Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 9 Results Summary

Hey kids, what’s better than ONE Barry Manilow performance? That’s right! NO BARRY MANILOW PERFORMANCES! Unfortunately we’ve got two of them this evening, the first being a fairly standard talk-through of Copacabana complete with the most awkward audience interaction I’ve ever seen, and the second being him DUETTING WITH THE CORPSE OF LOUIS ARMSTRONG sort of. I don’t think they’re singing the same song a lot of the time. You’d think this would be a problem with a duet, but Barry ploughs on regardless bless him. Also in LIVE PERFORMANCE news there’s a pro cops & robbers routine featuring Robin and Anya. The former is acknowledged, the latter is not. That is…not the way around I would have it be, but ok.

Len’s Glans features Darcey twerking and Jake twerking and a lot of talk about twerking that just makes me glad that Bruce isn’t still here because Lord knows he would have tried to cut in on the action and it would have been absolutely mortifying. This week also sees the return, after its Blackpool break, of THAT’S CLAUDIA!, this time with Dave Myers and Mary Berry. Based on past precedent this means that Mary Berry is secretly the mother of either Sunetra Sarker or Steve Backshall or maybe even both, as they are this evening’s entirely predictable bottom 2. And speaking of predictable, Steve goes home, by a vote of 3 to 1, with Darcey dissenting because she likes his GUNZ. No really. That was her reasoning. Amazing. He gives a lengthy speech where he reminisces about his favourite dances from his fellow contestants, most of which happened.

The most important thing though, is that Jake announces that next week he’s going to be doing an Argentine Tango to Zorba The Greek. With plate-smashing. Racist Dress-Up Week’s going to be fun isn’t it? Hope someone’s got a bone through their nose to represent the country of Africa.


26 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 9 Results Summary

  1. MorticiaA

    Steve was practically babbling with relief at the prospect of freedom – his gushing escalated to a whole new level, only quietened for the 90 seconds it took him to bollocks up that jive. Given the look of utter boredom and disinterest on Brenda’s face, I am surprised he didn’t trip Sunetra up to hasten his own demise. Their departure next week is almost a foregone conclusion.
    Looking forward to the hilarious cultural mismatches between dance, theming and music that next week will bring. After all, didn’t KFG go off to Spain with his best Mexican sombrero? Should be a delight for all the wrong reasons…
    (As for your previous musings, I personally think that Dave Myers is probably Sunetra’s father…)

  2. Chris

    Haven’t seen the show yet, but re: Around the World show, if the show can do it with as little cultural appropriation as possible, and stay away from the indigenous cultures, we might get through this in one piece. Stick to inoffensive First World countries, or the places the dances actually come from.

    Who am I kidding, I’m having flashbacks to that hideous fucking geisha pro dance last series. Just imagine if Brucie was still hosting with all his aptitude for cultural sensitivity…

      1. Chris

        Then next week they can do the Relationship Guru: Battle of the Sexes week! (I’m surprised they haven’t done this yet, just think of all the song choices)

    1. Isolde

      Well if Jake can do an Argentine Tango to Zorba the Greek, I think a Viennese Waltz to La Cucaracha is not out of the question.

  3. breppo

    I’m so glad Steve is out as it means no Dutch song/dance/clogs/tulips/windmills/bicycles/bongs or whatever the Beeb comes up with! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.
    BTW if there were such a thing as a Dutch national dance, it’s not clog stomping, but this: the Polonaise which bears no resemblance at all to the stately Polish dance. Could have been a great farewell/bugger off dance for Ola, but we’re lucky.

  4. PerfectCustard

    When I spotted Anya in the pro dance I was truly delighted. I’m grateful you are a fan too, I keep wondering which numbers she has helped choreograph. Any ideas?
    On a different note, I was releived to see Steve leave the competition, nice guy but he does have a tendancy to stomp through his routines.

    1. missfrankiecat

      I thought she had pretty obviously had a hand in Pasha’s AS for Caroline, or maybe he had just lifted wholesale various moves from her number for Patrick last year!

      1. monkseal Post author

        Given that Pasha and Anya have been joined at the hip since the age of about 5 I’m guessing there’s a lot of crossover in their choreographical erm…sensibilities.

  5. Dancing Cake

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I kept looking at Anya thinking “who’s that extra dancer?” Sorry Anya – I miss you, but obviously not as much as I thought.

  6. Agrippina

    I liked the way that Claudia and Tess spent the whole night ignoring Anthony Costa, especially during “That’s Claudia!” when she announced how starry the front row was looking, and kept her back to him the entire time to talk to Mary Berry instead.
    I’m glad Steve’s gone for his own sake – he was definitely starting to look a bit shopworn. Sunetra surely to go next week, and then who knows? There’s only three contestants left who’ve never been in the dance-off so it’s really difficult to predict which way it’s going to go.

  7. Neio

    That Barry Manilow/Louis Armstrong ‘duet’ was just weird and awful. Poor Louis had no say in taking part in that. At least when Natalie Cole did it, it was her dad she was ‘duetting’ with.

    Not sure what Darcey was on, choosing to save Steve. Apart from the difficult lifts, it was one of the worst Jives I’ve seen for a while.

    It’s a bit of mercy Steve being eliminated in that we’ll no longer have to watch Ola looking like she wanted to stab someone. She so isn’t coming back next series is she?

  8. phoebefair.

    I’m horrified they got that poor Mary Berry back for a second night, at her age as well. She hadn’t even got a fresh dress to wear. Or the energy to move seats. Maybe she sat there all night? Shame on them.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on Anton and his truncheon MS. (Or maybe I’m not….. )

  9. Fenweasel

    You can tell how relieved (not) Sunetra was to have been saved from the “goodbye Steve!” VT on the BBC’s strictly blog where she talks about having planned a party with him “as soon as we’re both out of here”. Also notable in the same clip: Brenda looking more bored than any human has ever looked before, ever. He’s really loving this series, isn’t he?

  10. Huriye

    So is next week’s World Tour of Nations when we finally get to see this much vaunted Indian Bollywood Pro dance? I wonder if there’ll be blingy turbans and nose piercings for added authenticity?

    Seeing Robin coiffed to within an inch of his life made me realise for definite that no, Tess, I did not miss him at all, and do not want him back next year. However, strangely, bizarrely, I am loving Anton this year, and actually voted for him to be included in the list of male pros in Monkseal’s Poll last week. I still can’t believe it.
    Though not in a partnership with Shirl, but instead another 70+ grand lady, Anita Harris! Why not?! Could she still be regarded as a ringah even at that age? Well she’s doing Panto, so I say sign her up for Strictly 2015 now! Plus she’s been known to have a hissy fit of grandeur in the past, so it wouldn’t be the same plain sailing as with Judy.

    Darcey is just plain weird. She looks weird, talks weird, votes weird, and her half-hearted attempts at dancing, and even walking, in the Judges intro are just baffling. Sometimes she goes off in a cloud of 1950s accented Royal Ballet Prima Ballerina extinct way of speaking English when giving a Dance critique that I’m sure she forgets exactly where she is, and what she’s supposed to be doing. Weird.

    1. Neio

      I couldn’t have cared less about Robin being back either. And poor Anya didn’t even get a mention.

      Anita Harris as a contestant? [shudders] No thanks. I met her once at a local fete when I was about 6 years old and she was a total bitch to me. If she was a contestant I think I’d have to skip that series.


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