Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 7 Results Summary

As it’s Memorial Weekend, we’re treated to the usual Strictly hallmarks – a 40s themed military jitterbug, a VT of all the celebrities meeting with war veterans and flirting outrageously with them, Katherine Jenkins singing indeterminate syllables for the war-dead like she’s got a fly stuck up her schnozz… Sometimes this show’s greatest virtue is its status as a big warm bath of predictability. Speaking of which, this week’s “THAT’S CLAUDIA! (feat. Zoe Ball)” features as its special star guest Caroline’s mum. Guess who’s shockingly in the dance-off later on! NO, GO ON, GUESS! Luckily for her she’s there with the not terribly shocking by comparison Alison, who seems kind of destroyed by the news to the extent that she’s kind of casually rude to Tess in a way that you can kind of tell everyone secretly wishes they could be. She ultimately goes home of course, and mirrors last year’s boot of a similar kind when Rachel Riley blurted passionately that SHE LOVED ABBEY AND HOPED THAT SHE WON by similarly blurting out that she LOVES CAROLINE AND HOPES THAT SHE makes it to the final.

In other news Len’s Glans is completely out of juice and should be cancelled, and Mark’s attempts to return the favour of Kevin’s impersonation of him of yesterweek are…misguided. To say the least.


18 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 7 Results Summary

  1. Pam Smith

    The Len’s Glans VT seemed to bear no relation to Zoe’s script, and all Mark’s impersonation of Kevin lacked was actual tumbleweed blowing across the floor. Loved it.

  2. Left Feet

    Surprised that Alison did not survive this week. As I thought she probably had the best audience reaction. Really it could have been anyone in the bottom two as most of the dancing this week was sadly unremarkable, hopefully saving themselves for Blackpool.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Alison is the sort of contestant I think who is doomed never to get a bounce once she hits bottom – much like Mark last series.

  3. Min

    The Mark impressio was just odd. Talking in a cod Yorkshire accent is not an impression and just makes you look like you have an to grind.

    1. monkseal Post author

      S’all camera-time innit? Meanwhile Caroline whiles away in silence and comedy VTs and wamms into the bottom 2.

  4. catherinehirst

    I am now well into my John Sargent Memorial Panic for the year, because actually Judy is getting worse each week. That…thing this week was not even a dance, much less a paso. She literally did no dance steps at all. It’s horrifically embarrassing to watch and I want her GONE. With the added bonus of ridding myself of Anton.

    That said, other than Judy, they are pretty much going out in the order they should be. Would be very interested to know Steve’s voting numbers as he seems to have a tremendous amount of popular support for a mediocre dancer.

    Will not miss Alison much, (and feel her body could probably use the rest after having to do that Charleston twice), but will very much miss Aljaz. Thought he was hot last year but with no personality; this year by comparison he is utterly adorable.

    Place your bets on whether Blackpool with be completely rubbish as always?

  5. BeyonceCastle

    Just watched Judy on mute…she is trying to do steps but any attempt at shaping looks like a traffic cop. Fantastic Sue Sylvester face at the end though.

    Had Aljaz been wearing harem pants and Alison been a billowing blue genie they might have made it to Blackpool.

    They need plastic balls in the ballpoint to vent their aggression and to throw at the head of anyone doing Phone Hands.

  6. John

    Such good natured laughter at Marks impression. You could almost feel the sense of ‘Blimey that’s a crap impression, let’s prepare our guffaws anyway.’ And they did guffaw, while their eyes boggled in horror.

    Is like to think Kevin thought one word in the aftermath – ‘Victory!’

    I think the Judy Anton pairing must work for some people. (Well, it works for me.) though the dancing does not.

  7. Agrippina

    So what’s all this about a feud between Steve and Ola? I did deign to read an article about it on the Mirror website, but it was frustratingly vague and, if dirt is going to be dished, I want it to be really dirty dirt. They didn’t look as if they were secretly longing to kill each other – in fact, they look like a much friendlier partnership than Sunetra and Brenda.

    I find all of the Remembrance Sunday dances that they do on Strictly to be reductive and offensive in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. Glad that one’s over for another year.

    I felt sorry for Alison, but think it was, barring Judy, her turn to go. She was probably the second-worst person left in the competition at this stage, and I think she’d squeezed as much out of her “sassy big girl” persona as she was ever going to. In a couple of weeks’ time she would have gone Full Riley and then our collective good will might have been exhausted.

  8. Huriye

    😦 😦 😦 I blame the Tartan Army for all the Judy Votes, as usually even Anton is out by now. I sincerely hope it’s not another Chris Parker situation, and she makes it all the way to the Final! You never know with the GBP. :-O

    I loved Alison & Aljaz this year, and their final dance was very entertaining. No-one’s mentioned it, but she has lost weight, compared to week 1. I feel she brought out Aljaz’s camp and fun personality, so that was a bonus for the viewers. They should definitely have made it to Blackpool, which would’ve been a fitting stage to leave. The ITT interview around week 3 or 4 where Alison said she was “devastated” as she’d thought she was giving it loads and ready to have a heart attack, but when she watched herself back she was barely moving, was the funniest ITT sofa exchange for a long time, so cheers for all the warmth, fun and larfs Team Ali. 😀 You’ll be missed.

    BTW in this Rememberance Week, and also the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, I vividly recall an ITN report at the time of an East German couple who were Amateur Ballroom Dancers, and their life’s ambition had been to dance at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool. ITN cameras followed them as they came over one windswept day and fulfilled their dreams. It was a beautiful moment. 🙂

    1. monkseal Post author

      I did enjoy how keen Aljaz was to distance himself from the choreography for that American Smooth on ITT. It was someone else’s idea! It was a compromise! It wasn’t camp!

      Sure, hun…


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