Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 11 Performance Summary

So, a show that was hyped all day as featuring the BEST SIX DANCES BY THE BEST FINAL SIX EVER turned out a bit flat didn’t it? Caroline’s Argentine Tango had all the ingredients to be a special moment (…if you ignore her VT revolving around Olly Flippin’ Murs) and to be fair, the judges certainly pushed it as such, but Pasha bellowing at her to not worry nobody noticed look you got a STANDING OVATION right down the mic at the end was kind of a giveaway. Of the other golden girls, Pixie’s Love Shack cha cha came out marginally ahead of Frankie’s Flashdancey salsa, although neither really hit the heights. The most exciting moment of either came easily during Pixie’s judges comments, as Trent and Len got into an awkward half-fight over how LEN WAS GOING TO START PENALISING LIFTS STARTING RIGHT….NEXT WEEK MAYBE. Trent then pointed out that he and Pixie are due to do salsa and American Smooth next week so he didn’t give a fudge. (<3)

On the boys side it's all set up nicely for Simon and Mark's nice enough old-school Hollywood ballrooms to be steamrollered over by Jake back in the land of running around gurning and shaking his tush and throwing Janette up to have another look at the ceiling with a Big Top themed Charleston. And…that's exactly that happens, as he gets 38, whilst both Simon and Mark have to futz around on the CRAPPY AWFUL TERRIBLE mark of 35. Mark's foxtrot probably comes out just ahead of Simon's American Smooth for me, given Kristina's last minute failure in getting her leg over in a lift (…) but on the other hand Simon's VT featured BONNIE LANGFORD QUEEN OF (Ealing) BROADWAY and Mark's features him sniffling down the phone to his girlfriend so…if we're giving bonus marks for VTs it's a dead heat.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT – WE NOW WE'RE ALL HERE FOR THE RIGATHON…I MEAN WALTZATHON! As a capper to the evening it plants Pixie firmly in the ascendent, as she marches out like she's in Gladiator and following which Trent pilots her RIGHT UP TO, BUT NOT QUITE TOUCHING other people over and over again in a show of ballroom rudeness that others can only dream of. Frankie finishes just behind her, with Simon in third. Caroline slides into fourth place, with Mark and Jake bringing up the rear (deservedly so given that Mark barely moved all dance and Jake's technique was wew ropey). What this means for the leaderboard? Lots of ties mostly.


42 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 11 Performance Summary

  1. Martin

    Loved Trent’s and Len’s spat about lifts, Len trying to be the big man with the threats about marking down next week and Trent pointing out that he and Pixie had Salsa & American Smooth was priceless (Len still showed his spite with an 8). That comment was a bit like Trent doing this to Len:

  2. MorticiaA

    Pixie and Frankie bots both very underwhelming tonight. Interesting that the judges marked their main dances fairly then used the rigathon to push them up the leader board. Were the results of the rigathon the judges’ preferred finishing order for the final? Mark definitely lost the battle of the VTs all round, and he didn’t even manage to blub. You’d think given his trip to the DO last week, that he would at least deploy that desperately over used weapon in his arsenal. The gurning little ******…… I fear you may be right, Monkseal: this series is Jake’s to lose, and he’s built up a large enough body of gurntastic, character-driven, twerkable dances that mean he can override the need for any kind of technique and just push on through to the win on the back of his ability to pull faces and send Janette heavenwards. The amount of Charleston steps he actually danced was risible in between chucking Janette around. At this moment in time I can’t quite reconcile myself to this seemingly inevitable outcome. Oh for a shock boot of historic epicness to shake things up a bit…..

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think the Rigathon positions were transparently fair. I guess it’s just the decision to have it the first place, given the results were so predictable which I can’t imagine had owt to do with the judges.

  3. Huriye

    I think Trent was a bit more brazen about sticking 2 fingers up to Len than that photo! 😉
    I think Len was even more GRUMPY towards KFG. Not quite sure what he replied when Kev said all la-di-da “well, I like a loose Salsa myself”, but it sounded dead menacing! If KFG ends up at the bottom of the River Lea next week send the cops round Len’s.

    Gawd! All you miseries on Twitter moaning! I enjoyed it tonight! 😀 I thought all the individual dances were very entertaining, and I loved the Waltz-a-thon. The 60s Come Dancing stylee costumes were Fab! At last! Vicky Gill gets a tick from me.

    It was nice to hear Janette thanking Ryan Francois (King of Swing) for her & Jake’s Charleston choreography, but I hope it doesn’t propel them to victory as it did Team Cola. With lovely Anya having gawn back to LA, Janette seriously needed some assistance, as her choreo has been below standard in recent weeks.
    The way she pulls off those crisp lifts is incredible, and credit to her amazingly fit body and strength. When I read what they were dancing to, I cringed, but no! As soon as the music started and they danced the Charleston swivel steps right in time to the Circus music, it fitted perfectly! Ryan to the rescue, but great by those 2 in performance, apart from not catching the lady’s leg in a lift, again that Simon also had.

