Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Final (2) Summary

And so the final limps passively over the line in a flurry of montages, best bits, and highlights reels. A particular highlight comes when we spend a good two or three minutes on the “Strictly Shimmy”, a phenomenon which literally NOT ONE PERSON CARES ABOUT. NOT ONE. NOBODY.

First order of business is dispatching Dani in fourth place, which is done pretty summarily, although Vincent is very sweet about it before they’re swept off into the bin. In the end she really was more of a Louisa than a Rachel. This leaves the Final Three to reprise their own personal highlight of the series – Louis his Charleston, Denise her Charleston and Kimberley mercifully Not Her Charleston. Unlike the Judges Choice round, they are mostly better than their first attempt at the dance, although Denise’s lacks a certain Shemness to it. Still the best Charleston of the series, a matter which I am truly depressed that I have been asked to give more than four seconds of thought to.

As is custom, our eliminated celebrities return to perform a final group dance. Except not really. They sit on some sofas at the the big and occasionally wiggle a bit whilst the professionals do the group dance for them. What a swizz. I wanted to at the very least see Michael’s chopper again. Although even standing at the very you can still see Nicky’s. (A HA HA HA HA HA).

Eventually the winner is declared, begrudgingly, because you can kind of tell the show would just rather continuing airing montages and patting itself on the back forever and of COURSE it’s Louis & Flavia. Flavia starts crying about 50 minutes before the announcement, such is her mental state, bless her. She continues the grand tradition of caring FAR more than her male celebrity partner, who is grateful, but not really all that bothered. They don’t bother announcing who came second or third, and then Bruce tells everyone to piss off.

No really. That’s your ending. McFlea totally should have done another stage invasion.


15 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Final (2) Summary

  1. Carl

    I can’t even remember one dance Louis did this series – well, the zombie tango. That’s about it. I can’t really complain, since I was rooting for Harry, who had the same journey Louis did (except maybe some of the fans who didn’t like Harry now loved Louis). Sad to say I think Aliona actually had better choreography, overall, than Flavia…the bad stuff was worse but the good stuff was better. Louis has a great career, a great attitude, a great work ethic, and it’s nice that he didn’t feel the need to pretend this is a life-changing blast of fun fun fun, but I have to admit that I do enjoy it more when I believe the winner actually enjoyed the experience and might enjoy dancing. That sounds silly, because the show isn’t really about dancing, but there you go.

    Anyway, thanks for all your recaps this series, they’ve been a consistent delight.

  2. DancingBear

    Despite the judges constantly telling us that this is the best Strictly final ever, too close to call, etc. I suspect that anyone with access to the public voting figures knew that barring accidents it was a foregone conclusion from the start. So when the winner was announced the result felt a bit ho-hum.

    In the grand tradition of Erin Island, whenever I saw Louis’s face during any of his dances he seemed to have a far away, detached expression – in his head Louis had left the building.

    I enjoy (most) of SCD, but nowadays I get more fun watching the froth that is ITT and reading this blog and everyone else’s replies too. Many thanks for another highly entertaining season.

  3. Jenny

    Loved Flavia having a full on Ola/Karen/Camilla breakdown.

    Also, the baffled WTF look on Louis’s face when Tess suggested that he could become a professional showdancer.

    And he called Flavia a “teacher-goddess”, which she is.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Oh God, and Bruce saying “ASK THE ROYAL BALLET IF YOU CAN JOIN UP” every 5 seconds. No Bruce, no he can’t.

  4. Kelly

    I didn’t vote at all this year, not because I couldn’t choose between them but because I didn’t care enough about any of them. I think the only dance I’ll remember from this series is Denise’s charleston.

    Bruce was so bad at the end, he gets so militant about what’s meant to happen it ruins it.

    Thanks for your blogs, looking forward to the last couple. They’ve basically kept my interest in the show going this year!

  5. Monaogg

    Fells like the perfect ending to a very flat series. Flat! Didn’t really care who won in the end as the only one I remotely liked of the finalists was woefully under-rehearsed so out at the first hurdle.

    The only redeeming feature of this series has been these blogs.

    Thank you.

  6. Rosita

    Loved Bruce telling everyone to BACK OFF, BACK OFF!!!! That’s the spiritm Brucie, treat them like a pack of snarling wolves trying to steal the glitterball.

    Thanks for all the recaps Monkseal, they truly are a delight.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I swear, that was the moment this year where I’ve considered most strongly that they might just not wait until he dies and try to shuffle him out quietly. I’m sure if you paid Wilnelia enough she’d tell him to. Just as long as you can find something else for him to do of a Saturday Night so she can play bridge without him yelling “LOOK! LOOK! YOU’VE SCORED A TRICK! YOU’LL REMEMBER THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” every 5 seconds.

  7. Deb

    It’s a shame they didn’t even honor Kim and Denise enough to announce that Kim was 2nd and Denise 3rd. What a crock of a show. There was so much obvious manipulation to get Louis that glitterball and it worked yet in the end he didn’t give the appearance of being grateful for it. So sorry that Kim is not able to do the tour to give her and Pasha a chance at winning something. Hope to see her and Pasha dance again in some compacity. Her connection with Pasha and their dances together are the only reason I continued to watch. Would love to see him dancing with her in one of her videos.

    1. Monaogg

      Sorry, but I would have to disagree. Louis was never in any danger of not making the final, where Denise and to a lesser degree Kimberly were definitely the favoured ones.

  8. Missfrankiecat

    Love to know what the bodged together four person final agenda was – rumoured DVO in running for a presenting role and it would be too embarrassing for the Beeb for her not to even make finalist. Whatever – 4 is too many – too many daft videos and not enough dancing.

    1. Kate

      Agree there. For a final with four couples there was very little dancing. We were whipping the kids into a voting frenzy just to try to get a festive momentum going. Flat, flat, flat.

    2. monkseal Post author

      It felt, to me, like “well everyone knows Louis is going to win, but if we throw enough couples at them, we’ll CONFUSE THEM!”.


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