An Apprentice Market Research Post

So Lordalan revealed yesterday, slightly overshadowed by Donald Trump retweeting his support for Britain’s Most Notorious Serial Killers of the 90s, that The Apprentice 10 starts soon. Too soon for me to really recap it properly at the same time as doing Strictly Come Dancing 12, unless you want an RSI-related suicide bid on your hands. So I present before you a couple of options for you to vote on :

Option 1 : I do minicaps for The Apprentice 10 much like I currently do for The Great British Bake-Off. These will be shorter than the usual recaps, not be strictly narrative, and not have as many pictures or as many polls, but will have all the usual blog features you know and barely tolerate, like the Incidental Character Boyfriend Of The Week, and Wall Of Boot Icons. The Monkies will still take place as usual at the end of the series. As I’ve not written up the show this way before, it might take me a while to find my feet, but it will all be happening along with the show and alongside it and hey one of the candidates may even use one of my jokes on You’re Hired again NO PRESSURE GUYS.

Option 2 : I do full recaps, but not until early next year, probably February (Once Strictly ends, my recapping fingers go right into an ice bucket for at least the next month.) They will be full length with the usual pictures and polls but it will be well after the fact. I *also* reserve the right to stop if recapping them out-of-season means that not enough people end up reading the things for it to be worth my while doing it. On the other hand, this is how I normally write the show up, so chances are if you’re reading this poll and voting that’s the style you’re here for.


21 thoughts on “An Apprentice Market Research Post

    1. Minxy

      Me too!
      I had been wondering what Monkie would do and if he could cope

      I have no problem reading them a long time after the event – I went back and read read all the early ones after I discovered this place

  1. NotTheRealJoe

    What I would most like to see is summaries like you do for Strictly after the shows or Bake Off. If it’s a great year, recap it in full in February, if not, then maybe do a recap of something else then? Maybe an early series of The Apprentice? Maybe even a cycle of America’s Next Top Model? I would also take a fully screen capped recap of Drag Race, but that might just be me.

    Whatever happens, I’ll be reading.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I was considering doing a classic series of The Apprentice but I just can’t see spending three months writing about a show and then more or less as soon as it finishes turning around and doing the same series AGAIN in MORE DEPTH. There’d be too much struggling to not repeat myself/go on about how I’d changed my mind in retrospect.

  2. Marie

    I went with minicaps. While I love the full Apprentice recaps (I think they may have been what lured me here in the first place), I think I’d get more enjoyment out of reading a minicap every week as the episodes air, with the occasional screencap.

  3. LawrieMarlow

    Is both an option? If so I totally vote for that. I adore your Apprentice recaps, your finest work IMO.

  4. PadsterMo

    I voted minicaps – you have a real flair for picking up details that, without your keen eye for details, would otherwise be missed at the time and not appreciated as much 3 months after the episode originally aired.

    But honestly, we(your readers)’re lucky to have you – so do what works best for you. A little Monkseal is better than no Monkseal – and we don’t want you to collapse under the strain in a manner not seen since Natalie Lowe last had a contender.

    (Also, I read the critique of you on DS. Codswallop.)

    1. Minxy

      Ok you all made me go look for the “critique”
      Author very much reminds me of the “I’ve never had an accident but have seen a few in my rear view mirror” type drivers. Gets attacked EVERY board despite never saying anything offensive or in an offence manner until forced to leave ….
      Hmmm and the common factor being …?

      So I saw a personal attack on Monkie, an attack on my morals and values as a happy reader of this blog, ditto for every other appreciating reader, any opinion differing from theirs is dismissed as irrelevant as obviously being part of a “superior” , bullying and cliquey mindset. Pot, kettle, black -without the saving grace of humour and dignity (well done on your gracious responses Monkie)

      Monkie and many of his followers are members of that forum, some of us are current or past lurkers. Is he really calling EVERYONE there a mentalist? Or merely laughing at the sheer ridiculousness!
      Some of the people there are bloody mentalists – any decent sized group anywhere will have them. The ratio increases the more the obsession. It isn’t rocket science to spot them
      Maybe their insistence in taking offence and identifying as one of the Mentals is a sign of their inner voice trying to wake them up to themselves (waving to the author since they read here).

      We take ourselves with us wherever we go. If you always end up having a bad experience on every forum maybe it is time to get off that high horse and to look at your own responses.

      Well, that is itMonkie, you are officially a celebrity with your own hatahs!

      Keep it up dear boy! You are doinitrite!

    1. stevenperkins

      Oh, because Steve doesn’t have ENOUGH to do already…
      (Just kidding. I’m actually very flattered to think that anyone actually wants me to contribute to the blog more often.)

      1. Minxy

        Course we do! You too are funny and observant

        I just kind of took it for granted that you would contribute -like with GBBO

  5. JJB

    I would wish for both XD if only because if you just do it afterwards, all the fun of seeing which predictions and jokes were way off/completely on point will be dead.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I’m still getting over there being 20 of the buggers. Surely one or two Under The Radar Asians is enough for one series?

      1. Neio

        Hopefully there’ll be a couple of surprise Jenny Celery/Jenny Otherone double firings along the way to cut down the numbers! I can imagine the first few episodes being a nightmare trying to keep track of who’s who.

  6. durnovarian

    Adding my voice to the ‘short but concurrent cap’ please. Maybe with an occasional screencap? If it helps, maybe cut the Strictly one down a bit too? (I know some will regard that as heresy, but apart from the safety-sex-faces I’d be quite happy with significantly fewer screencaps on that one. (That is **not** a criticism by the way! Just me trying to be helpful!)

    PS Proud to be a Mental. x x


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