Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 6 Performance Summary

So most important things first – Claudia can’t be with us this evening because one of her children is unwell. The very idea of Hallowe’en without Claudia is a bit like Christmas without Santa, Thanksgiving without turkey and Easter without chocolate-bloat. We should have known that something would be a bit off tonight even before it happened. Not that Zoe doesn’t cover for her well but…CLAUDIA IS HALLOWE’EN.

That’s not to say that some people don’t seize the inherent campness of Strictly’s Annual Hallowe’en Dance Spectacular by the scruff of the neck and deliver. Alison Hammond makes an AMAZINGLY wafty Catherine Earnshawe from Wuthering Heights as she channels Kate Bush for a delirious American Smooth that’s so amazingly bonkers that I almost don’t even notice Aljaz is back on his very best trouser-game. Almost. Caroline & Pasha doing a disco-zombie-samba is so many layers of overtheming that it becomes a guilty pleasure. Pixie’s giant electrocuted Bride-Of-Frankenstein HAIR is a constant delight and really accentuates her staccato tango head-movement.

Others produce decent performances that are marred by just one thing that gets under the skin and doesn’t leave. Mark’s Magic Shop jive is light and charming and a good continuation of his samba last week but…he gives a truly cringey speech afterwards about how very humble he is and how much the judges are wonderful wonderful people and I’m not here for it. The sight of Judy Murray as Cruela De Vil is inspiring but an ill-advised incorporation of Dalmatians into her American Smooth routine goes horribly horribly wrong and it never quite recovers. A Hallowe’en paso face-off between Simon and Jake that could have been a frenzy of masculine duelism turns into a bit of a damp squib for both. Sunetra’s jive has nice theming with Brendan as the sex-monster under the bed and a killer frock but she can’t do the kicks, not even a little bit. Also Brendan is still more on Erin Island than even Erin was, is it just me that’s noticing this, please say not.

Two of the performances though don’t work on any level. Scott’s Addams Family foxtrot tries so so so so so so very hard to be funny that it can’t help but fail but even that’s less hard to watch than Steve falling to pieces in his Charleston, forgetting whole chunks of the routine, letting it show even through the seven layers of skeleton make-up on his face, and coming perilously close to murder-deading Ola in most of the lifts. This feels a bit like a “put him in the dance-off so he can do it correctly and have a moment” moment but…he seems too popular for that, so it’ll just have to stand as a blot on his permanent record.

The evening is probably best, in the end, emblemised by Frankie’s tango, which she does dressed up as The Wicked Witch Of The West to Defying Gravity. She dances it well (mostly), gives it loads of personality, the whole thing crescendos with a great special effect and it gets a 10 that’s even better for it prompting everyone to cackle about what an awful judge Donny was. It’s…still a tango being done to Defying Gravity. What can you do?

(Did any of you watch any of the VTs? I was drinking litres of water the whole way through to justify all the piss-breaks myself)


50 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 6 Performance Summary

  1. camis71

    Was Frankie really a tango though? It felt like wafting to Defying Gravity without any tango thrown in. Steve and Simon both f*ed up, Scott was….bizarre (Uncle Fester dancing with Morticia – why?), Pixie was tango by numbers, and the rest were just a bit meh. Hallowe’en week is always built up to the max but never delivers on content.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Gomez and Morticia Addams doing a tango is all I want for Hallowe’en and I hope this aberration from Scott hasn’t pushed in back in the theming queue…

  2. MorticiaA

    Alison’s wafting was so extravagant that I was (almost) distracted from the finery of Aljaz’s rump in those lederhosen, and that’s saying something. Is Mark’s trajectory as the J-word contestant kicking in already? Huge over-marking for the last 2 weeks. Are the producers laying out his crazy paving path to the final, or is he just having the mother of bottom 2 bounce backs? Slightly underwhelmed by Frankie’s Tango, though I notice that KFG was reaching Blackpool 2013 Paso levels of over dancing without being in the Mecca of Daahhhnce. As for Scott, I was with you on the piss breaks there, as I could not distinguish his “acting” of Fester’s hunchback from his usual ballroom posture, and had to leave the room in horror before being exposed to another second… Brenda seems to have been borrowing Robin’s choreography of last year with the bed jousting. Poor Sunetra, I fear the dance off for her. As for the dalmations and Anton’s total lack of dog handling skills, I hear that a record number of complaints have already been made to the BBC about animal cruelty – perhaps because the dogs were made to sit through Judy’s routine???
    I look forward your full recap, as always, Monkseal.

