That Thing That Len Said…THE REVENGE!

It is every year, at around this time, we gather around to remember that fateful day when Len decided to share with the It Takes Two viewing nation that Lisa Snowdon was the greatest female celebrity dancer never to win the glitterball. Oh how we laughed. Oh how we shook our heads. Oh how we threw things. But such blatant “not even the best female celebrity dancer not to win the glitterball IN HER SERIES” untruths aside, it did at least open up the topic to discussion. So, as always, here are your annual polls where you can debate who actually was the best female to never win the glitterball. And, you know, the men too. If you really want to.

One small change this series – as usual, the criteria for inclusion is having scored 36 or above at some point in your series. (Sadly Michael Vaughan’s American Smooth only scored 35, because Bruno Tonioli is randomly stingy at the worst possible times). But frankly, the list of WUZZROBBED female dancers was getting far too long, with three added last series and at least three due to be added this series. As such, entry to the list is now COMPETITIVE. If you’re not in the top 10 for your gender then…you’re out next year. As it is, we say goodbye to both Emma Bunton and Lisa Snowdon both of whom barely scraped 1% of the vote last year and who therefore are being punted off to the back of beyond, never to be seen again. Unless Lisa turns up pished to another final again. And lord knows I hope that one day she does.

(I appreciates this renders the whole “what Len said” angle for this a bit pointless but…only goes to prove just how WRONG he was doesn’t it?)


12 thoughts on “That Thing That Len Said…THE REVENGE!

  1. pootle

    I’ll have to watch this John Barnes 36, because I have him in my mind alongside all the other wooden SPORTSMEN, but clearly he was at least ok.

    1. monkseal Post author

      It’s almost as though the constant bad-feeling in that series has left people nursing grudges on all sides…

    1. stevenperkins

      He got 36 for his charleston. I’d say the qualifying criteria for this poll might need some sort of charleston caveat, but at this rate that might prevent Sophie from qualifying for it.

      1. wulie

        I’ve been a bit lukewarm towards Sophie, but tonight’s Viennese Waltz scored a (well deserved IMO) 36, putting her squarely in the zone.

  2. tabithakitten

    What gets me here (i.e. doesn’t get me at all) is that somebody has bothered to vote for John Barnes and/or Nicky Byrne as the greatest male celeb never to have won and yet nobosy has yet voted for Cherie Lunghi or Dani Harmer who are both quite a bit better than either. Further evidence yet again that females have to be far more than “quite a bit better” than their male counterparts to gain any recognition on Strictly?

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think it’s definitely apparent that the pool of high-quality women not to have won is a bit deeper and stronger than the pool of high-quality men not to have won, yes.


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