Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 11 Results Summary

Pixie vs Simon Bottom 2. Pixie goes home.


55 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 11 Results Summary

  1. Left Feet

    Should have had a picture of Natalie Lowe!
    It was a tough one but both Len and Darcey made clear it was based on the dance this week, the other two judges were basing it on the whole competition. Heck I don’t like either but for me not a robbery.
    I think that Jake has to be the favourite now, as a dancer he is limited but has the support it seems. Frankie has not also been in the dance off either despite some rocky dances in recent weeks and Caroline is probably improving the most she has been in the dance off but has probably improved the most. As last year showed it is possible to win after being in once dance off. Neither of the two other men have a chance.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think Kate Walsh’s has the slightly “dribbling out the corner of the mouth” quality I was going for.

  2. Agrippina

    I can’t help feeling that Len chose Simon over Pixie as a punishment to Trent for sassing him. I think it was an unfair result purely because Simon clearly isn’t going to win this thing, and now Pixie has lost her shot at it. Plus, we’ve been deprived of a Trent-choreographed show dance…

      1. phoebefair

        Those were Trent’s thoughts too – watch his face as Len prepares his ‘judgement’. A study in dawning realisation and p-offness.

    1. Girlywop57

      Absolutely agree. Len lets it go with Kevin. He favours Frankie over Pixie anyway. Trent hasn’t back chatted at all before and he is a re endows choreographer. Shame no show dance. Google him, he is very accomplished. Six years as dance captain and latterly company manager with Burn the floor!! Love him!!!

  3. Elsa

    They can’t let Trent go now or it will look like he’s being punished for that very mild response to Len fussing about lifts when they’re weren’t any fricking lifts in the dance anyhowz. I think the Hague should take this matter up should I be proven wrong and they do dismiss the brilliant Trent.

  4. Chris

    And I thought I was too jaded to get angry about reality show results anymore. I knew Pixie was going to end up in the dance off sooner or later, but like this? I’m fuming – I’m going to try not to go all DS Mental on you, but I can’t promise anything (IT’S A CONSPIRACY – JUST WATCH MY COMMENT GET DELETED BY THE BIG BROTHER CORPORATION BBC!!!!!!! that hurt me to type)

    I haven’t watched either show yet (out last night, travelling most of today and only just got back in) but I’ve had a massive hangover all day, so I nearly threw up looking at that spoiler. Bang goes all my investment for this series (ok, maybe I’ll reconsider if Caroline can eke out a surprise win – who’s laughing now, wardrobe?)

    This is a funny time for Len to start caring about lifts (also, there was only one you could call a lift and that was barely a lift in that ‘lift’ implies that something went upward, it barely did) and making your decision based on the dance-off alone. Far be it from me to suggest we start lifting from the X Factor, but honestly it should go to deadlock, regardless of Len having more experience than the other judges (he’s made it plain several times this series he will only look at certain bits like footwork) In short: piss off, Len.

    I don’t mind Simon, but if they’ll save him against Pixie, they’ll save him against anybody. He’s beginning to feel like the second coming of Lisa Snowdon (but one that could do Latin, obviously). Kristina is such a Brenda, bless her.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Let’s be clear – Len hasn’t started caring about lifts yet. He’s going to start caring about lifts NEXT week. He was just giving fair warning.

  5. Lesley Rigg

    pixie sacrificed on the altar of menz final? I thought Simons hands were much clumsier in the DO. Seems everyone wants to adopt a Saturday still. I didn’t mind her and I grew to really appreciate Trent….

  6. MorticiaA

    A shock boot but not a disahhhhhhhster. Can never quite get my head around the DO judging criteria which seems to swing vicariously between the context of the whole series and the DO performance of that week’s dance depending on the judge and the judged. Poor Simon, he looked genuinely upset and confused to have been saved. Not an easy legacy to be the contestant most often in the DO and saved at the expense of (arguably) the best dancer in the competition. Let’s hope that he and Kristina don’t give up hope, and fight their way into the final. Surely if Simon can take out Pixie then Mark should be more than fair game in next week’s DO? Despite all the wrangling for fourth place, it looks to be Jake’s series….with Frankie a close second… just as long as it’s not Mark, and we are spared a week of ‘umble old me speeches for the final week. Here’s hoping.

    1. monkseal Post author

      My guess is Frankie vs Mark then everyone staring ddead-eyed down the barrel of an unstoppable Jake win, and then…ABBEY WINS AGEN SOMEHOW.

