Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 12 Results Summary

So…first the hunky sportsman on a journey. Then the pop princess judges favourite. Then the cheeky chappy public favourite. All shock-booted. Knocking Jake out of the competition, in yet another “THANKS LEN” 2-2 split dance-off vote is Mark, who eggs the entire Clifton Nexus into gales of tears with that bloody contempotwaddle rumba again. Jake doesn’t seem all that bothered to be honest, and you can see the cracks much more easily in Janette. And in fact Kristina’s lower lip, which is on a constant wibble from the start of the results reveal until the very very very very end when they are called safe. In other Results Reveal news, Kevin screams the effing house down, deafening Paloma Faith in the process, although she valiantly comes out and performs her number 1 dance-pop hit anyway. What a trooper.

In other Results Show news we see the very last (for this series at least) of Len’s Glans and there’s a disco group routine featuring Surprise Anya and Surprise Louis Smith. And…that’s it. We need so much padding that apparently we need to resort to Best Bits clips packages like this is Big Brother or something. Next? THE FINAL! And let’s get this one revved up.


20 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 12 Results Summary

  1. Left Feet

    Tough decision again but I would probably go for Jake for the entertainment value and he would have been very good value in the final and also far more likeable for me then the other two men.
    Its between the two girls really, with six dance offs between them neither Simon and Mark would probably been there with no dance off and their dancing is really not good enough to warrant a win. The series has been unpredictable but can I see either with the plastic trophy no.
    Caroline has improved the most and is a firecracker at the Latin, her ballroom for me is still not good (obviously a ballroom novice) and I have to hope that Pasha is not looking at Beyoncé tracks for the show dance. Frankie has not been in a dance off and her ballroom is her strength, also I think she has probably more of a fanbase then Caroline and perhaps Kevin has more then one then Pasha. I think that Caroline is more of a personality and that might give her a slight edge. On dance I think that either will deserve the win, although if it is Frankie, my ear plugs will be on standby (Kevin!)

  2. missfrankiecat

    Torn between Kristina and Kevin (either of whom will have a complete meltdown at victory). The celebs are so meh that I am now voting for the pro victor. If I have to pick an actual celeb, Caroline I suppose but her ballroom is such a mess. Just don’t let it be Mark – hard to imagine he could get the public vote but after last year, who knows what an XFactor influx will achieve.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I don’t buy this Digital Spy “X Factor Tween Influx” theory or why it supposedly suddenly started in Series 8. The show’s always prized youth in the end – 6 and 7 were just a nasty cyst of a situation that the show made for itself.

  3. BeyonceCastle

    Ah well.
    No Jake the peg with the extra leg yewtree themed showdance for me then.
    What I suspect might have happened had he gone through would have been the salsa being held back as ‘his’ favourite being performed after the so-called judge’s favourite and showdance.
    Given that his showdance would have been mainly lifts, though some swings a la lindy hop may have swung it for him, but probably Latin it would have had to be pretty spectacular for him not to suffer Sophie’s plight last year.
    So if judges chose his samba (personally I would have liked to have seen his tango again) you might have had three lots of Latin and if they chose a ballroom to mix it up a little he may not have got the vote to see salsa from week 2 same as not getting to see Sophie’s holy Charleston.
    Whilst I hated Jake’s jive he could have done an awesome athletic routine to A little less conversation for example.

    As it is, based on last night’s performances, and given that I only see the dances on you tube and not the whole journey crap I did think that Jake came over worst. It was them richard reid shoes what dun for him Guv!

    There is still a lot banking on delivering the best showdance on Saturday.
    Caroline Latin? Pasha: form for disco, led by sleb’s preference
    Frankie Ballroom? Kevin: hated his showdance last year: slow and dry ice
    Mark Latin? Karen: opposite choreography to Kevin? Club dancing?
    Simon Could be either.past form Xtina: Donovan’s gold all out number. Simon could go for a club beat or he could put on the Ritz.

    Caroline Rumba-Disco pls vote for Charleston
    Frankie Paso-Ballroom pls vote for Viennese waltz
    Mark Jive-Disco pls vote for Samba Out first?
    Simon Quickstep-Tophatntails pls vote for Argentine

    Judge’s choice: Mark first then Caroline then Simon then Frankie
    Showdances: Simon then Mark then Frankie then Caroline

    I can’t call it now without knowing audience votes over the last few weeks although over at DS Caroline is winning hands down. But that might be because of vitriol towards Mark and Kevin.
    Frankie has never been in a DO and I thought she was going to win from the outset. But the fact that both Mark and Simon are still in it throws me and who will get the rebound votes when Mark?? gets kicked off first if indeed he does.

    So just to see people froth and just because he remains and always will be
    Least Worst Member Of Blue and just because Xtina is looking a wee bit older/about to have an aneurysm probably from Reining It In (don’t blow it Brenda stylee #monksealsunday) then I am going to say Simon.

