Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 5 Performance Summary

So first of all : #justiceforjudy.

It was an odd night on Strictly, with sambas duelling it out for the top spots and Charlestons circling around the bottom. Let’s deal with the most compelling dance duel of the night though – Sunetra vs Simon in a battle of the insanely melodramatic Viennese Waltzes. Sunetra dressed up as Cilla Black and whirled around a midnight street to “Anyone Who Had A Heart” whilst Simon went for broke and brought out Queen. QUEEN. Sunetra probably came out of the tussle better, with Simon pushing it a bit too far into skippy. ALSO Sunetra won on a deeper level than that because Brenda called her MY GIRL for the first time. What a feeling.

At the top of the leaderboard it definitely felt like Caroline had the breakthrough in her (also quite melodramatic) paso doble that they were hoping she had in her quickstep, although Pasha’s VT acting remains stubbornly breakthrough resistant. Frankie meanwhile did a nice-enough foxtrot, but it was overshadowed slightly by her going nuclear on the BABY WARS in her VT with I think maybe the cutest kid ever on this show? If you disagree, name a cuter one. Jake on the other hand probably had the least to work with, as he took Janette boxing and danced a quickstep to ST JILL OF HALFPENNY’S HOLIES OF HOLY JIVE SONGS, THE BLASPHEMER. Still, all should be safe to roll on to that inevitable seeming final 5.

In the mid-table, Alison seemed finally to be falling off the pace for good, as she couldn’t really get into hold in the tango for more than a few seconds at a time and she underhit the drama of the dance slightly. Oh and she brought in the ghost of Lisa Riley, with the soundtrack trailing “BIG GIRLS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” after her which…I’m not sure any of us are here for. Steve Backshall meanwhile busted out the PIVITS in an Ola Jordan waltz and Thom settled right into the “good ballroom, bad latin” rut we thought briefly he might subvert early on as he did a slightly lame cha-cha to (*deep breath*) Jessie J. Somehow though he did film a VT with his brother in which they both kept their clothes on though so…that’s something.

But back to those duels though – at the top of the table Pixie and Mark threw down as to who can do the campest samba. The spirit of Darren Bennett filled the studio, everything went pink and Carmen Miranda and both of them shook their tatas with VIGOUR. Pixie came out on top because D’UH but Mark put up a better fight than I ever thought he could (not sure he deserves the Darcey 9 he gets for it but…) (also Trent sang OMG it’s just one line but I’m so in love with it).

The REAL story though is Judy carrying on her journey of last week and actually pulling off a decent Charleston (you know…for her) and getting scored lower than Scott, who does (I’M SORRY) (NOT SORRY) the worst Charleston they’ve ever had on this show (YES I JUST IMPLIED THAT SOMEONE DID SOMETHING WORSE THAN WIDDY DID IT) in which he almost kills Joanne at least twice.

Like I said #justiceforjudy


30 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 5 Performance Summary

  1. Neio

    I hate to be mean, but I had to laugh when Scott was talking about how much he’s been training. And that’s the result?! No way did he deserve to score more than Judy. At least her dance was recognisable as a Charleston.

    Mark really impressed me. I hope he doesn’t end up in the bottom two again, because he deserves to be safe.

  2. Huriye

    Keep yer greasy mits off MY luscious Trent, Monkseal! 😛

    For the FIRST time EVER in Strictly History, the 2 SAMBAS were the best dances on show! Woo hoooo! 😀
    I do love a kitsch, campy Samba with lots of fruit and fun and not so much of the Disco mishmash we often get, so I was a very happy camper. 😀
    Loved both music choices too, in different ways. Apart from the fact Mark was a completely different dancer to anything he’s brought to the Ballroom before, it was BY FAR Karen’s best dance I’ve ever seen her do, so loud cheering all round!
    I thought Mark’s Cucarachas were actually better than Pixie’s, and both of them had so much Vitality and Joie de Vivre, they were both incredibly enjoyable to watch and Pixie was simply gorgeous and scattily perfect for the role, ably supported by handsome Trent. Pixie first, Mark 2nd on MY leaderboard.
    Caroline overpraised and overscored for the second week in a row. Pasha was fab, but she lacked proper Paso shaping and sweep, so I agree with Len.