    Simon reminded me of a smiling Charming Colin doing the American Smooth. Even Kristina toned down the crotch splitting lifts for a change and they were all tasteful until the last one went a bit awry as she tried to get her leg round his neck. Though I’m kind of freaked out by his daughter…a bit.
    Bonnie Langford ❤

    Re the HOW MANY ZELEBS CAN WE CRAM INTO EACH VT? theme. Jake selling his kids and home reminded me of a Politician. He's down in the Polls, lets bring out the big guns. For that reason I liked Pixie's Primary School visit VT best, especially that cute kid who said "it's the bestest Assembly EVAH!" 🙂

    I'm glad you mentioned Pasha's LOUD words to Caroline, Monkseal, and her saying "I'm sorry" to him and looking bereft, like it had all gone horribly wrong. Then not a peep from the Judges about anything amiss? Confused? I am! Her AT was lovely, mainly cos of the PROPER MUSIC wiv no vocal. What a pleasant change! Even her dress was nice, though I'd have worn black shoes, though I understand she's not the tallest so prob wanted to increase the leg length illusion by having flesh coloured shoes and tights, but Caroline's legs are the best part of her dancing, along with facial expressions and good arms.

    Karen has obviously got a deal with the Pro Ballroom dress suppliers, as she's had a succession of gorgeous frocks, tonight's no exception. (Erin's gone so they have to supply someone). I thought Mark danced the Foxtrot really well, though I could do without all the Fiance Michelle business.

    I thought Frankie deserved to be placed last. She's always watchable, but it wasn't really a Salsa, was it? I wish some of the Pros would go back and watch John Barnes and Nicole's brilliant Salsa to see what it should look like! Though KFG and Karen both looked pale and wan, poor luvs.

    So is it because the stupid Bookies said Pixie is the favourite that the Producers decided to knock her confidence after their Cah Cha? First Len gets all uppity and suddenly discovers the rules and wants to apply them, then Claudia tells them "you haven't had a 10 since week 7". YES THEY HAVE CLAUDE! Duff info, surely? If they weren't so chilled and Pixie possibly high on sugar after this morning's Pineapple tarte tatin drenched in vanilla icecream and butterscotch sauce, they might've crumbled under the strain of the Waltz-a-thon, but Mr Trent's teenage competitive Ballroom spirit kicked in and he dominated that floor! I loved how they marched out like proper couples competing at a real comp! ❤

    Darcey looked beautiful tonight, generally the Judges made sensible critiques, and Bruno is definitely my fave, as he's a total loon but usually gets it right with praise and technical pointers. I was seriously beginning to worry about him after making a holy show of himself on Daily Ocado this week, letching after some X Factor boy band with really lewd remarks for 10.30am. In the end Tim Lovejoy just said "we're ignoring you Bruno" like he was a loose cannon gone barmy! Whatever you're on Bruno, please give it up, or cut it with somefing else, as I fear for your health.

    So anyway, I'm a Strictly Fan, and I LOVED it! I especially noticed the Art Deco stylee set alot tonight. Good job Prop Boys! ❤

    1. Lesley Rigg

      I think KFG said he liked a “rough” salsa rather than loose! You can put your own extras in there if you like! I think that’s the word he used last year with Susanna too. I don’t really know what to make of the dancing last night, Caroline’s dance was the best I think but her expression was a bit odd, I liked Pixie’s primary school VT too, sap….

  4. Scott

    Simon orgasming over being in the same room as Robert “My Family” Lindsay but ignoring Bonnie “Violet Bott” Langford was frankly offensive. It would have been the worst moment of the whole show if it wasn’t for all those close ups of Len during his WAWTSAFON VT that made him look like the old man from Poltergeist II.

    1. Sue Howarth

      Robert Lindsay is an acting God. Of the top of my head I have seen him live as Hamlet, Richard III, Henry 4th.
      Bonnie Langford does some panto stuff maybe, I dunno

  5. catherinehirst

    I’m ashamed that I rather enjoyed Mark’s foxtrot. And I’ve come to realise the thing I like most about Jake isn’t really Jake – it’s Janette doing lifts. She is spectacularly strong – I’m sure there’s some skill involved in Jake supporting her, but honestly I think she could do lifts with nearly anyone. And I really can’t understand why they docked Simon points for a lift going wrong and didn’t dock Jake for the same exact thing. Didn’t even mention it!

    I’m with whoever above who said they couldn’t work out what went wrong in Caroline’s AT – other than a certain deer-in-the-headlights expression throughout, I thought it was great. At this point, I really want her to win. Frankie’s ballroom is beautiful, but she’s now proved she cannot do latin, and Pixie irritates me so much. Interested to see who’s in the DO tomorrow, because Pixie wasn’t great tonight and we’ll see how strong her public support really is, versus Simon’s (assuming Mark’s appearance in the DO is a foregone conclusion). Suppose it could be Frankie, but either way Mark’s going, so it will just be interesting to see who’s getting votes. I can’t be the only one in the world who thinks Pixie comes across as completely emotionally unengaged and smug?

    1. stevenperkins

      There was a bit in the middle of Caroline’s AT where it looked to me like panic spread all over her face, so I think she briefly forgot the routine. It’s hard to say because the camera wasn’t on her legs at that point, but I assumed it was a fuck-up, especially when she had a meltdown afterwards and Pasha boomed “NO ONE NOTICED!” at her.