  7. catherinehirst

    Wow. Well, I guess my question last night about who had the public vote got answered! Still really shocked Mark wasn’t in the DO – I would have bet good money he was going home tonight. This is why I need to stay out of the prediction game.

    Nevertheless, I am pretty delighted with the result. If Mark goes out next week, I expect it to be a very enjoyable final. Simon’s dance was better than Pixie’s, and for once, I think Len was actually trying to do the right thing – he seemed genuinely bummed out that he had to be the one to send Pixie home.

    My ideal final: Simon-Jake-Frankie-Caroline, with Caroline winning (and in that order).
    What I think will happen: Simon-Caroline-Frankie-Jake, with Jake winning.

  8. BeyonceCastle

    Is it too early for PIXIEWUZZROBBED yet?!
    Can she be a late entry for most ever robbed female? 😉
    When did that happen? And grumps suddenly giving a glittery shit about lifts? Being played I tell ya! 😉

  9. breppo

    Well, that was a shocking execution. I had Pixie down as The Mole from week one.
    Now I’ve got to start all over again.

  10. Minxy

    Don’t they often sacrifice a ringah at this stage?
    Especially when they have so many left?
    Pixie was so not on her game last night
    She was good but not memorable – and that is often the way with the nice people (and nice is not being used in a derogatory sense here).
    I like her – both her dancing and how she seems as a person (that level of niceness is impossible to keep up when faked -word gets out eh ?) and good for her! Inner peace, happiness and self security isn’t worth selling out for.
    But when balletic is the most used adjective in a ballroom/popularity contest ….?
    She now has a good showreel for her transition into musical theatre
    And the cachet of wuz robbed ( ala sabrina on dwts – a good money spinner )

    Plus we get to see Kristina’s increasing attempts to keep her hopes alive and her desperation concealed

    So yeah I like this result better than Simon going
    Plus he is easy on the eye

    Trent is a keeper
    All the new ones are
    Yeh I like JfG too
    So shoot me

    1. Gerry

      Wasn’t Simon the only genuine non RINGAH? All the others had prior stage/dance school experience (stop trying to pretend, Mark — ten years at the Sylvia Young Theatre School must count, even if they weren’t able to din any dance into you!)

      I suppose Jake and Mark could have played hookey whenever the dreaded call to dance rang out over their respective Stage School tannoy systems, but I can’t help but wonder…

      1. Left Feet

        Not for me he did a Strictly Xmas special and also in a boy band where they must have learnt some choreography for live performances. I think everyone left has some limited dance experience. Pixie even was not at Natalie Gumdee level of experience

      2. Gerry

        ALL the others have stage school experience — Caroline even *graduated* from the BodyWorks Dance Company Studios in Cambridge, just as Pixie and others have been through the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Simon was rescued from a dodgy area of Manchester by the formation of Blue by others he knew in the area.

        Admittedly he probably gained a certain limited amount of choreographed “moving to music” experience from his boy band routines, just like Alesha probably did, but that and a couple of days Strictly Xmas Special training must be a drop in the ocean compared with what the others have done.

      3. Left Feet

        Jake has said he has never danced before, he trained at Anna Scher which is a drop in school. Dance apparently is not on the curriculum, although he probably learnt some “movement” and space awareness and stuff. Honestly I don’t really care too much they all have some dance talent from their backgrounds. The last true beginner was probably Hollins, although I expect that Clancy and Smith probably did not have much either

      4. Gerry

        Mmm, the Anna Scher Theatre appears to be a somewhat weird entity, haunted by the spirits of Eastenders Past. I don’t whether the idiosyncratic classes incorporate actual dance, but the last item on the Class Outline noticeboard says:
        …5. Note the Quote! “If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing” Zimbabwean proverb.

    2. monkseal Post author

      Not really – the only Top Contender to go at around Top 6 was Kelly and…I don’t think that was much to do with the judges obviously.

  11. Aoife

    Kevin is going to extreme extremes to not feature in Safety Sex Faces. For someone who looked like death warmed up during the show, he sure moved fast when he realised he had to avoid a screen grab.

  12. Stormy

    Considering last week I’d mentioned somewhere on the internet that I thought Pixie could squat in the middle of the floor and do her business and get through to the final…I’m shocked. I thought Pixie could do absolutely no wrong and despite some grumping from Len, she’d sail through without touching anywhere close to the Bottom Two for the entire series.