    I’d like to see a Ballroom danced by KFG and his partners (whoever they may be) that isn’t 50s/60s cutesy pastiche ALL the time, however enjoyable his Foxtrot with Frankie was, and it was delightful to watch, and her hands were more elegant than his in the solo movements. Yes, definitely Baby Parker was ADORABLE! Put me down on Claude’s List for babysitting!

    I haven’t wholly enjoyed/rated Jake & Janette since week 3 I’m afraid. Like last week’s Jive, his Quickstep was just too bitty and not a complete dance to my eyes, and they drew the short straw with dull costumes.

    Once again I thought Claude was a bit rude to Simon with “where you from?” when he was making a socio-economic profound point that inner city folk don’t always get to dance a Viennese Waltz, and he loved it, which I thought was a beautiful thing to say, and nice to see him smiling throughout a ballroom dance for once. Claude, be funny, but not cruel. We can’t all be upper middle class toffs can we?

    I thought Judy’s Charleston was better than Scott’s too! #JusticeForJudy
    It was far more entertaining, and Anton fit that Varsity Rag theme like a glove.
    I’m still wondering why she can’t dance, but she’s enjoying the Showbiz ambience and seems to be having a ball, so hang the dancing.

    Scott AND JFG were a car crash. Sorry in advance, I know people get upset when you criticise the Pros, but can this woman dance? How was she ever a WORLD CHAMPION? I think she may’ve been doing the Charleston steps uber sl-o-o-o-w-ly, with no swivel to match Scott, but Jo, love, take a leaf out of Kristina’s book, and just give it plenty irrespective of whatever your partner’s doing! After all, you have a reputation to live up to, and at the mo, yours is in tatters. Sorry to the Cliftons for being blunt.

    Bruce…who he? Tess settling right down into the lead role now, and I do love all the new bits they’ve introduced between her & Claude. The VTs are more entertaining (mostly) and Claude’s weekly meander through an artist’s song catalogue is amusing.

    I’m liking Thom’s enthusiasm, and I thought his Cha Cha was good. Iveta’s greasy thighs scared me, mind. And ofcourse, it would be her to take on the challenge of that dress! NOTHING SCARE IVETA!

    Infact I’m liking almost everyone, I just want Scott & Joanne to go. Please! For both their sanity’s sake, and ours! Cheers!

    1. fembot

      I agree that the Sambas were the 2 best dances – I rewatched both of them. Pixie’s outfit was completely stunning.

    2. missfrankiecat

      Agree about the KFG 50’s overload this series – not least the repulsive costumes they have every week which only someone a beautiful as Frankie could carry off. His waltz with Susanna last year was one of my favourite dances of the series in proper trad ballroom theming (with some hilarious bad acting thrown in for the intro).

  3. Pops

    I totally agree about Judy’s charleston being better than Scott’s, and while Pixie’s samba was technically stronger, I enjoyed Mark’s more – I genuinely didn’t think he had it in him. Has anyone ever had a breakthrough dance on a samba before?

    Trent reminds me a bit of a sort of stretched-out, slicker Bill from Bill & Ted (ie the one that’s not Keanu Reeves) – a future robot version maybe, although not evil because he seems lovely. Is God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You too slow for a paso?

    1. fembot

      I think Zoe Ball had her Latin breakthrough with her Samba. She had always been amazing at ballroom but pants at Latin. Mark’s was mos def more of a revelation than hers, tho.

      1. monkseal Post author

        In fairness to Zoe, the only Latin she had before samba was jive (TALL PEOPLE) and rumba, which she had to do to One Moment In Time (and they say the song choices are bizarre now).

  4. fembot

    Unbelievably, the Charleston actually did turn out to be Judy’s dance. Who would have thought it? I think having to pout and gurn freed up the rest of her movement. I also loved her VT – like Mark Benton last year, she is a genuine source of comedy.

    I am also in love with Trent. He is so cool!

    1. monkseal Post author

      Judy was born to mime. I guess all those years of making outlandish faces on the sidelines are finally paying off.

  5. Jan2555

    I seem to remember the Gavin Henson/Charlotte Church tinies being rather cute but then I look back on everything Gavin shaped with nostalgia which may not reflect reality

    1. monkseal Post author

      Ah, Ruby and Dexter. I remember them for appearing just in time for the routine where Gavin snogged Bruno.

