Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 4 Results Summary

There presides over this evening the dread entity known as TONY GAGA, a joining of the husk of Tony Bennett and the husk of Lady Gaga dressed as Patti Lupone dressed as Cher. Singing JAZZ. They pull in Natalie and Trent to dance for them, presumably because they’re a bit short-sighted in their old age and think he’s Ian. (Instead the real Ian is influenced by TONY GAGA’S commitment to being BORN THIS WAY, to do a segment promoting It Takes Two where he and Robin act as queenily to one another as is humanly possible). This dread Dr Who villain in waiting also pollutes the opening pro routine, which is very ARTPOP, in that someone’s squiggled on all the pros faces in sparkly biro and nobody really knows what’s going on GAGA.

Still, the dread powers of TONY GAGA have some upside. Unless I missed it their mature issue-led ARTJAZZPOP drove those bloody shots of cutesy dancing kids off of Len’s Glans for a start. And their agenda of ALL THE COLOURS SEXUALITIES AND BUILDS AND AGES OF LITTLE SWINGING MONSTERS BEING EQUAL BEFORE THE EYES OF GOD AND TONY GAGA save Alison and Judy and Scott and Simon and Sunetra from the dance-off and leave two of the straight white men there instead – Tim and Mark. Everyone gasps and clutches their chests over this, but after Simon’s not-really-that-shocking Shock Bottom 2 appearance it feels a bit like Outrage Fatigue might be setting in already. By the time Pixie falls there from 3rd on the leaderboard in Hallowe’en Week they’ll have nothing left.

Tim goes home, because he’s old, even though Mark was far worse in the dance-off and doesn’t look like he’s going to capitalise on any potential he might have ever, and has one of the most touching Strictly end-offs ever. From his sweet speech to Natalie singing along noisily to Fleetwood Mac to us just fading out on him dancing on his own, bizarrely and twitchily, in the centre of a circle of all the others cheering and applauding him. It’s just warming is all. ALL HAIL TONY GAGA.


12 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 4 Results Summary

      1. Krumholtz

        Everyone in the world has seen Frozen. At least three times. Not a spoiler. Just a fact. With this in mind, you must now watch it. The Duke of Weselton is actually Tim Wannacott.

  1. Lesley Rigg

    Came in a little late to see Tony Gaga holding each other up/conjoined and did feel that I had accidentally fallen thru Alice’s looking glass into a Dadaist time tunnel, and then proceeded to cry my eyes out at tIme at Tim and his sweetness. I must lay off the Absinthe!

  2. Sarah

    My favourite thing about the whole of the results show was Natalie working it so hard that she started escaping from her dress. Won’t be the same without her.

  3. Huriye

    What a Results Show! It had everything! Typical Jason Gilkison Uber ‘Young Generation’ Production Ensemble Pro number to start, and OMG! I’m not even a Fan of the Lady, but I went Gaga over her & Tony Legend singing 2 pukka Standards beautifully. (I thought she looked more Babs Streisand in ‘A Star Is Born’ remake c.1976 Monkseal, but you’re probably too young!) 😉
    Then I literally SWOONED as Trent & Natalie came elegantly gliding across the floor, dancing together like a match made in Heaven! (Sorry Ian). These 2 had class & beauty and are now firmly established as my 2 fave Pros. I’ve gone Trent Gaga (always loved Natalie) and if HE isn’t brought back next year I will chain myself to the EVILLE BBC Railings!

    Thank Gawd, no pyjama clad kids LANDSCAPE. Just interminable safety sex faces, mouthing of “Thank-yous”…..and inevitably Scott going through! For the love of….typical GBP! *roll eyes*

    That speech by Tim was something you don’t hear much on British TV these days, ie Eloquence, Sincerity, Politeness and a True Gentleman.
    His Farewell Dance, mind you, was Bonkers! But Brilliant at the same time. Trent seemed transfixed by his uniquely weird choreography and body movement, and applauded wildly.
    Natalie seemed to just take the view this year, I’m back, and just gonna ENJOY myself, come what may. She totally connected with Tim, and brought the best out of him (cos I’ve never been able to stand him before) and it was a credit to both of them, and a beautiful thing.

    The total opposite view taken by Aliona incidentally, but then that’s what makes Strictly great, the different personalities, always interesting. 🙂


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