Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 10 Results Summary

The last gasps of Around The World Week die on the shores of Ireland, in a storm of green, at the hands of Tristan and Aliona dancing to Danny Boy (ok, she’s not Irish, but she does have red hair) (well, she’s dyed her hair red) (ish) and it’s carried off to Heaven on the arms of Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance Troupe NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Probably. They do at least acknowledge on Len’s Glans that the backing dancers were absolutely pointless and added nothing, in the usual fashion that reality tv shows acknowledge their mistakes these days – by saying “some people on social media liked them, some of them didn’t”. Len’s Glans also features Simon, Pixie and Caroline being feted and Craig being pinned to the wall and yelled at and harrangued and taken over the footage in slow-motion detail for about half-an-hour until he admits that he maybe should have given Jake a 6 instead of a 5 for his Argentine Tango. Oddly enough Sunetra’s 5 (less than Jake got for standing still in his rumba doing literally nothing dressed as Captain Birdseye as Janette flung himself around him) is allowed to stand.

Anywho yes, after Smug-Face Rieu And His Stepford Orchestra and Gay-Porn Dec (aka Alfie Boe) team up for a megapairing of utter unlistenability (sadly partnered with Goddess Natalie Lowe and Brenda, so it’s not totally unwatchable), Sunetra’s going home, of course, giddily although not as giddily as Brenda who’s grinning like a Cheshire Cat from the moment the Bottom 2 is called to the second he last dances his way off (to “Leaving On A Jet Plane” no less) to Erin Island. She’s up against Mark in the dance-off, I guess dispelling the notion that anybody really thought that he’d gone on a journey.

Next week : WALTZATHON and a Bottom 2 only marginally less predictable than this one probably. Yawn. Things are really heating down.


14 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 10 Results Summary

  1. peeve

    Thanks for the recap and I’m looking forward to the extended version with extra features. Oh, how I laughed when the band struck up ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ soon after we’d seen Brenda leaning longingly against a palm tree. He is SO hankering after Erin Island. I endured Alfie Bloody Boe to see Natalie dance, but with no head-roll and no splits I feel slightly cheated.

  2. John

    Who’s your predictable bottom 2? I hope it’s not Mark and Caroline – (well, the former I could take or leave after this week’s wittering) but she’s my cheeky tenner this year 😛

  3. generalcatastrophe

    Who’s your predictable bottom two? My thoughts are Mark and Jake, though a shocker would be Frankie or Pixie getting there.

      1. generalcatastrophe

        Oooh, nice idea. Though who would you pick from Frankie or Pixie? I’d probably kick Pixie out of those two.

  4. MorticiaA

    If Jake can survive that pig’s breakfast of an Ouzo botched tango then he is officially bullet proof…. my fear is that Simon will hit the bottom 2 with Mark next week, while Jake twerks through unscathed and unchallenged to the final, leaving Simon to slug it out with, who?, Pixie or Caroline would be my guess, in the semis. Not sure that Mark realises what a disservice he is doing himself on Twitter – “Let’s get the under dog through to the final”… my arse… Let’s not! No disrespect to Jake intended, but it looks like he’s played his very limited hand out already and has little left to offer.. Fingers crossed for Simon.

      1. MorticiaA

        I am not really down with the kids. What does “HAT” a dream stand for? (W)HAT a dream? H(E)A(R)T the dream? I had a dream…?….. thankfully not featuring Marky boy..

  5. Kitty

    Glad to see that it wasn’t just me who seethed seethily in a seethy fashion at the rumba double standard at work on Saturday…I know Sunetra was ready to go, but throwing her so unashamedly under the bus was a bit much


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