Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Who’s Going To Win?

This poll has now closed, your votes have been counted and verified and the OFFICIAL ORDER OF FINISHING THIS YEAR AS PREDICTED BY YOU IS :

1st : Natalie & ????
2nd/3rd : Kevin & ???? and Joanne & ????
4th : Iveta & ????
5th : Pasha & ????
6th : Tristan & ????
7th : Anton & ????
8th : Trent & ????
9th : Ola & ????
10th : Brendan & ????
11th : Kristina & ????
12th : Aliona & ????
13th : Karen & ????
14th : Janette & ????
15th : Aljaz & ????

(Good luck!)

18 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 12 – Who’s Going To Win?

  1. Huriye

    I voted for Joanne, as I’m hoping she’ll get Steve. *swoon*
    Would love to see Natalie win too, so hope she doesn’t get Tim Wonacott. Sure he can do Ballroom, yes, but doubtful for Latin. *eek*
    Anyway, I hope we get different finalists from last year. Couldn’t face another Brenda Showdance Flop, it’s too much of a let down……AGAIN!

    1. Laura

      He’s short. I would say there is no way they’re giving him to Natalie, but then this is the team that gave Colin Salmon to Kristina who only came up to his chest…

  2. Martin

    Assuming this is the year of the man, I expect that it’ll be between:

    Natalie (for services to ITT and wedding dances) and
    Iveta (for having two old men and serving her time)

    who will both get male celebs who ‘might’ win (not old, not out of shape, not stupid, with a bit of charisma)

  3. Dancing cake

    I reckon Iveta will be given the “best” male celeb as she’s had two non-contenders (though I LOVED Mark) and I think she’s become really popular. Would love to see Natalie win too. Have a feeling Ola will be given the duffer, so will be out first, and surely Brendan will get Judy Murray – they wouldn’t pass over the chance to put those two strong characters together. Ooh, fight, fight!

  4. Left Feet

    No idea after last year I think all bets are off. Heck it could be Anton, stranger things have happened or it could be a newbie. I’m not one of those who thinks that just because somebody has been there X years that they should win. Also the celebs will only get one shot at this so for me the one I like best to win whoever that is.

  5. Laura

    It all depends on the pairings, but I went for Pasha because the DIRTY RINGAHS are both female and short, so his odds to get one of them are pretty good…

  6. ynysmon

    I have to admit I have not really got my head round twitter yet, so this may not make sense
    Today Janette Manara posted
    “@KRihanoff: My gorgeous girlies…!!” Had fun shooting our little skit today for @bbcstrictly!
    This sound ominously like the comedy VT’s are starting super early this year

    1. Huriye

      Could be the start of series trailer for promos…?

      I was more interested in JoanneFromGrimbsyViaItaly’s Twitter pic of her Sausage, Mash, Long Stemmed Broccoli & Red Cabbage dinner, with a bottle of Red Wine.

  7. Minxy

    I had to vote Jo as she is my home town girl. Also because of sibling rivalry innit? lol. She gets the titles in that pairing. Even tho I am a KFG fan

    But I want it to be Natalie all the way!

    With Ola as shock first boot – with a contender no less! Oh the kerfuffle that would create! Shimmy Jimmy would be ranting forever and a day. No more starfish!


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