Strictly Come Dancing 11 Monkies – Preliminary Voting (SSF Edition)

The highlight of the blogging calender returns.

Yes it’s time to begin the arduous process of whittling down the 76 Sex-Faces produced this series down to the DEFINITIVE one. The most erotic and hilarious. The faces have been separated out by contestant, and at this point you’re voting for your favourite by that particular celebrity gurner. Each individual champion face will go on to the final, voting for which begins along with the rest of the Monkie voting next weekend, just as the urge to pick at the leftovers of the series like morning-after cold pizza strikes you. I’m so good to you all, I really am. But for now… SEX-FACE.

Abbey Clancy

Ashley Taylor Dawson

Ben Cohen

Dave Myers

Deborah Meaden

Fiona Fullerton

Mark Benton

Natalie Gumede

Patrick Robinson

Rachel Riley

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Susanna Reid


24 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 11 Monkies – Preliminary Voting (SSF Edition)

  1. Andrea

    Patrick’s face has the exact same bored smile every week. Whereas Anya’s looks like she won a pony every week, culminating in winning a pink glittery unicorn.

  2. camis71

    Anya definitely putting in more effort than Patrick. Not sure what happened in week 3, but they all seem to have stepped up a notch that week…(was that a non-Bruce week? May have some influence over the level of delight…) Some of the pros need reminding of the prestige of the safety-sex face award.

  3. Louise

    I think Anya should get a prize all of her own for that little lot…

    Also, Deborah and Robin are FILTHY!! (and I loved it) 😉

  4. pootle

    Don’t think Patrick is in it to win it. Strange thing with Susanna and Kevin where she gets more rigidly shocked every week and he gets more flaily.
    Obv Deborah for the win.

  5. Laura

    I am actually quite disappointed Mark’s safety sex faces were as poor as they were. I expected comedy gold and got nothing. Iveta clearly doing all the work at that end…

  6. Stormy

    Aw man, Mark’s last face is perfect. “Are you bloody KIDDING ME? My knees are killing me, people! LET ME GO HOME, FFS!”

  7. Jenni the Elephant

    Abbey and Ally-Ash seem quite normal compared to some of them. And picture 3 is SO Sophie’s sex-face. “Is that it then? So you’ve finished, have you? And what about ME!”

  8. seminaranalyse

    I do love the contrast between Rachels face of suprise and Pashas bored of his tits face “Oh shit another week with her.”


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