  6. BeyonceCastle

    I thought Alison was the worst tonight.
    Judy was entertaining. Scott was better..for Scott.
    I have watched some of Joanne’s stuff on you tube as I couldn’t work out why she was world champ either. The showcase stuff is ridiculously fast, she also lipsyncs a lot which is truly bizarre but yes, she can dance and then some. Gurns for Great Britain mind.
    If she is in it next year I would like to see her with a ringah and a Janette-like transformation. Presumably someone else choreoed the charlestons tonight so she cannot be held accountable for that? Whenever Xtina or Ola or Aliona outdance their slebs though I think it does make their partners look worse so maybe she was trying to energy-match.
    Scott should have been lower than Judy for not being able to pull Jo through his legs successfully and for being lacklustre when doing oops upside your head.
    But I shamelessly enjoyed it and want him to get through and –run– clomp amok at Halloween. If he could do a stompy paso to Monster (the automatic) with a killer face I would be over the moon.
    Also want someone -anyone – to do a viennese waltz to Don’t fear the reaper. But they never do.

    1. Marcela

      Funny how I thought that too, that instead of doing a Nat/Ola/Kristina she is actually “underdancing” in order to not make him look so bad.

  7. Minxy

    Ah I love you and am in awe at you/you and Steve (he’s family now) managing to keep up with the watching and blogging (I am way behind just on reading – let alone reading and watching Big thanks an hugs)

    Just a quick scan and the only thing I disagree with so far is JudyMoo>Scott
    And I love Judy Moo (and am love, love, loving her and Anton)
    Nor am I biased towards Scott (don’t listen to the wireless/radio let alone rad1) or JFG (they have a great partnership but hoping she manages to turn around the first impression like Janette has).
    Scott is really really overcoming/working on overcoming his “defiencies” more than Judy. And he started with way more deficiencies in the dahnce world than Judy did.
    No way in hell does he equate to widdy! Not I the slightest! He tries, is learning and …. Just no! Urgh! (Jfg should ask Nat how she sorted Ricky W’s pigeon toes)
    Ah my heart sank when the Riley was brought in – yet it made me appreciate Ali more for not going the Lisa and Robin route (shudder Even the memory of her first dance doesn’t negate the horrors that came after … And now just the mention makes me shudder still). Why has no one suggested arch supports for her shoes?

  8. Sue Howarth

    Mary beats Pixie
    Judy beats Scott
    My favorites are Jake and Caroline. Loved it when Jake said people call me Jake now rather than Max, I like that”
    Andy Murray seems to be clawing his way back into the top 8 for the end of season match off. This is entirely accounted for by Judy’s success. In further Judy news I still call this years romance Judy and Anton

  9. missfrankiecat

    I totally get why people enjoy and vote for the hopeless celebs, especially in a sea of ringahs but, apart from the week Arlene was really cruel to Kate Garraway when I threw her a sympathy vote, I’ve never really joined in. But I have to say I have totally enjoyed Judy’s last two dances and wanted her to get through, not as a two fingers to the judges, but because to my mind she really deserves it. The tango and Charleston were recognisably the dances they were meant to be (illegal lifts or no), she has improved to the extent of actually learning a routine, doing the steps and definitely performing. Despite the mis-timing and mis-steps, I wasn’t hiding behind the sofa but willing her on. I do feel fear for the rumba but for the time being I would happily see quite a few of the other couples bite the dust before Judy and Anton.

  10. Agrippina

    There seems to be a lot of hate for Pixie going around on other, less illustrious forums (fora?) but I really like her, and Trent has grown on me like a toothy Australian lichen, so I’m going to say that their samba was better than Mark and Karen’s. More precise footwork but also better hip action, and her Carmen Miranda headgear was my favourite bit of costume of the whole night. Mark dances well, but he’s needy and weepy, so… nah.

    Jake seems to be suffering from Sophie Ellis-Bextor syndrome, i.e. he did his best dance in week 2 and never quite manages to equal it. That said, I hugely admire his refusal to join in with all the histrionics this show seems to demand, and I’d really like to see him in the final, just because he’s such an unlikely dance god.

    1. monkseal Post author

      To be fair to Jake, and as someone who actively wanted Sophie to win (in that she was NotAbbey), Sophie’s bad dances were bad. Jake’s less good ones are just a bit sloppy/dull. Sophie as a vampire lobster was…something else.


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