    #past ‘bantz’ from Mr Monkseal similar to throwbackthursdays or flashbackfridays but on a Sunday. It could catch on.
    According to the tabloids Numbers Bitch #monksealsunday
    is hating on Caroline flirting with her man.
    Flack gets flak for her pash for Pash. Hands off! Pash-mine-a! says Rachel.
    Okay I made those headlines up but you get the gist, curse of strictly blah blah blah You just know the producers wanted a showmance between them as soon as they were paired until Numbers Bitch #monksealsunday
    put the kibosh on it.

    Whether she wins or not, to see for a second outing Caroline’s Charleston however will be awesome just to see if
    Pasha can lose his fez-assassin then hoof it #monksealsunday in exactly the same way, whilst seeing if
    Caroline continues to own an oversized red handbag whilst having
    my youngest show me her belly-dancing walk like an Egyptian musings (wrong country! wrong Charleston! Get out the way of the telly!) whilst having my eldest inform me that the Istanbul choreography on Wii just dance 4 is infinitely better and why didn’t they just use that while imploring to have Wii dance on to show me How Pasha Should Have Done It thus leading to an argument on who is going to be the zebra/parrot/mouse/mutant hipporattunasharkdolphinhybrid.
    I always end up being the latter and I don’t even own a yashmak.

    Final prediction then
    1 Simon
    2 Caroline
    2(3) Frankie
    4 Mark

    1. Minxy

      I feel for Caroline despite loving and lolling at Monkie’s slashfic for her/pasha/numbers girl. (It was more interesting than reality)

      Caroline is suffering from being such a professional beard for Harry Styles. Who is gay – for anyone in more denial than he is publicly (sad that anyone feels the need)
      I just don’t see any kind of personal connection on an erotic level. Just two pro’s doing their job and getting what they want.
      As asexual as Pixie and Trent and the pretence that she is so busy busy busy lol
      They both want to win
      End of

      But hey we reap what we sow
      and shit often comes back and bites us on the arse when we least expect it
      She thought she was done with the flack she got then lol (pun intended)
      She thought it would be worth it then – tho I don’t think she expected what she got then
      And the rep follows on
      (Despite her NOT leaving her new hubbie for pasha)

      But ermmm I like her
      And that she kinda flew under the radar as a ringah comparatively

      As is Frankie
      Tho I do feel maybe not as much of a ringah. Doing a DANCE degree (?) ala Caroline
      Her inability to close her bloody feet when needed makes me think she rebelled AGAINST her parents when it came to their interests and livelihood. If even I and Simon can get the need to close your feet then surely she could?
      (But I may be wrong)

      Is it really this close to Santa time?
      I thought I wad ahead of Crimbo pressie buying but ….

  4. Minxy

    I see the final as the only time the vote is done on the enjoyability of the dance. Mixed with the personality factor (love or hate – makes me lol how often it is forgotten that people will refuse to vote for the better dance cos they don’t like the pro/sleb but decry those who vote for x regardless). But at least the judges don’t get the final say

    I like Jake’s personality better than Mark’s, am equally indifferent to both pro’s … And for me Mark was better in both the show and the dance off
    The choreography I try to balance out with the theme and music imposed on the pro (ala frankie’s and Kevin this week – jeez if Pash and Carline had produced that it would have been lauded as genius). And with how the cleb produced what they were instructed (poor Jake, but hey at least people call him Jake and not Max now)
    Len actually spoke the truth when he said neither dance had many basic steps of their respective steps.

    Len’s Glans (and every week I am shocked when they call it lens instead pml) actually had what I miss from the old strictly
    A glimpse of the details that matter -or used to
    Kudos to Simon and Kristina for that back wave or whatever it is called
    That reverse heel lead is what I saw
    I love those incidentals
    That is what Len’s Glans was supposed to be I think
    Shame it was so often wasn’t
    Especially on the shit that was often highlighted

    Not invested in the final but I will watch
    And IF I vote (yeah I am usually only a final voter but avid watcher of the whole series and ITT lol) it will be because someone REALLY got to me (and then I spend money)

    BEST BEST BEST part of this weekend was watching Christina’s almost, but trying not to, meltdown. Now that was something.
    Much as I may have joked about it, I was always still kinda not really
    This show showed actually I …

    Second best was Simon’s incredulity at being safe
    Such a change from his first DO and the faux I am worried about being safe What? I am in the Do? Face

    Actually if Simon brings it and Kristina keeps her desperation under control -it makes her a sloppy dancer and that sloppiness annoys me – I would probably vote for them!

    Having said that, they need to bring both the control and the passion more than the others.

    Get stuck in, work hard, relax and bring it by enjoying it and forgetting the pressure

  5. Penny

    So, can we finally put a stake through the heart of the idea of the Eastenders Vote?

    I don’t watch it, so I’ve probably missed a few, but for my money, Louisa, Kara, Patsy, Jill and Scott did very well but no better than their dance ability deserve.

    Natalie, Ricky, Letitia and Jake may have done a bit better than their dance ability level but not in a way that suggested a horde of soap-crazed autodiallers.

    Jessie Wallace was first boot wasn’t she?

    Who have I missed? Has anyone visibly outperformed their ability? Has anyone under performed?

