Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 3 Results Summary

Your Movie Week Results show begins with Natalie Lowe dressed up as a demonic Mary Poppins doin’ the ol’ bamboo with Kevin Clifton as Bert, across the rooftops of Victoria London. I can’t stand Mary Poppins, but it’s all worth it for the visual gag of Claudia popping out of a chimney doing her eye make-up with a sweep’s broom. I think. That and the sight of Kevin trying to lift Natalie and have it looked stylish and planned and professional because LOL she’s twice the size of him. We also get a pro routine later from Anton and Joanne to Donny singing Moon River. This marks the 10,000th time in his life that Anton has danced to Moon River and he is showered with ticker-tape and gets a book full of Nandos vouchers in celebration.

Len’s Glans this week focuses on how amazing Frankie’s paso was, how…themed Mark’s paso was, how Steve and Scott pretending to be animals has left a nation of children scarred, and Anton making scary hooting noises at Judy as he lifted/hauled her at the end of their Quickstep. Oh and Darcey explains to us all how to work a camera-phone. MAKE SURE IT’S IN LANDSCAPE GUYS!

The big news of the night though is that we’re getting our first SHOCK BOTTOM 2 APPEARANCE a little earlier than usual, as Simon and Kristina find themselves in the Bottom 2. They spend the rest of the night competing to see who can act the most put out about it, following Darcey Bussell as a pacemaker who blithers about how it is AN ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY despite the fact that on the night she only marked them 1 point higher than Judy Murray and a grown man dressed as a crab doing the Rock Lobster dance. She can’t even maintain the outrage long enough to pretend his rumba was any cop on Len’s Lens. You reap what you sew Darcey.

In the Bottom 2 with them, and therefore leaving are Jennifer and Tristan, meaning we’ll never get to see Tristan’s Safety Sex-Face. Is that not really a bigger travesty than Simon being in the bottom 2? Really? Think on it.


14 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Week 3 Results Summary

  1. peeve

    I thought Natalie made a swivel-eyed bonkers Sally Bowles, but that was as nothing compared to her Mary Poppins – madder than a box of frogs. What is she ON this series? I hope Tristan is back next year, since he really didn’t make much of an impact. Oh, and I know I’m being picky, but if it’s good enough for Darcey… you reap what you sow, rather than what you sew. x

  2. missfrankiecat

    Now I am understanding the strange auburn tinge to Anton’s hair this season – he is pairing up with Joanne. And what a veritable Cliftonfest of pivots in that Moon Riverdance. Enjoyed it almost as much as Anton’s cool putdown of Donny yesterday evening when instructed to lead less. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Kristina tackling the Mary Poppins role as I am feeling she is the one most in need of a change of pace.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Kristina won’t do group dances for Movie Week unless she gets to pretend to be Marilyn. It’s in the contract.

  3. Aoife

    Please let us never have a guest judge again. Not worth the chaos they cause. Worst version of Moon River ever as well.
    Disappointed to lose Tristan’s trousers.

  4. Minxy

    Haven’t seen the show yet (no DVR and Australian Masterchef …) but I did venture into the spoiler thread earlier
    I couldn’t even think who Simon was ….


    He needs to up his game
    And Christina needs to calm her desperation

    Bye Jennifer

    And yep I am glad you went there before Monkie
    Tristan needs to learn to teach differently Or get in with the PWTB to get the better talent. He kept getting the duffers on DWTS too! Tho I loved him with Nancy Grace

  5. Minxy

    Having now seen the results show
    Jenny and Trist should have stayed in if it was based on the performance of the dance off! Simon was appalling!
    Have also revised my estimation of Tris as a teacher!
    Both times in the dance off she did the dance properly! And performed it too. Bloody actresses should put the effort into each performance – if she had brung it like that the first time she probably wouldn’t have been in the dance off – or booted! And we would have had Tris a while longer!
    Slap your next partner Tris!

    Best safety sex face (gone wrong) was Simon – all pretending to be nervous and aware it could be him/anyone but in reality smugly confident in his “sex appeal” and hype
    The shock when it WAS him was a joy to watch and should be made into a gif!


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