    And then she’s gone. Well, that’s what I get for being complacent.

    But I’m not disappointed. Based on that week of dancing, other than Frankie’s slightly messy dance, I can’t imagine any of them deserving to go when you look at their performances. Yes, Jake’s gurning was annoying, but it’s a bloody Charleston. 90% of the time, the judges demand you gurn your face off in that dance. What was he to do? And there was no way Mark deserved it based on his dancing. The only thing I noticed wrong was his thumb, and even that wasn’t hideous, just not quite right. And nobody can even claim he had an easy dance like a Waltz, because it was a bloody Foxtrot, which is a pain in the ass to do. Speaking of easy dances, Pixie’s dance was barely a Cha Cha and even then, Trent put some fairly stupid moves in there that she didn’t at all look comfortable with. (What the hell was that “cross your legs and twirl” thing?) So, really, that week she deserved to be there.

    My only problem is that now I’m thrown for a loop as to what’s going to happen next. My world has been turned upside down!

    1. monkseal Post author

      The only thing I’m evern vaguely happy about wrt this is I have told people who were saying “oh they’ll save her whatever she does” on at least 5 different occasions that it wasn’t true. Natalie maybe, Pixie no.

  13. Jan2555

    You can’t go to The Hague & bring up the subject of Trent as they would then find out about the Lederhosen being used to represent the Dutch

  14. Miss Cavie

    ZOMG!! SHOCKBOOT!! They really are trying to make this the year of The Year of the Menzzz.

    Jake’s totally going to win this thing, by virtue of shaking his arse around a bit. Meh.

  15. Neio

    I think the main reason Pixie might seem like a shock boot is that she was overmarked so often in the past. The judges overlooked so many glaring errors in her performances, particularly in that godawful ‘Charleston’ where she was bow legged throughout.

    And although Trent choreographed the routines, so often he seemed to be a background dancer for her – like in the ‘Charleston’ and the Dutch waltz. Even in the Cha Cha this last weekend he spent half the dance on the armchair and sofa. It seemed like it was all about her, all the time.

    That said, there were routines of hers I absoutely loved, like her Paso Doble and the Halloween Tango and even that Dutch Waltz. So I’m kind if sad she’s gone, but I feel like it opens up the competition a bit.

    1. dippydancing

      I absolutely love that Dutch waltz- it actually gets funnier each time I watch it- and it was 100x more amusing than the earlier “comedy” routines. I also thought she danced it beautifully.

  16. Anna

    I think truly my favourite part of Pixiegate has been the DS meltdown – reading some of the threads you’d think that Stricly is some holy communion for the protection of the purity of daaaahnce, and not my go-to material for images of shirtless Pasha for my own personal touching of the divine. Ahem.

    1. monkseal Post author

      The DS meltdown I find disappointed just because someone would say something bonkers about how LEN SHOULD BE FIRED FOR DESTROYING THE PURITY OF DAHNCE, then you’d get seven pages of smug twats lining up to very slowly explain to the poster where they were wrong. The balance was off. Truly great meltdowns it’s more 50-50 between the people kicking off and the people telling them to shut up.

    1. Stormy

      I love how Trent admits on ITT he never corrected her legs, but says it in a way that makes it obvious that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with them. Really, Trent? WE could see the problems with her legs for weeks, and we’re just useless lumps sitting on a sofa. Where were you?

  17. Jenny

    I don’t think the plan was for Pixie to be in the Bottom 2, it seemed like Operation Get Mark Out throughout the show.

    Simon was my pre-series pick to win (I underestimated the backlash to Kristina’s hyno-crotch), so I’m glad he is still in and totally shipping them as being in LURVE. But I liked the way Pixie sold Trent’s often bizarre choreography.

    I’m Team Caroline and Team Anyone But Mark. Utterly neutral about Frankie and resigned to the Jake Juggernaut – I don’t get the appeal, but love Janette’s weekly attempts to break her neck on air.

    1. Gerry

      They had the ideal opportunity to get “motormouth” Mark out but fumbled the ball and prematurely dispatched the lovely Sunetra instead

  18. fembot

    Boo, we’ll never see the Pixie AT. I love her angry character dances. Also, I believe she could have been the first female celeb to get a 10 for a non-disco Salsa (point, lift, twirl, swish skirt, repeat x 70). #teamstoner will be sadly missed.


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