Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 8 Results Summary

It’s a jam-packed Results Show this week, with the show trying to make the most of the Blackpool floor before we all have to pack up and go back to miserable ol’ London and the normal studio, where Pixie will only score, like, 35 and we’ll call it the Blackpool Hangover. (I just looked at last year’s Blackpool Hangover week line-up. Oy). To that end we have two guest performers and a giant free-roaming pro/celeb routine to a Jackson 5 medley. It has basically the same theme as Natalie Gumede’s Blackpool Charleston but with added “Judy Murray swigging champagne”. Which I am all in favour of. Our two guest stars? Shirley Bassey and the entity known as McBusted. One of them comes across as a tragic old has-been luvvie clinging on way past their best and with their voice shot to pieces. And it’s not the one you might think.

There’s no “THAT’S CLAUDIA!” (with Zoe Ball) probably because neither of the two celebrities in the bottom 2 have their mums in tonight so there’s no real fun to be had with that. Len’s Glans meanwhile focuses on bigging up Mark and Simon and giving Judy a nice send-off. Yes, as if it wasn’t entirely obvious from the Performance Show treatment of her, she’s off, in a bottom 2 with Sunetra. So a slightly sad sense of the balloon finally coming down in both cases then. She and Anton have a touching goodbye, in which Anton almost briefly touches upon sincerity, and then he flings her round the floor like some throwing a dishcloth at a rampant spider.

It’s what she would have wanted.


28 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 8 Results Summary

  1. missfrankiecat

    The world is poorer for not having to watch Andy cringe through his ma doing a dirty, filthy rumba. Or even a patented Anton Westlife Party Rumba.

  2. Ferny

    I think Anton has liked Judy more than he liked any of his previous partners wouldn’t you say? I think he actually seemed – genuinely – sad. Was a nice ending for Judy though, was probably the right time for her even though I love her πŸ™‚

  3. Gusty Gusset

    Can’t believe all the fuss about Len swearing. I mean, who HASN’T ‘dropped an F bomb’ while watching Strictly?

  4. Left Feet

    Best time for Judy to leave, her ability level was very low and as the last of the “duffers” the competition part of the show has really begun.
    Suneta and Steve are probably next in the firing line, even though he has not been in the dance off despite being in danger.
    I think the producers are looking for two men in the final this year and I think that Caroline may miss out . I hope that Jake is one of them but again disappointing dance.
    So I think its going to be Frankie, Pixie, Jake and Simon. Yes Simon after two dance offs I don’t like him much but I think the judges too and he will beat Mark/Caroline in dance off’s

    1. monkseal Post author

      There’s always the possibility with Mark/Simon that they’re just doing a Patrick – keeping them nice and high until it’s expedient to drop them like a wet sack o’greggs. Mark does seem to be gaining in popularity though…

  5. Lolly

    That elimination was BS. When I read the spoiler I was all “fair, Judy’s time, left on a high, made it to BLACKPOOL etc” but there’s no way she wasn’t better than Sunetra (who is the stronger dancer overall) in that dance-off. Am fuming. That Len was moved to grump at Scott’s elimination but not that is a great injustice, the likes of which I have not witnessed since bloody Snowdon.


  6. BeyonceCastle

    I agree with you but can you imagine the furore had they saved her?
    Or Alison? (Based on audience reaction to her charleston)
    Or Scott? (Still think he did better in the DO itself)

    It was always going to be Scott/Judy going regardless of who they were up against unless each other. They knew that. Anton said as much in an interview. Sunetra would have had to have fallen over not to have got through and even then πŸ˜‰

    That meant the DO was a formality, as with Alison’s last week. Would have been priceless had anyone simply refused…that’s Ok, she can go through instead/just roll my clip again.

    1. Minxy

      Good to see that I am not the only one who thought Scott’s DO was better than his opponents!
      Yes his overall dancing was worse but the dance off was superior to his opponent’s (forget who – Simon?)

      1. catherinehirst

        She was awful this week, Sunetra. If they really did base it purely on the DO, I agree that Judy should have gone through – and I say that as someone who has been chomping at the bit for Judy to be eliminated. Sunetra cannot do latin, and I find Brenda really, really snotty this year, not fun to watch at all.

  7. Chris

    I think Judy should still turn up every week anyway and dance. She doesn’t need to be scored, or voted for, or even be part of the competition – the powers that be don’t have to splash out on booking various oldie singers for the results show, just have Judy turn up and do whatever dance she’d be doing that week (it’d be mostly Latin as well, hurrah)

    I wish they would stop trying to make Simon happen. He’s not going to happen. It’s not like there’s a shortage of competent men this year. Also he hasn’t done any Party Latin yet (unless you count jive) so we may be in for a lot of ‘natural rhythm’ comments from hereon in.

  8. Minxy

    Shirley Bassey – how amazing (minus points for the wig tho) was she? When I was young she was the old folks’ darling and always more appreciated by me in the reality than the thought – much like tonight. But did she bring it!
    And she had the same effect on the pro’s too.
    It wasn’t just the Blackpool sprung floor, ambience and audience that sharpened them up
    Dame Shirley you still have it!

    Damn when did I get to be one of “those” oldies?