  3. Gusty Gussett

    Hallowe’en without Natalie Lowe headrolls just isn’t right somehow. Luckily Aljaz’s breeches were there to make up for it.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I was angry on Natalie’s behalf that Karen stole her Hallowe’en Jive song choice but then Karen did it better oops never mind Nat sorry.

  4. Lou

    Did anyone else notice how much Frankie looked like a green Kelly Brooke?
    Marks whole VT was awful, I was actually disappointed his Jive was so well received.

      1. monkseal Post author

        Darren Gough was never in the Bottom 2 and certainly never cried like a great big AIRY-FAIRY.

    1. Monaogg

      I was so mesmerised by her pin toes, that I missed any Tango there might have been. 😯
      Agree, Caroline & Pixie best of the bunch tonight.

  5. Chris

    VTs were a mixed bag. Alison saying ‘more smoke babes’ slayed me. And Trent doing that demonic laugh in Pixie’s VT and then (as if he couldn’t get any more adorable) mumbling ‘just me’. Scott’s VT is going to require some brain bleach.
    I hope Ryan the Runner from Caroline’s VT becomes a recurring character.

    Alison doing Wuthering Heights is my everything. So by laws of Gaymazing dances (Penny’s samba, Jade’s samba, probably many others), this is probably going to be the one where she hits bottom 2. (Bullshit that Steve got exactly the same marks, even if her footwork wasn’t great)

    Pixie’s tango was shitballs amazing, even if it was sloppy by her standards (and hey, if Pixie needs to exhibit one quality if her vote’s going to hold up, it’s a bit of sloppiness).

    And kudos to Zoe, doing a bang-up job at short notice.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think it’s actually Pixie’s sloppiness that’s keeping me invested in her long-term potential. Messing up her jive and having that phony weeping fit after her rumba, this bonkers tango. Tobe wanky, it’s all texture to her journey, something I’m not getting from either Caroline or Frankie, yet.

  6. Huriye

    Monkseal, you missed a brilliant VT by Scott, playing the whole of the Addams Family relations, after taking JFG to dinner in his haunted castle! It was hysterical, especially the line, “is she your new girlfriend?” Whoever wrote the script……infact, wasn’t it you? It was THAT funny! 😀
    I ENJOYED Scott’s routine! Maybe the VT put me in a good mood, but he improved, and I’ll bet he goes through again. Though JFG didn’t look anywhere near as classy as Iveta in the same hair & make-up & frock.

    Agree with Frankie being 1st, but would’ve held off giving a 10 because as she went up on her broomstick, her facial expression was so blase, like she was going up in a Lift to River Island at Bluewater. But defo a 9. Best styling of the night, great dress, and I thought it worked to the song.

    Infact, for the first Halloween Show EVAH I found something to like/amuse me/enjoy about every performance….or maybe I just wasn’t grumpy tonight, I dunno, and Zoe was fab. She is Officially the TALLEST woman in Britain, even taller than Tess, who is still trying so hard, and interrupting the flow of the Judges by catching them offguard with set up lead in questions. It’s not necessary Tess, just calm yourself down. Maybe she felt intimidated by Tall Zoe. I liked the risque direction some of the Balcony Banter took, though I’ll bet someone was shouting in Zoe’s ear, “it’s tea time family viewing!”

    That song Trent & Pixie danced to was godawful, or rather it sounded like it coming out of the singer’s mouth. I hated the hair, felt it detracted from her dancing which was once again very good, and I liked the Tango routine overall, enjoyed the attack. LOL at James Jordan saying these 2 have “no chemistry” on Twitter. He must be jealous of luscious Trent’s svelte figure, who behaved like he’d taken some poppers tonight.

