Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Pro Line-Up Revealed!

Monkseal Blog is proud to be the first to unveil the new pro line-up for Strictly Come Dancing 2014! Ignore that list the BBC are circulating, they don’t know what they’re talking about (*cough cough*EMMA SLATER*cough*). Find out who’s in and who’s out after the cut.

Karen Hauer
Kevin Clifton
Joanne Clifton
Keith Clifton
Judy Clifton
Auntie Barbara Clifton
Granny Clifton
Larry Clifton
Iggy Clifton
Morton Clifton Jr
Ludwig von Clifton
Wendy O Clifton
The Clifton Suspension Bridge
The Little Baby Clifton Currently Growing In Karen’s Womb ZOMG CALL THE DAILY MAIL
Clifto The Superdog


13 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Pro Line-Up Revealed!

  1. Huriye

    Being serious just for one moment (:P) Joanne Clifton would be a great addition to the pro line-up. I did tweet her towards the end of the last series, asking if she was joining, and just got a “Hell, I don’t know!” in reply. So I’m taking that as a yes! 😀

    1. Huriye

      LOL! I wrote that comment before actually reading the news she’s definitely joined! That’ll teach me for going to Monkseal’s Blog first as soon as I log on. 😉

  2. Kate

    Will we have a year of the Cliftons – an all Clifton final then? (Forget the Year of the Wimmin). Wonder why Anya has been axed after only one year? After all, she did get Patrick to the semi final… Seems strange to bin her and keep Janette Maneater, or do she and Aljaz only come as a pair?? And whose transfixatits will we all be hypnotised by now that Artem is out??

    1. monkseal Post author

      I’m sure they’ll inflate us up to a five person final, meaning it’ll be the three Cliftons plus…Tristan and I dunno, Kristina. It’s about her turn isn’t it?

    1. DJ Mikey

      I love Aliona. She’s that special kind of mental, the sort of mental that means another Gavbot Quickstep is always a possibility. But how will we cope without Artem injury porn and woobie face, it’s going to be tough to get through this series.

      KFG and JFG, I’m sensing next year the show’s name will change due to the Clifton takeover. From Grimbsy Coming Dancing, maybe..

      Claudia FTW!!! No more Clifton’s please. Problems have already arisen and I have limited time to figure out whose most deserving of my attention Pasha, Alijaz or Tristan MacManus

      1. DJ Mikey

        After examining my last comment I’ve decided to forever more call JFG (Joanne from Grimsby) Jeff, think about that one..

  3. Elsa

    Ahhh you’ve made me nostalgic for Clifton Webb. He’d be a wonderful replacement for Len! (if only he were still alive). I’m checking back in from o’er the pond because of Tristan but hoping these new Cliftons are worth my while! You guys know how to cast – please send some hints to our pathetic star turn p.o.s.: DWTS-The Derek Show

      1. monkseal Post author

        Bernie Clifton’s such a ringer. We’ve all seen him dance with that ostrich.

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