      1. missfrankiecat

        She looks very tentative at about 1minute in and shortly after there are several seconds where Pasha is manhandling her into position and she looks horrified. Re-watching it is interesting , as I thought it was all very tentative and shaky first time round so my impression was obviously very driven by the mid section wobble – I don’t even remember hearing Pasha say anything! It looks much better on reviewing.

      2. elsie

        I’m not sure if it was Caroline fucking up or her costume – there was that bit in the middle where he sort of pats her back like he’s reminding her where she should be going, but based on him saying “feet together” when the dance was done, “didn’t show anything” after she apologized, and her tugging at the dress all through the judging and covering herself when Pasha picked her up afterwards, I think some part of her dress came apart and she was worried about showing her bits to everyone.

    2. Girlywop57

      Absolutely not! Totally disagree with that last statement. Pixie is charming and does show emotion when dancing. Frankie on the other hand has the personality of a lump of wood. The judges have remarked and Karen Hardy on how she doesn’t show enough engagement with her dances. KFG covering up by being so over the top.

      1. catherinehirst

        No, I agree, I think Pixie does show emotion when dancing, in the “performance” sense. I meant when she’s not dancing, she really comes across like she doesn’t give a shit about the show or that she’s a part of it. The others seem more engaged in that they really want to be there, are having an amazing time, and are grateful to be put through each week. Funnily enough, I love Frankie’s personality OFF the dance floor and that makes me enjoy her dances more, even though I agree that she’s struggled to get emotion through in her dances (I suspect due to rampaging nerves).

        It’s only my perception, of course, but that’s why they have a public vote, eh?

  6. John

    I thought first time through the AT looked fine. (And like the circus charleston it wasn’t the finest technical example of its art, but as a character driven piece they both worked well). I don’t look at Caroline’s reaction anymore as a litmus as she always looks terrified and needy (bless her, free hugs off Pasha, who’d refuse?). The judges loved it. Digispy loved it (I think they have a boner for her however).

    Hopefully Mark goes this week. And then brutally, Simon next, who has won me over but not quite had the highs of the others.

  7. monkseal Post author

    I am getting myself OUT OF THE METAPHORIAL BATH LIKE MUMMY to ask please no spoilers, and comments alluding to spoilers, because I am hardcore on this. If people don’t want spoilers (and I have to presume there are some people left who don’t jump on the Digital Spy Spoiler Thread And Worship Cult at 10:30pm every Saturday) they don’t want “oh what a shocker/oh how predictable but I won’t say any more” or “OH I’M SO ANGRY/HAPPY!” either.

    1. John

      Apologies. I’ve just remembered that you can’t skip spoilers unlike everyone else cos you have to moderate comments. I hope I was oblique enough that tonight will be a surprise.

  8. BeyonceCastle

    I like hard-core Monkseal, is that very wrong?! 😉

    Simon: overmarked and so less leeway as he was first up. Really shiite wardrobe malfunction/lift at end that others who left earlier in the comp would not have got away with.
    Caroline: quite slick- and not just the hair although that wet look comes straight from numbers bitch last year- but Pasha was forcing her into position, ooer missus, at least three times. Overscored.
    Pixie: barbie girl in bad hair day but was okay. I liked the lifts. Hate that song though, gimme rock lobster any day. Unless it’s dressed up as Scott.
    Mark: love the song. Liked the separate bits. Hated the drag across the floor bit and race back to the L at the end… but a bit prematurely for the kiss and fireworks to go off in sync. Not like my sex life, oh no.
    Jake: Gurnathon. But it kinda worked. Jeanette has more chemistry with the ceiling all told but I like it even if she was a bit late going between his legs at the end. Not like my sex life, oh
    If Janette pays credit to the Charleston choreographer she goes up in my book. Looking at you Brenda.
    Frankie: I had no idea it was meant to be a salsa but I liked it nonetheless although distracted by KFG really giving it some.
    Waltzathon: I liked not calling them off until I realised what a visual car crash it was. Really makes me appreciate the big pro group numbers more.
    Caroline had the nicest dress shocker.

    Look forward as always to your recaps, thank you for all the time it must take you Xxx

  9. peeve

    My absolute favourite thing was Kristina’s face when Len told her she’d made a mistake. That better feature in your full write-up, Monkseal. Jus’ sayin’.

  10. Miss Cavie

    Not sure which was my favourite part: Pasha yelling “DON’T WORRY NOBODY NOTICED” right into the microphone, or Trent getting sassy with Len.

    That was a salsa Frankie was doing? I had no clue.

      1. Gusty Gusset

        Ha! I said to my viewing companion it was more showdance than charleston. Still didn’t like it though… the gurning, the gurning…

  11. Stephen Cowell

    Don’t mess with Len or your out. Or Len does payback. Either way a programme that had scruples and a tiny bit of class about it suddenly turned into X factor. It was bad enough listening to Craig but you kind of put up with that but when clueless Darcy and bully boy Len get away with kicking out the only bit of real quality left in the show then it’s time to switch to the apprentice!


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