RuPaul’s Drag Race 6 – Scream Queens

Ten things I enjoyed about this episode

1. Hot Milk : What better way to incorporate the shows Tropical Resort Hotel sponsors than by having the contestants bouncing up and down on top of one another in bikini bottoms and sundresses, as one half each of a Pantomime Cow style bathing beauty? Obviously the highlight (other than Laganja’s LEGZ MAMMMAAAAA, LOOK AT THEM LEGGGGGGGGGS GIRRRRRRRL) was Adore pogo’ing around on Milk’s crotch. I mean…in terms of pornography it’s preferable to Jade Jolie right?

2. Gia Gunn’s IQ : After acting as Group 1’s artillery during the meeting of the two premiere groups by sneering at Darienne’s size and passive aggressively telling every member of Group 2 that they looked…really…nice (*shrug*), Gia spent the rest of the episode proving just why she’s going to be the pointline of the season, pondering out loud what a Delorean was, not knowing why a film set in the 60s might be in black and white, and throughout the main challenge (shoot a short horror film inspired by either the 60s or 80s) clearly not having a clue where the humour was in any of her lines. We’re a long way away from that high pony now, walking the Final Runway wonky-eyed in a Treasure Hunt jumpsuit with balloon-animals for hair.

3. Adore’s “Leadership” : Throwing out the roles at random, not bothering to rehearse, being easily the funniest in the challenge (Her constantly adjusting her wig as she got electrocuted <3), skating to safety, then having a half-hearted “oh boo hoo I’m so sorry for letting everybody DOWWWWWWN” as the rest of them were mangled by the flaming wreckage she left in her unprofessional wake…it was all so amazing. I’ve seen some people say that she should have been in the bottom 2 for failing as a leader, but it’s not as though it was a role she chose to take up, and there were plenty of worse people from Group 1 (…everyone but Ben?) so I’m fine with her being safe to cringe things up another week. Now if you’d said she should have been in the bottom 2 for that hideous hog-bodied mermaid gimp outfit in the Final Runway, then I would agree (Sidebar : Her sighing with relief that she “wasn’t the only Idol Contestant on the show” was amazing, given that I’m fairly sure there are only two drag-queen Idol contestants in the history of the franchise. WHAT ARE THE ODDS, EH?)

4.Joslyn’s Gasp: Milk on the other hand proved an adept leader when he spotted the ingenue potential of Joslyn Fox. She just radiates blank-faced sweetness and light and having her be corrupted by Trinity’s Shirelles channelling Bad Girl was an inspired choice. Her am-dram GASPs were a challenge highlight, even if her overall look was a little porno for a 60s schoolgirl, even on this show. She also got to show off her GASP in a real world context on Untucked, in the random “feel around inside this box of disgusting things” “challenge” as she briefly pondered if what was contained was in fact a vagina. And then threw up. Oh gay men.

5. Trinity’s Beyonce Dreams : Trinity’s “A More Likable Tyra Sanchez” edit continued this week as she revealed her ultimate goal as a drag queen is to have a Vegas Drag Celebrity Impersonators Showcase featuring her as the centrepiece as Beyonce. These dreams were immediately of course shattered by showbiz veteran Bianca Del Rio who snorted that Beyonce is a hard act to pull off (see : Michaels, Kenya) and that Trinity looks more like Sammy Davis Junior in a wig. Some people have started to think that Bianca Del Rio’s acid-tongue is a bit much. Not me though. NOBODY can impersonate the queen.

6. Lena Headey’s Face Who would have thought you could upstage Linda Blair as guest judge in Horror Week? And Lena Headey (star of Game Of Thrones and The Sarah Connor Coracles) did, mostly because I spent the entire time trying to work out how her face worked. It seems like individual facial feature was being operated by its own miniature pulley.

7.Darienne’s Head: Would anyone begrudge Darienne the win this week? Her wide range of gurns as the demonic schoolgirl Head In A Box were spectacular, her Baywatch run when selected early by Milk for the Team Challenge was adorable, her wielding of her Isis wings to mirror her own natural…erm…wings was smart and also one of the few truly complete looks we’ve seen one of the larger queens sport, and her clocking of Ben De La Creme (who apparently is slowing having a forced change-name to Della Creme if the judges are anything to do by) of her biggest rival was dead-on, as was her read of her for trying far far too hard to impress on the Final Runway. I’m not quite at the stage of declaring myself Team Darienne yet, because Lord knows I still remember that dress from last week, but she’s definitely a favourite.

8. Laganja’s Mug : I know Laganja is the last person anybody wants to talk about right now, but I am legitimately OBSESSED with her face and wig from the Main Runway this week. It was so spookily Maggie Smith that I couldn’t stop staring at it, even though notionally speaking other things were happening. Good job girl.

9. April Showers : The use of props in your final presentation is always a mixed bag on this show (once again I think Milk went a step too far with that nose) but April’s umbrella prop, complete with “rain” fringing was a strong look, and really suited being ripped to shreds during the Lip-Sync For Your Life. I loved that April’s response to being told that she’d aimed for butch and landed on “boy” was to rip off all her clothes and reveal her muscular shoulders to the world. At some point you have to take what Michelle Visage is telling you to do, and do the exact opposite. Really it’s the only way to survive.

10. Vivacious’ Points : I’m sad that Vivacious just kind of curled up and died. It must have been hard to have her entire team turn on her and also to have to stand and watch the “edit” of your challenge efforts reel out before the judges in such a transparently negative way, but I could have done with a bit more spunk from her, especially as she was wearing an outfit made out of prongs that were even larger than Milk’s. That lip-sync was a whole lot of flouncing and I’m not surprised she went home. I loved that she represented 90s club kid style, but I wish she’d done longer and stronger.


5 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race 6 – Scream Queens

  1. Robbie

    Do you think Laganja genuinely knew she was channeling Miss Jean Brodie-era Maggie Smith? And what was with her bizarre accent choice during their screen test?

    I’m loving these queens – Bianca Del Rio is brilliant, and also kinda hot as a guy… (just me?)

    1. monkseal Post author

      I doubt it was on purpose but it was SO soft-butch Death On The Nile and I loved it. They should def. do a Death On The Nile theme-challenge at final whatever with Ben as Angela Lansbury, Darienne as Bette Davis, Joslyn as Mia Farrow and Milk as Jane Birkin.

      Bianca’s dimples are a little too turbo-charged for me. He’s cute but those things look riveted in.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I appreciate Phi Phi’s hotness empirically but he’s got those Robert Downey Jr eyes that I’m not compatible with.


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