Strictly Come Dancing 11 – Week 6 Results Summary

Hands up who basically spent the whole show waiting for Karen and Ola to hurl one another into a duck pond a la Dynasty? Don’t be shy.

Both of our pro-dances this week are themed around a demonic funfair. In the first one, the female pros all lip-sync all ventriloquits dummys and then do some business where they hypnotise the male pros and turn them into stringed puppets. I’m sure it would be quite entertaining if you could see for 5 seconds consistently what the hell going on, the show having conspired to dress everyone in purple and turn all the studio lights deep blue, with everyone festooned in giant ribbons of fabric. The second sees the pros (and a couple of contortionists) play an end-of-the-pier freakshow for special guest stars Madness. A particular highlight is Iveta trying to carry off Dia De Los Muertos style whilst still sporting her bell-end hair from her disco paso.

Backstage gossip, after Tess and Claudia descend on broomsticks, revolves around Ashley playing a serious of hilarious pranks (like hitting people or exploding balloons in their faces) LADZ ON TOUR style, Susanna living up to her role as the HO all over Ben’s chest, and Dave cussing out Danny Baker. Always fun. And yes, THAT floor manager is still there.

Craig happily makes it all the way up to Len’s Glans this week, which focuses on Ben’s Chest (*yawn*), all the judges rubbing it in Craig’s face that they could do the Time Warp and he couldn’t, Brenda mugging at the judges table because Sophie’s jive was pants, a closer look at Natalie hauling in the first 10s of the series, yet another middling dance being undermined via the magic of slow-mo (this time Rachel) and Len whinging about all the illegal lifts he’s noticed and will totally do something when he gets round to it, whatever, he’s got a lot of paperwork to do but he’ll get round to it, probably next week, maybe the week after.

After Sophie and Fiona have a little face-off to argue out who truly was more SHOCKED not to be in the bottom 2, our unlucky pair are revealed. Rachel, coming off a bottom 2 bounce and sat in the middle of the leaderboard, is no real surprise, but Abbey’s appearance, plunging from the 2nd on the leaderboard is quite the shock to the audience (despite everyone predicting this would happen the second her name was revealed as being in the cast). One of them even sounds like she’s riding around on a miniature rollercoaster such are the levels of oohing and ahhing and screaming. Abbey cries about having to kill her poor best friend Rachel, and then promptly does it anyway. IF SHE WAS YOUR REAL FRIEND ABBEY, YOU WOULD HAVE QUIT.

And so it is that Rachel goes out merrily on a decent dance for her, just as I requested last week. AND THE JOHN SERGEANT MEMORIAL PANIC ROLLS ON.


24 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 11 – Week 6 Results Summary

  1. Tom Lawrence (@Meserach)

    I feel like these really ought to be called the Kate Garraway Memorial Panics, even if Sarge did take it to new (and never since seen) heights of absurdity, replete with press conferences and actually withdrawing out of sheer embarrassment and special “goodbye dance” slots.

    Anyhow, Rachel leaving was very much as expected, but I must admit I hadn’t forseen Abbey coming a cropper THIS early. I never expected her to be LIKED, but this result means she must have come bottom or second bottom, right? And it was a perfectly nice rumba too, I thought, I ebven fired it a vote (but then I’m a sucker for a decent rumba). Is the Daily Mail getting a bit “shameless trollop” about her apparent super-mild flirtiness with Aljaz or something, or is it just base level “She’s a WIMMIN and she’s PRETTY plus a bit COMMON how DARE SHE” contempt?

    Blegh. Held a somewhat forlorn hoe that Dave’s extremely boring, not-even-particularly-funny routine this week would have burst his bubble early, but no, looks like we’re getting another few weeks.

    I do vaguely wish the judges would stop producing so many tied scores. Ever since the Tom Chambers Semi-Final Incident and the resultant changes to the resolution of scoring for ties, each additional couple with a tied score effectively reduces the impact of ALL of the judges’ votes. This is because with ties the gap between worst and best dance in points terms narrows, whereas the public vote is basically guaranteed never to tie and thus always has a maximum points differential between top and bottom ranking. Hence each tie reduces the judge’s actual power and makes the competition more of a straight-out popular vote with bottom-two-save thing.

    Such structural concerns aside, I expect Abbey will benefit from a combination of judicial sympathy, bottom two bounce, doing some nice ballroom and Patrick dropping in judges esteem (Is suspect this Quickstep was his peak) to cling on grimly for a few more weeks. But her chances of reaching the final look minimal-to-none.

    Patrick next week, hopefully Fiona the week after (unless she’s bafflingly popular – and really, why?), and then we can talk a proper Shock Elimination.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I mean…the panics date back to Christopher Parker, I just like to use references that the kids will get.