    I thought Caroline & Pasha’s Disco Samba was very repetitive, but danced well, though she’s in her rightful place this week.
    Judy again looked sensational, and that seems to be her forte this entire series. Showing us what a great figure she has, and how fab she looks in a glam frock. Tick.
    Don’t think I’ve ever seen any celeb on Strictly be so good humoured and laugh at every ounce of stinging criticism the Judges throw at her. She laps it up! 😀

    Normally I hate Rock Pasos, but didn’t mind the 2 tonight. I’m sure Anya Garnis, expert Dalmation Handler (photo on Twitter with them behaving perfectly) is working wonders behind the scenes with choreography this year, giving alot of pros a helping hand, as it shows (mostly). I’m finding the 3 gestures Jake does:
    1. *thumbs up*
    2. *yeah, it was good*
    3. *Dead Pan face*
    really boring now. I hope he goes mental next week and surprises us.

    I can’t get over Aljaz’s dancing this season! :-O He is sooooo uber camp and boisterous and like he’s entered a twilight zone of letting everything hang out, when last year he was the newbie slightly stiff boy from Slovenia. Unbelievable transformation!
    I loved Wuthering Heights, it was a thing of beauty, spiritually, and if anything, it’s these 2 who are bonking in my opinion.

    An entertaining show, I really enjoyed it, and had no moans at all. Have no idea who will go this week?

    1. monkseal Post author

      Part of me wonders if Anya is now in fact choreographing every single routine and is in fact the new dark power behind the throne of Evil Moira Ross In A Rainbow Wig.

  7. missfrankiecat

    You are so right about Brendan – totally dialling it in except for some spluttering on Twitter when he saw the comments about his Pilsbury Dough Boy look. Someone said Pasha reminded them of Fred West tonight in that wig and that put me off their effort. Also, what has Caroline done to p*ss off wardrobe – not one decent costume for her all series whereas Judy gets a stonking outfit every week.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I have a theory that Caroline’s dresses are all beautiful before some Harry Styles fangirl in wardrobe runs them through a paper-shredder.

  8. Left Feet

    Mark knows how Reality TV works, given that he is still most known for a Constructed Reality show where giving cringe speeches and crying were part of the job. Of course he also did the jungle show as well/

    1. missfrankiecat

      Thank God I didn’t see that. Given the blubbing we get when he has to dance for 90 seconds and face Craig and co, I dread to imagine the histrionics when he had to bed down with a rat or chew a kangaroo testicle.

  9. Beyonce Haunted Castle

    Happiness comes when least expected…at least according to a pithy book I am reading (Hector and the search for happiness and if the book is annoying me God knows what the film will do) but on this occasion my expectations were so so low that I have spent the last blissful half an hour beaming. I loved the Halloween episode.
    What’s not to love?
    Admittedly I see the youtube cropped version with no vts or crying…this is maybe why it was joyous.

    Brenda as a sex pest. Sinatra hamming up the run away bits. And mortified you weren’t alone #ohgodfurniturerotationjinx had me wincing.

    Alison’s Leigh Francis style gurning aside, she looked radiant
    Aljaz.. pure and simple born in a world where love survives (did you put that in my head Monkseal or was it my other half) looked stunning and the vocalist amazingly didn’t wreck the song.

    Unlike Danger! High voltage….I was so gutted at the replacement of Jack White by some posh bint for the secondary vocals I missed the dancing all together but the electric shock bits were good…I am easily pleased.
    Pixiebot: Bananarama called and they want their hair back.

    I liked Simon’s getting stuck in the web bit. Easily pleased OKAY?
    I wanted the dalmatians to do a Lulu the elephant and Judy to keep her fur on: hello it worked for Nene in dwts (oh it’s still crap monkseal but Derek not a shoo-in this year. Either biblebasherbelt will vote for Sadie or ringah alfonso will win it albeit did the Carlton too soon. The yank equivalent of the david Brent dance).

