The Apprentice World Cup 2013 : The Winner

A winner is revealed within.

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46 thoughts on “The Apprentice World Cup 2013 : The Winner

  1. Ferny

    Oh God Sandhurst Ben is my most-hated contestant I think, even worse than Mr Sophocles and the Hopkins.
    I love these polls – they bring back memories of my favourites, especially in the early years (I feel so old). Ed Hunter with the accountant ..complex…and Rory Laing the awful AWFUL boss who made them take off their jackets. Oh and Simon Smith, the poor nice guy who Claire and Alex… *shudder* Wotherspoon decided to eat for breakfast.

    I know you didn’t like Paul Tulip much, but Syed and him together were brilliant.

    I want dancing Rachel, Ansell and Ruth to triumph overall, especially the Badger. My overiding memory of her is selling second hand cars amazingly and then singing ‘here I go again on my own’ in the car when she was in the final.

    There really will never be a classics like series 2 & 3 again will there? 😦

    1. monkseal Post author

      I know people love Ruth, but Michelle vs Paul vs Syed vs Sharon vs Paul whilst Tuan quietly died in the corner was 95% of the entertainment that series. Such a clusterfuck of humans. It would have been even better if Paul hadn’t been such an AWFUL person though.

  2. Ferny

    “Muesli-munching Guardianista and inventor of a dance that made David Brent look like Darcey Bussell.”
    Hahahaaa that was my all-time favourite cringey moment on TV and I need her to get through to the next round just for that but none but hardcore fans from the beginning will remember her:-(

    I loved the description for Kristina Grimes too…I’m not sure grey is a dark enough colour for her morals though. That lollipop selling scene was amazing.

    The katie Hopkins year really was gold. Jenny Celery…lol…no I didn’t vote for that awful woman.

    Also Adam Hosker ❤ SLOW SLOW SLOW!!! Lohit ❤ Ansell ❤

    Apple Sue will never fail to make me laugh hysterically.

  3. Ferny

    Also I don’t know if you’ve seen this (it’s quite old now)- some are quite amusing. Can’t believe Kristina and Jenny Celery are in business together.
    Also how many business consultancies does the world need really?!

    1. monkseal Post author

      It did *give me pause* as I pulled the name out the hat, but I guess every tournament needs a GROUP OF DEATH.

  4. PadsterMo

    Some tough choices! Whilst there are some groups that I have absolutely no clue about and struggle to pick more than 2 or 3 from, I want most, if not all, of group H. I still think it’s a crying shame that Edna and/or Melody never got the chance to be on the same team as Melissa.

  5. Jenny

    Sorry, I’ve probably screwed up your calculations by not managing to vote for 8 in each category.

    Chucked a vote at Gabrielle because she briefly followed me on Twitter.

    And who can forget Debrabarr!

    1. monkseal Post author

      It’s alright, I think most people are coming in a bit under 8 votes per category, probably because they don’t have my need for completism.

  6. constantmotion

    McQuillan, Pellereau, Disneur, Plummer!
    Bates, Reed, Scribbins, Beresford!
    Ebison, Cleaver, Bjayou, Badger!
    McCullagh, Ma, Gearing, Campbell!
    Eastwood, Tighe, Ankers, Siadatan!
    Hosker, Hitchens, Magee, Beauvallet! (Sorry, Ledgerwood, I do like you, but… you don’t really need my vote.)
    Clarke, Omar, Grimes, Jones! (Seven women and Ben Clarke – NOBODY MENTION SEX.)
    Porter-Exley, Davis, McQueen, Martin!


    I almost abstained from a vote in the seventh category, but eventually decided Grimes was the marginally more interesting of the five.

    Where the devil is Hunter?!

      1. constantmotion

        For shame, voting public. For shame.

        (Actually that is quite good for a first boot, comfortably within the top half, but nonetheless!)

  7. Neio

    How IS Laura Hogg still hanging on? I just remember her as being shrill and rather annoying, and apparently wanting to keep her kid at arm’s length, judging by that bath screen she invented and then denied all responsibility for.

    Are people confusing her with Laura Moore? Because she was a classic Apprentice car crash. Who else could mount a boardroom defence with the words “When I was project manager, it was a complete shambles…”

    1. monkseal Post author

      I also cannot believe that Hogg beat Moore. At least all of the Michaels look like they might finish in more or less the right order.

  8. jbuxtan

    Week 1 of all Stars – Selling Amstrad Phones. Obviously nobody buys them because they are Amstrad phones but after a last minute push by all of the apprentice women bar Lucinda and Susan, driving a passer by and boyfriend of the week into a fit of insanity, the women win it by one sale.
    In the boardroom James gets picked on by Baggs and Chris winds up bringing Tom (Because duh, hes Tom) and Raef into the boardroom only for Stella to be fired mid-reward instead because duh – Its Stella.

  9. Ferny

    I refused to vote in the last one lol (I dislike both) however I will scream if Ruth Badger does not win her round against Nick!

    1. tabithakitten

      I want her to win that section too. However, I didn’t vote for her. Because I didn’t think she needed it and I still quite like Nick. You might want to punch me later. But I don’t think so…

  10. Missfrankiecat

    I guess my two will lose again. But, given Stella’s uncool performance in the IT, maybe, just maybe the glorious growl and ice blue eyes will win this time (I am totally professional in my Internet opinions, of course)


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