      I don’t see them letting Patrick go that easily. Next week might get interesting.

      1. Tom Lawrence (@Meserach)

        Haha, ah well, /the kids/. Chris Parker dates back to before even my time with Strictly, I can’t imagine what that would have been like in say, the Digital Spy forums (if they or an equivalent hotbed even existed at the time). Was there much fulminating full froth about the PURITY OF DAHNCE and WRECKING THE PROGRAMME when he was doing his Superman-at-six-years-old charge-around-paso thing? I guess there wouldn’t have been a golden age to hark back to at that point, until Saint Jill and (later) Her Holiness Dixon came to show us what the show COULD be. Or something.

        It’d be a mistake for the judges to try and save Patrick by overmarking him; someone ends up losing out in such transactions, even if they tie all their favourites at the top it succeeds only in making the judges irrelevant. If we’re assume (and we do) that Ben, Mark and Dave have rock-solid voting constituencies that will buoy them up for multiple weeks yet at the least, then someone has to be sacrificed to the fires, and that really only leaves Patrick and Fiona at this point. And much as the judges like Patrick, they;d surely drop him like a hot potato if they thought it’d lead to a risk of an Abbey/Natalie bottom two, which could theoretically come as soon as next week (especially if Natalie has a wobble and doesn’t come top, or ties for it on a leaderboard with multiple ties).

      2. monkseal Post author

        I think that Natalie opening the floodgate for 10s might ease out some of the ties happening at the top of the leaderboard and this, combined with Sophie floating back up to the top of the leaderboard in ballroom might result in Patrick v someone beatable like Fiona or Mark. I do think the Dave vote might dissipate as well, given that Karen’s sales-job of him is starting to run out of steam. She had it last week, but it seemed to slip this week, and I don’t know if he’s got Widdy levels of juice still in the tank.

        Or it could be vs Natalie and we can all talk about RACISM again.

    2. DeltaBlues

      Kimberley, Ali and Alesha all hit bottom two and went on to the final so it might not be curtains for Abbey yet (although I suspect we’re looking at a Natalie / Sophie / Ashley final with Abbey going out on an unfortunately-scheduled fast Latin).

      1. monkseal Post author

        Ali did’nae make the final itself – just the final 3. If we’re talking about people who hit the final 2 around this point and still made the final, then Matt Di Angelo would be another good example though.

      2. monkseal Post author

        Have they confirmed that? I still have a happy dream they might revert to the double-elimination at semis format.

    3. Left Feet

      Tom I really your posts!
      For me Dave and Mark votes will soon get in the way of each other and one of them will find themselves in the bottom two. Hopefully it will be Dave.
      Obvously Patrick has already been in the bottom two so I don’t think he has much a vote sadly. The one man who has potential is Ashley and I quite like him, but I can see him being in the bottom two fairly soon because he is not a big personality. Ben God knows what the judges are seeing because I’m just not.
      Of the woman SEB has being pretty dire the last couple of weeks and has not been bottom two, Fiona is very average and not been bottom two so clearly getting votes from somewhere. Susanna Reid also I think is getting a big vote think of Alex Jones a couple of years ago who never hit the bottom two until she went out in the semi and Susanna is a better dancer then her. Natalie will be getting the best dancer votes, can’t see her being anthing but top or maybe second each week.

  2. Huriye

    Zoe Ball was also in the Bottom 2 in series 3. It was then I knew she wouldn’t win, as she did not have the popular vote, even though the Judges clearly favoured her. Why do Craig and particularly Bruno always swoon over the young ‘pretty’ female contestants? Is it faghag in reverse?

    I thought Not So Comedy Dave looked positively suicidal in the website Farewell to Rachel video. I think the rigours and realities of cut throat showbiz have finally hit our innocent Chef from Cumbria full in the face and it’s no longer fun.

    1. monkseal Post author

      To be fair to Zoe, she wasn’t in the bottom 2 to the quarter-finals, although she was so relentlessly top of the leaderboard it would be hard for the truth to be otherwise.

  3. General Hogbuffer

    I’ll be interested to see how much Dave is going to pay for the little spat between Ola and Karen – they have all tried to limit the damage, but I think the knives are out, and the Jordans have an established fanbase…

    1. Left Feet

      Yep I think that may come in to play. Dave votes may transfer to Mark well as a Mark fan I hope so because I think he deserves to dance at Blackpool.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I think these things make far smaller ripples in the wider audience than they do with watchers of the show. It won’t have done Karen any good, but I don’t know if the damage will be irreparable.

  4. tal27

    Why does Natalie clutch her stomach at the end of each dance like she is having contractions? I thought it was her back that was injured?


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