Strictly Come Dancing 11 – Week 4 Results Summary

This is the week when they take advantage of Kristina’s Old Hollywood vibe by sticking her front and centre for a routine inspired by The Great Gatsby but performed to great big HONKING modern music, kind of wrecking the whole vibe. Still, she gets to slosh around in a giant fake martini glass like she’s Dita Von Teese, which for her is basically Christmas, so I can’t hold the whole thing against her.

In backstage news : the hot ginger stage manager is no longer there. Shrug.

Len’s Glans investigates Mark’s slow-mo (in which Iveta’s face does not move, not one solitary inch), making Patrick look useless just as he seems like he might be having a breakthrough, Darcey gawping at Ben’s thighs, Ashley’s armography, everyone waffling on about props and how they’re the hardest thing ever and Bruno once almost lost an eye to a cane in a Thompson Twins video in 1983, and, of course, Bruno falling off his chair. Anybody who went to the Strictly Live Tour will know how it works. And I mean ANY DATE on ANY ITERATION of the tour, because it happened spontaneously every time without fail.

Two performances from guest stars this evening – firstly the second compelling winner of The Voice UK, Andrea Begley, performing a John Lewis version of Dancing In The Dark. It is mostly saved for me by the BLAZING passion of Pasha and Anya, who I will always love together. The second performance is by the currently disintegrating Keane, backed up by Artem and Janette. I’m not the world’s hugest Keane fan, but the improvement in audience reaction to an act doing a song they recognise, in its original version, in tune, compared to the rest of the musical mess we’ve had to put up with this series.

Dance-off? After Robin & Deborah gurn through a safety sex face that is BEYOND the limits of self-parody, we wind up with a bottom 2 of Julien and an utterly distraught Rachel. I’ve not seen someone taking hitting the bottom 2 quite so hard in a long time. Still she’s safe because…it’s Julien. On his third go. He goes home unanimously.

MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL THOUGH, NATALIE LOWE IS BACK! It’s doing the show’s 93rd “WHO STOLE DA GLITTERBALL?!” skit but it’s something, right?


21 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 11 – Week 4 Results Summary

  1. Penny

    I genuinely didn’t recognise Pasha dancing with Anya. It was like an entirely different man, and suddenly I saw what you see in him (or did, before your fickle affections changed to GlassesKevin).

    Normally the whole “my myriad fans didn’t vote for me because they thought I was safe, but they’ll vote like crazy next week” thing is bollocks, but it might just be true for Rachel, surely she’s not that unpopular?

    1. monkseal Post author

      Pasha and Anya are hot together. I liked the playful vibe he had with Katya, but he has mad chemistry with Anya, always has.

      Rachel’s “nice young woman” vote I think had been thoroughly gazzumped by Sophie. They fought for that demo and Rachel has lost by the looks of it.

      1. Pops

        That’s a really good point. I also think she’s the one who still looks the most self-conscious – everyone else is giving it loads, regardless of their actual ability, and she always seems a bit hesitant, which is perfectly understandable, but maybe that’s working against her as well. I thought Ben was heading for this year’s ‘acting class’ VT until last week’s rumba, but maybe they should give it to Rachel instead.

    2. stevenperkins

      I didn’t vote for Rachel as many times as I usually do this week, but only because I used nearly all my online votes trying to keep Mark in. Obviously I am statistically representative of the wider voting public.

    1. Neio

      I don’t feel so bad that Erin didn’t do this series now, knowing that it was because she’s got a baby on the way, rather than that she got the push. I’m still holding out hope that she, and Natalie of course, will be back next series.

  2. Breppo

    Amazing! Some people are shouting julienwazrobbed!
    Amazing! Some people thought sir Bruce was funnier than ever!
    Both groups must have been nibbling the same happy pills.

  3. Neio

    Some people think Julien woz robbed?! He’s been circling the drain since the beginning, and just exhausting to deal with even through the medium of a TV screen. He reminded me of Graham Norton’s character Father Noel Furlong on Father Ted.

    1. monkseal Post author

      It turned out he sat in the training room for most hours out of everyone, which some people find impressive and which I choose not to, except when it’s Zoe Ball and she went MENKLE with it.

  4. dgreeny85

    The Andrea Begley thing is even more annoying because her cover is a direct copy of Ruth Moody’s cover which was released on her 2nd album back in May, and which was altogether less dreary somehow. So she’s not even being original in her total blandness. Zzzzz

  5. Genevieve

    I’ve been watching old pro dances on youtube and saw this salsa from series 4: After I got over my disappointment that Cutler’s not there and it appears to be one of those where they asked some other professional dancers to show us a dance that ballroom dancers don’t do, I decided that the slightly long-haired fellow is one Kevin from Grimsby, he’s on the right near the end. Can anyone confirm?

      1. monkseal Post author

        I don’t really think Strictly DOES rock/alternative pros. Every poo’d themselves when Artem did a routine based on Swan Lake like it was SO OUT THERE.

  6. Genevieve

    It took me three days but I’ve worked out what “damsel in distress shouting ‘KEVIN!'” reminds me of. I remembered it being a slightly nerdy British name, possibly Colin and thus it might be from Spaced; but I’ve got it, it’s that Vic and Bob Renault Clio “The Graduate” spoof advert where Nicole shouts “BOB!” That’s been really getting on my nerves since then. Great fun dance though.


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