    (I apologise Monkseal for giving you an irresistible Strictly History Stats Challenge on a week when you’re already up to your neck in it)

    1. monkseal Post author

      Jessie Wallace survived the first female boot, but that series was a total Eastenders Masscare anyway with Gillian and Phil Daniels going out early doors. Ricky Groves kind of got hauled through by the judges after a while. Sid Owen got an early boot as well, especially given what a major Easties character he was but…that couple was kind of a trainwreck in sum.

      1. Penny

        Ah yes, Phil, Gillian and Sid, thanks. I knew there were more underperforming Eastenders for the data set.

        I can’t actually think of anyone who’s a good example of having outlasted their ability based on a pre-existing fanbase, rather than how they come across on the show. The people who’ve been kept in by the viewers in the teeth of the scores are often the least well known celebs, and the winners are never household names. The only possible example is Scott and his zillions of twitter followers, but I think that a crap comedy dancer like that might well have stayed in anyway.

  6. Soph (@dexychik)

    BLOODY LEN! I know Jake was crap, but I really wanted to see his salsa and charleston again (yes, gurning and all) whereas the other Shock! Boots! didn’t really bother me.

    Have you seen the Strictly stats feature in this week’s Radio Times? SO BADLY ANALYSED, I long for you to peruse your spreadsheets and submit a better one. To a RIVAL LISTINGS MAGAZINE.

  7. MorticiaA

    I’m in shock – not really – I thought Jake’s vote was stronger than that, and lack the mathematical flair to calculate whether his vote could have outweighed his tenure at the bottom of the leader board. Was Jake’s dancing that bad that it turned his support group right off, could they just not be bothered to save him, or is everyone simply feeling too Meh about the final to get worked up enough to vote? I suppose it’s the right final 4, but would swap out Mark for Pixie (Trent really), and possibly, despite the bad dancing, Jake for one of the bland girlies, as his show dance would have enabled Janette to defy all the laws of gravity or flexibility. The TV will be muted for all of Mark’s dances and monologues next week… The only couple I can get behind for both pro and ‘zleb are Simon and Kristina. If they won the glitterball, the announcement and reaction would be comedy gold; Kristina at DefCon1 levels having to be peeled off the ceiling, while Simon looks blankly nonplussed, disappointed by his anticipated defeat. The rest of them are either cancelled out by the KFG clan members or Caroline’s constant enervating swinging between needy girly or teen sex goddess.
    In terms of the show; mean mean producers to leave Simon and Kristina til last; why oh why was Mark permitted to make a lengthy speech after JAKE had been eliminated by the judges, and it was surely Jake’s moment in the sun?; it’s becoming a tad too much like the KFG show for my liking – why did we have to cut to shots of Kevin snivelling behind the scenes when Karen was saved? Poor Jake barely got a look in at his own departure party.

  8. Agrippina

    I didn’t realise how much I didn’t want Mark in the final until that results show, when it became a reality. Yes, he’s got the whole “most improved” thing going on, but his showdance will suck and he just WON’T SHUT UP.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I barely got through him on ITT this week. I know Jason gabbed on, but at least he was hilariously pretentious rather than just…so banal.

  9. Huriye

    What a shocker! :O Was Len confused? I must admit I was flabbergasted when he put Mark through. I thought both performed in the Dance Off much better, and overall I edged it to Jake, and found myself feeling slightly disappointed he won’t be in the Final (to see the Salsa & Charleston again), and I agreed with Beyonce Castle, his Tango from week 1 was good. That was when he could dance Ballroom, before he believed all the “Snake Hips” hype about himself, and gave up bothering.

    If it really is “in no particular order”, then it’s a political decision who gets held back for the final bottom 2 vote, and I agree with Morticia, it was wholly unfair to put Simon & Kristina in that position again. I suppose the Producers will argue they spread it out, but they clearly don’t.

    Thanks for all the tabloid updates, which I don’t believe a word of, as usual. I really don’t think Caroline is Pasha’s type. Far too flighty, flaky and immature for Pash, so Numbers Bitch needn’t worry.

    It’s funny, speaking to a relative on the phone straight after the Results Show, who couldn’t understand why KFG was crying when Mark got through? And not even knowing about Pash/NB hooking up. It reminded me some folk do watch this show avidly for entertainment at the weekend ONLY without going into all the ins and outs and who’s shagging who off set.

    I was actually more excited about last year’s Final than this year’s. I like Frankie – she’s quite funny on ITT, great Len impression, and she takes the piss out of KFG which is a good thing, as he really needs cutting down to size – so I don’t mind if she wins. I suppose I’ll make my mind up when I see their Showdances, but if I’m not expecting a great standard, then I won’t be disappointed.

    Janette took her disappointment on the chin and again, made a lovely speech. It’s hard to know what Jake thought? It’s a good job Janette is so eloquent, as there may’ve been an awkward silence with time to fill. He didn’t exactly work it, did he?

    Mark on the other hand………but I’ve decided I do like Karen. 🙂

  10. Perfect Custard

    I appreciate the great effort Jake has made and liked his latin dances. No offense to anyone but I feel he had reached his limits, and so I’m ok with him leaving.
    I also appreciate “surprise Anya” sighting, I’m confident she is helping Pasha and Caroline behind the scenes.


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