Strictly Come Dancing 11 – Week 3 Results Summary

We open with a ballroom routine choreographed by Natalie Lowe. You can tell that it’s choreographed by Natalie Lowe because there’s a lot of people stroking their own faces with the back of their hands. To 80s Whitney. Then Iveta starts to fly and Anton runs around chasing her like she’s about to get trapped in the Kite Eating Tree. Mercifully she survives. Then Tess and Claudia emerge. Claudia is dressed as a penguin. After last week, you can tell she’s already looking forward to never having to wear colours ever again.

In backstage gossip news, Ben takes his shirt off, Pasha and Anya have a touching reunion, Ben takes his shirt off, Bruce lets his frustration with Julien show, Ben takes his shirt off, Craig puckers up, Ben takes his shirt off, Sophie blatantly tries to seduce the hot ginger stage-manager (HANDS OFF), Ben takes his shirt off, Len declares Love Week to be the greatest Theme Week since the last one and until the next one, Ben takes his shirt off. I think that covers everything? That needs covering.

This week’s musical guest is Andrea Bocelli, doing a classical crossover version of “When I Fall In Love” as Aliona flouts around with Aljaz, in a routine she choreographed herself. Given her…comments to the Sunday Mirror, I imagine it’ll be the last time she’s allowed to do that. Ah well, got to appreciate a pro who goes down swinging. Len’s Glans mostly focuses on Dave’s Paso Doble, as you’d expect, but we do find time for Natalie’s very controlled rumba and Sophie’s very…not controlled samba rolls. And Craig getting cream-pied.

After a brief sidetrack for our second-tier contenders to make slightly ham-fisted jabs for promotion (Susanna by pulling the “OH IT’S SUCH A SHAME ANYBODY HAS TO GO HOME!!!” card and Ashley by wondering aloud how he’ll break it to his poor two year old son if daddy gets eliminated), our bottom 2 is Julien and Vanessa. I thought Vanessa would hang around a bit longer, but there we are. She and Julien both dance a little better in the dance-off, Vanessa gets the boot, Julien remembers to commiserate with her, Vanessa and James are gracious in defeat. It’s all a bit of a damp squib really.


8 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 11 – Week 3 Results Summary

  1. Breppo

    It was funny to hear Len harping about Sophie’s controlled samba rolls while the slomo clearly showed they weren’t controlled at all. Or is it just the slomo that gives that impression?
    Without that Len’s Glans was even more pointless and waste of time than usual.

  2. Crunchy Frog

    You can stop pushin’, Allegra: Mummy don’t need no angle no mo, Mummy WON’T forget your ingratitude any time soon.

    Pleased that Janette (and her trained monkey) are through for lots of reasons (see above “You can stop pushin’……” for starters), but most of all for her helpful demonstration (at the end of Saturdays show) of the multifarious ways that you, the public, can save her and the simian from the abyss. Eat your heart out Una Stubbs !

  3. Kate

    I love Claudia as a host but her dresses make me weep. Natonal telly and she comes on looking like that. They may be espensive, they may even look better in real life but who on Gods earth would chose them for TV?
    Tess’s monstrosities are little better, anything too small will do, but at least she goes glam.
    I know it shouldn’t matter but I just have to get it off my chest. Sorry.

    1. monkseal Post author

      At least the dresses for the actual celebrities are better this year (I’m told, I don’t bloody know).


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