    (Haven’t watched the full show OR read the recap (which I usually do first – bbl )

      1. Minxy

        I never thought of that (I am not that evil/inventive)

        Make it so!

        Even for a Christmas speshul!

        Nancy would never be spoken of again against the divalisciousness of Shirley!

  9. Minxy

    Ok i can admit it, I had a tear or two in my eye for JudyMoo in the dance off! She just let the nerves go and really enjoyed it And did her best ever
    It was time (but part of me still would kinda have enjoyed seeing her in the final – meltdowns of DS, judges and dahnce purists vs ringers ermmmm lol. . But then I am a sucker for journeys …. (Scott in the finals would have been even better – he had a bigger journey in a shorter time) … And a sucker for REAL shock boots lol This isn’t JUST a dahnce competition (otherwise us know nothing public wouldn’t get to vote at all, and we would be watching the old version of Strictly Come Dancing, and yes I remember that and no it didn’t motivate me as much)
    I am so pleased she had her best ever in front of her mates and to look back on
    So gracious in defeat
    She made Anton much more bearable too!
    Hint to Evil Moirai Ross in a Rainbow Wig – Natural,actual chemistry and a journey counts for so much more than ringahs

    WE wuz robbed tho …. No JudyMoo rumba, no Andy having to sit through her rumba (with Anton for bonus points – only thing to beat an Anton rumba would be a Brenda doing whatever dance it is he refuses to do lol)
    Can we have Andy when he retires?
    So long JudyMoo . It has been good to know ya!

    Shirley – almost 78 – and still with that power and drama? bloody hell
    I wanna be that vital when I am that age (she has 20+ years on me – I thought it was more than that based on her popularity when I was very young but hells bells) I wanna have that much power and emotion when I grow up -not to mention being able to hit a note other than by accident’
    Brenda must have been delirious with joy! Power ballad, iconic power ballad, live!
    Sad you don’t agree about Shirley but … Kanye shrug

    And have to say I appreciate a lot more (on my side, but think I may still be underestimating your side) the effort it takes for you to blog – especially with pics!
    I actually paid attention to this show (no candy crush, no cooking, no surfing t’web (silent t and stop breathing to get an accurate yorkie accent lol). Even rewound Iplayer a few times. Quite a few times
    Hard work. – tho I also appreciated the whole thing more. So much more than having a ready wit
    Thank you

    1. Neio

      I’m pretty sure it was McBusted, not Dame Shirley, Monkseal was dissing (and rightly so – McBusted sounded crap, although I still wouldn’t kick Harry out of bed…).

      Add me to those who were sorry to see Judy go, as she always had a good sense of humour and took all the criticism in good sport, unlike certain others [cough]Scott[cough]. Still, she got to go out on a high at least, literally, flying off with those balloons.

  10. Huriye

    If the Judges were making their decision purely on the Dance Off then surely Judy & Anton should’ve gone through? Much better danced both by celeb & pro, better technically by both, and a much more entertaining routine, better staged, appropriate happy music and beautiful costumes. Infact it was a fine example of why Strictly is the best and most popular show on telly, and a lovely example of a Viennese Waltz. Congrats Judy, you really did dance, and Anton & Judy have been one of the most fun couples in this series. πŸ˜€

    I was shocked even Len voted for Sunetra & Brendan, but we know they’re voting on ‘accumulation of dances and past performances’ and not on the Dance off at all.
    That Samba was a total mess, and Brenda was an absolute shit to Sunetra, not even bothering to look at her or relate to her during the dance, which he just went through the motions of, in his usual Brenda dances Latin very badly way. Disinterested? Not much!
    How was he ever a Latin competitor with Camilla? Ballroom, yes, he creates lovely routines, which make me swoon, but Brenda’s Latin is beyond naff.

    Hats off to sexy Gordana for gracing the seaside prom and swaying beautifully holding balloons, then after a quick change, giving me the only pleasurable moments of dancing in the godawful Hen Party. Sign her up now!

    What the Dickens happened to suave Harry?! What a cacophony of noise, eek! And what an ugly bunch, especially Emma Willis’s hubby, who really creeped me out. :O
    Shirl just about held it together, and the Pros were gorgeous.

    Zoe has been wonderful this series, it really has been her finest hour. No more hyper irritation, just calmness and fun, and proper dance analysis, and how ITT has improved for it. πŸ™‚

    1. monkseal Post author

      The whole McFlea wardrobe was baffling, and as such will probably form the basis of all Caroline’s costumes from here to the final.

  11. Miss Cavie

    Farewell Judy Moo, you will be missed. A wonderful example of how to be a gracious duffer. No “people’s champion” obnoxiousness, no over-inflated ideas of her own importance, just getting by on generally being adorable and enjoying every second of being flung around the dance floor like a rag doll.

    Missed Dame Shirley as I was making a cuppa, but McBusted were awful. What on Earth has happened to them? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more terrifying collection of hairstyles in one place.

  12. tal27

    Funniest moment was as Anton and Judy were getting ready for their “final dance” at the end, and Tess tossed her cue cards AT Zoe who was coming from the wings to rescue Tess’s usual rubbish attempts at relating to human beings. I think Tess was trying to do an Oddjob on Tess and cause her some damage…


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