very enjoyable to watch, some great dancing, interesting Pros, I liked most of the celebs, and it was genuinely lovely to see they all got on together. No Telegraph BitchHate piece will be turning up on Monday this year! 😉

    It was by far the BEST series of ITT ever. They definitely read your blog, Monkseal, as the references were scattered throughout. I do sincerely apologise for being a complete Numpty and also Gingerist, (yes, I know all Gingers do NOT look alike) but I got embarrassingly confused over the 2 that work on Strictly/ITT *red face*.
    Greg, the Floor Manager, and Monkseal's fave, is NOT Guido who jumped out of Zoe's cake, and wore Halloween make-up, appearing in a Twitter photo with Iveta's Morticia. THEY ARE 2 DIFFERENT GINGERS! So sorry.

    Give it your all for the Recap Monkseal! Cheers! 🙂 ❤

    1. Huriye

      Forgot to say I hereby Nominate Greg & Guido as the first same sex couple on Strictly 2015. As it’s Officially the YEAROFTHEBIDDY they may stand a *shock* chance of winning.

  6. Miss Cavie

    Happy enough with the result, though I don’t think Caroline deserved a full set of perfect scores, especially for her Charleston which felt flat and kind of boring compared to the original.

    Thought Simon might have pulled off the upset and nicked it with that awesome AT, which was stonkingly good. Frankie can feel justifiably hard done by at not getting a 40, she really CAME AHT and nailed that Paso.

    Thanks for the recaps Monkseal – always a Strictly highlight!

  7. Left Feet

    Simon didn’t do enough in the first half of the final to justify him winning, you can’t win on just one dance, even though it was a very good one.
    Flackers is unusual in that she is a far better Latin dancer then ballroom, of the girl winners only St Jill probably similar. In a final both styles should be danced so that is disappointing. Fair result and a good final after a bit of a disaster of a semi.

  8. BeyonceCastle

    It was all a damp squib for me I’m afraid. I have misunderstood the concept of judges’ choice..I always thought it was their favourite aka the second highest scored dance that wasn’t the week before’s. ‘The one they would most like to see again’ that would be a decent contrast with the freestyle.
    If it was meant to be a weak dance to be redanced but better this time, then
    Carolina’s cha cha and Simon’s Charleston made no sense except to flag up how poor Mark was in comparison. Oh wait..
    The showdances were all a disappointment. Frednminge nicking Kimba’s qt, Caroline being all contempi although his face, her dress was funnier than Alison’s dress sleeve Wuthering moment putting Brenda’s similar attack from Sunetra’s dress into third place. Mark’s made Kara’s look good.
    Simon’s should have been awesome but just didn’t do it for me, seemed showdance by numbers. At which point it just became which pro did I like more? and did I want Numbers Bitch to be consumed by jealousy, invade the stage and all out snog Pash again? Yes yes I did but it only happened in my head. Still waiting for the Pash-mine-a! headline though…surely she can be papped with him all snuggly in a scarf soon, surely.
    Am now putting all my hopes into the Panto Xmas Special to cheer me up.
    Iveta in a catsuit, Russell as one of the Blue Man Group, Robin as a silver sprayed living statue, Tristan doing yet another dance/theme he wouldn’t have chosen himself, Aliona not getting a Septuagenarian.


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