Anybody planning on following James’ journey through the bowels of Celebrity Big Brother, keep the following card handy. Mark off every time one of the listed phrases or events happens, and if you get a line of five, shout out “EAT ANOTHER MARS BAR, FATTIE!”. You won’t win any money, but you can rest assured that James earned more of it for sitting on his arse for three weeks humouring a transgender boxing promoter than he ever got putting in months of hard graft on Strictly.


6 thoughts on “JORDAN BINGO!

  1. Huriye

    Even though James is in it, don’t think I can bring myself to watch, and, as you say, how ironic that on Strictly he would’ve got 30 grand per series as a Pro, yet CBB are reputedly paying the transgender former Boxing Promoter £400,000!!!!

  2. Minxy

    Hope you are going to keep us up to date on this

    I can’t watch but would read your high/lowlights
    And will takes shot for everyone I can cross off


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