    Hello I even liked Scott’s routine…I know. But I did. Joanne looked stunning, did her back freeze frame thing and I liked the gimmick of putting him into hold even if he didn’t stay in it.

    Poor Caroline and LeoSayer/manfromtheStrokes…costumes and affros were what was left over in the dressing up box. Freak out remains as tenuous as superfreak albeit that had paedolittlemisssunshine connotations that denisetitsouten couldn’t take out my head.

    DefyingLogic was not as bad as I anticipated and KFG put his heart and soul into it bless.
    Both Pixie and Frankie looked like pros (you heard me quite clearly 😉 tonight. Mark held his own.

    Jake was average but I still don’t get it. Black Betty ???? Because it sounds like Black Batty? Seriously? Was that the reason? In a thick Bavarian accent batty might sound like betty but really?

    Best for me: Pixie (but probably as I have had to watch it 3x to get past the hair and the music)
    Worst: Steve

    I would love Steve to be able to have another go and do it right. That would give me a warm fuzzy feeling.
    Looking forward to your recap Mr Seal Xxx

    1. Lesley Rigg

      Came in late watched it on partial fast forward (on ff were Steve’s dance and Judy and some of the VTs and judges comments). I loved Mrs Bridge, not sure if it was a tango like, but I still loved it, and her yelling at Kevin in the VT like a fish-wife.

      And, breakthrough for me, I loved Pixie’s dance, and moreover my name is Lesley Rigg and I have been a Trent addict for about 90 minutes!! He is becoming a guilty pleasure, loved him in the VT and his mad eye rolls in his make-up. Whether this will survive sobering up and a sleep anyone can guess but currently this is the case. I will be going out to buy a Activity Camper Set and Hair Salon to keep them both in!

      Loved Zoe being mauled by the pros and dragged to the ground at the end, muy divertido!

      1. monkseal Post author

        Sometimes I regret turning over to X Factor as soon as the final leaderboard is revealed…

    2. monkseal Post author

      I preferred the whole “forcing someone into ballroom posture” bit when it doesn’t take up half the bloomin’ routine, and also when it’s done immediately after snogging Bruno (*cough*GAVIN’S QUICKSTEP*cough*)

  10. Beyonce Haunted Castle

    Best of the night: Pixiebot (Bananarama called and want their hair back)
    Worst of the night: Steve (thought we’d be needing a witch-doctor a ha ha ha ha ha)

    Best gimmick: Joanne’s freeze frame back shtick
    Worst gimmick: Dalmatian that don’t do a Lulu the elephant (no not that one, she didn’t do shit on the floor)

    Best costume: Alison and Aljaz-pure-and-simple-born-in-a-world-where-love-survives
    Worst costume: Caroline and Pasha/leosayer/manfromStrokes

    Best choreography: SimonWebbygettingstuckinawebby
    The electric shock bits ( easily pleased)
    Worst choreography: shoehorning Black Batty into Black Betty. Really? Are we in Bavaria?

    Best music: Wuthering Wuthering Wuthering tights
    Worst music: posh bint ruining Jack White’s vocals Danger! indeed. Even defyinglogic fared better

    Best character: Brendan the sex pest
    Worst character: the rotating bed

    Best flying: I’m with huriye, Frankie was a wee bit botoxed but beats…
    …Worst flying: Alison for gurning Leigh Francis style on the way down

    Looking forward to the recap Monkseal Xxx

  11. Beyonce Haunted Castle

    Ah bollocks;-) I ended up recapping my own comment which I thought had died a death. Stupid kindle.

    SUNETRA NOT SINATRA 🙂 Stupid kindle. Honest Guv.

  12. BeyonceCastleHasInsomnia

    Just watched it all again…still fab. All of it.
    New lookalikees….Jake= michael stipe (autocorrects to stripe which is the image I am referring to 😉 )
    Judy = Rupert Everett in st trinians

  13. Matt Clemson

    I live in hope that Claudia will just treat next week’s episode as if it’s Halloween. Ideally with absolutely no-one else acknowledging the fact.

  14. Miss Cavie

    Has there ever been a more adorable contestant than Judy Murray? Can’t dance, can’t act but loving every second of it. The nastier the judges are the happier she seems to be.

    Having said that all my votes went to Alison’s face and her epic use of arm hankies. I think the death slot might be the undoing of her. Ridiculous that she got the same score as Steve’s atrocity of a Charleston.

    It was one of those weeks where everyone was a bit shite really…..

    1. Min

      It’s like it was the week in the series that the powers-that-be had decided would be Big Improvement Week but forgot to let the celebs know.

  15. Alex

    I felt rather short-changed by the lack of Brendan’s customary Big Halloween Speech about how awesome the make up people are and how awesome the costume designers are and how awesome the lighting people are and how the whole Strictly Halloween experience is the greatest thing ever. Bruno had a go at it, but… he’s not Brendan. It’s got to come from Brendan or it just isn’t proper Strictly Halloween.

  16. Monaogg

    Suspect someone at the Beeb is reading your blog Chris. We got Len saying “I must agree with Darcey”. Perhaps to counteract the “I agree with the Boys” which seemed to be relatively absent yesterday. 😀

    1. Huriye

      She actually said “but the boys are right” to someone, even though they hadn’t said anything of the sort! She’s just so used to trotting out stock phrases come what may, whether applicable or not!

      BTW Monkseal, this IS Greg the Floor Manager, isn’t it?
      I saw his name on the Pointless credits, so he’s got Sat night telly sewn up.
      With Iveta Morticia Addams in her element close to a man…any man! 🙂

      1. Huriye

        The pic of Greg the Floor Manager in Halloween make-up and Iveta was from when she appeared on ITT as a model for Hair & Make-Up.

  17. John

    Well, for a start Sunetra is surely in the dance off with that messy dance, first up, and some bonkers Brenda choreography (play it safe, Brenda! Was scuppering Sophie not enough)? And if she’s against not-Judy/Scott then… gulp.

    More spotlight grabbing from the ITV sleb, Mark. The mini-meltdown last week was real (I mean, his face changed colour, take note, Pixie!) but giving us bits of The Journey every week is starting to wear. Nice guy and all but it does remind me that people from Corrie and TOWIE, when put on ‘I’m a celeb’ always milk the f*****g spotlight with their antics. Why?!

    Scott and Judy, much as I love them, were terrible for this stage of the competition. I did rather like Scott’s I’m Going To Dance Like A Hunchback Fakeout which fooled me. Really thought he was going to give 2 fingers to every one who kept voting him back. I did NOT like Anton’s inability to tell when a dog is ‘Just not having any of this, sorry (not sorry)’ which seemed to go on forever and I was just waiting for him to kick one and get in even bigger trouble than when he called Laila Rouass a bad word.

    Mark and Jake are really going to duke it out for top male this year. Jake has bad days, and may have peaked too early. (Maybe). He’s still looking the most likely winner though as the 3 ringer girls seem to cancel each other out.

  18. Agrippina

    I’ve officially had it with Mark now. I can’t stand people who cry for no good reason, and “I just gone done a dance good” is certainly no good reason.

    I think Halloween week is always a bit style over substance but there was still plenty to enjoy – Pixie pulling fierce tango faces which were completely undermined by the fact she had an exploded Worzel Gummidge on her head, Aljaz’s breeches andboots combo, Kevin miming along to Defying Gravity with his eyes screwed shut… Shame most of the dances were a bit rubbish, but hopefully the lack of a theme next week will raise the standard.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I always find that Hallowe’en Week kind of succeeds despite itself. If Steve hadn’t cocked up and the whole dog mess hadn’t happened it probably would have been amongst the best yet.

      1. Agrippina

        Urgh… sorry, but “dog mess” was my grandmother’s preferred euphemism for the thing that you step in on the pavement, so I initially read that comment in entirely the wrong light.

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