Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Final (Pt 1) Summary

Our Final Four arrive springing out a giant box with their names on them. All the girls are in sparkly gold frock, but sadly, Louis is not, and is wearing the wanky bow-tie that is apparently de rigeur for all male cast members this year. Happily, it is not untied.

Judges Choice: This year, this round has been rebranded “dances we think that you could have done better”, which for a moment suggests that it might not be the orgy of 10s it normally is. A very brief moment. Denise redoes her jive, worse, and gets 39. A nation has a brief heart-attack that Denise didn’t get a St Jill matching score, as has been hyped up ever since that dance was first performed way back in Week 2. This is the only unpredictable thing to happen all show, and it almost makes me fond of Craig (the sole hold-out) again. Also scoring 39 are Kimberley’s Viennese Waltz (slathered with lashings of “YOU’VE BEEN ON A JOURNEY!!!”) and Louis’ Dirty Dancing Dance which at least looks more like a salsa this time, as much as you might wish it wouldn’t. Bringing up the rear is Tracy, whose slightly underbaked tango gets Chambers’d out with a HORRIFICALLY LOW score of 36. This sadly proves to be somewhat of a theme.

Showdances : Ooooh, there it goes. Denise is first up, and spends the entire dance in an unflattering black leotard doing nothing but lifts. And it’s the best showdance of the evening (think on that!). It’s basically Bacofoil Snowdance but done by someone who can actually perform it. Kimberley is probably next best, whose showdance is a Beyonce inspired boring sloppy lift-fest in which she’s wearing a black pantsuit that makes her arse looks huge but (BUT!) there’s a giant hoop that actually BURSTS INTO FLAMES halfway through, so it’s well worth a watch. Louis’ showdance? As much as you’d expect. Unbearably pretentious quasi-balletic shirtlessness, where he does gymnastics on a giant globe. My favourite part is when Flavia just stops the entire dance to do half an Argentine Tango, flicking up the vs at the producers for changing the rules mid-series again.

But the capper of all the crappy showdances is Tracy, dancing a combination of rumba and paso doble to Bohemian Rhapsody (!). It is frankly inexplicable, and Vincent really needs to stop trying to choreograph to his contestants “favourite song” when it’s not suitable for anything other than drunken karaoke.

In summary, probably a good show for Denise (in that she danced well) and Louis (in that he didn’t die), a mixed affair for Kimberley, and a minor disaster for Tracy. With only the “Couples Favourites” and Robbie Williams to go, the result seems a fairly sure bet.

21 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Final (Pt 1) Summary

  1. DancingBear

    DVO’s dancing was energetic but James seemed tired afterwards and didn’t have much to say for himself. I wondered whether he had been ill, or whether this was simply the sight of a man who had worked bloody hard for weeks with a talented partner, and who was now certain that the final prize would elude him.

    Kimberly’s showdance was a bit wild and sloppy, but came off despite this, whereas Dani’s looked either under-rehearsed or the lifts were simply too demanding for her.

    I’d expected Louis’s to be ninety seconds of wild gymnastics, but was pleasantly surprised by Flavia’s coreography, which I thought was nicely understated.

    Brucie rambled more than usual and Tess seemed to have borrowed Zoe Ball’s kitchen foil outfit from Friday night’s ITT. Hideous on both women!

    1. monkseal Post author

      To be fair, I think anybody would have been left exhausted by Denise’ showdance. I think James was doing more heavy lifting than that time he moved Hollins into his new house.

  2. Panda

    May I be the first to offer you a RAPTUROUS standing ovation!
    “LOOK Monkseal they are on their feet-LOOK!!!!”
    Thank you for yet another hilarious season of Strictly summaries.
    It is great work you do!

  3. Pops

    I wanted to like Dani and Vincent’s showdance, as I thought combining the two dances they hadn’t done was a nice idea, but it didn’t quite come off. I thought Kimberly and Pasha’s was a bit manic, but my friend thought it was hysterical – once she stopped crying with laughter and regained the power of speech, she asked what exactly the judges were watching,

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think Denise’s was the only one where I wasn’t laughing throughout, although that may just have been because it reminded me of Robert Webb on Let’s Drag Up Comic Relief. Cause there weren’t nothing funny bout that.

  4. Lucy

    Thank you for all of the fantastic recaps that you’ve done (and will do) for this series! As always, it has been one of the highlights of the year.

    …Okay, onto the actual dances. I agree with you that Denise’s Showdance was, essentially, what Snowdance could have been if Lisa Snowdon could actually dance (also, Forgotten One-Series Pro reference!). I giggled at Dani’s (they stole Erin’s Christmas Paso music! Vincent, how could you?) and hated Louis’ dance for all the reasons you mentioned. Kimberley’s was at least okay, I guess (it certainly wasn’t on par with Alesha or Matt D, but it wasn’t Matt B’s gymnastics or Kara’s dinky glitter pot either, so it could have been worse).

  5. breppo

    Monkseal, you got your wish, Tess looked like my brother’s Christmas tree. Not just the decorations, but also the slightly chubby middle section. But at least Tess displayed the right festive spirit, unlike the other “presenter”.
    I would love to see Vincent choreographing to my favourite song, Suicide by Thin Lizzy. Or doing the Sacro-Iliac by 10CC.
    The showdances were a bit of disappointment. None really stood out.

  6. Jenny

    Joining in the Standing O for Monkseal

    Denise and James gave great Final. The catsuit was awful but her lifts were pretty amazing.
    Kimberley and Pasha: Don’t like that VW dress, it looked like baked salmon and Crazy In Love belongs to Alesha and Matt!
    Louis and Flavia: Loathed the showdance, but they had already done one with the Dirty Dancing dance anyway (ovary-busting).
    Dani and Vincent: What was Vincent thinking? Her physique just didn’t suit the Paso (lobster arms) and the cut to the chorus was horrific…

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think the power and drive stuff in the paso was alright (especially considering that was where she was lacking) but Jesus Christ, Vincent should not have tried to get her to do arm-shaping.

  7. pamminxy

    ah buggrit – the season started with a bang and ended with a whimper!!
    I really didn’t give a flying f who won and for the first time ever (since i started watching) was not interested in the outcome or voting, let alone voting multi times as has been known.
    meh meh meh
    how apathetic was I left by this “best ever” final? DeKnees van Ringah could have won and I could have cared less, tho I was still mighty pissed at the judges declaration of her as their winner to make up for the majority public dislike of her. Some tainted consolation prize that was
    (If Chinberly had let her personality out a little more and earlier maybe I could have been tempted … I never warmed to her more than whenever it was she did her “python dislocating its jaw” impersonation but she went back into bland mode too much).

    I was actually looking forward to seeing the returning rejects dances more than the finalists!! Yes, Johnny, Wafting Fern, Jerry, Sid et al – even the blooody westlifer. All the ones I had totally forgotten and Michael :). I wanted to see their 30 second solos, be reminded of why they left, see which ones actually put some effort into this dance to redeem themselves etc.
    Aaand we got that bloody, whatever it was mess instead.
    I hope the wrap party made it worthwhile the zelebstars and their pro’s turning up, they could have put cardboard cutouts there and saved money on hair and WarDrobe.
    Poor Erin is looking even more as out of place as Anton in the group dances now isn’t she? I hate that I even think that but …

    I didn’t even spot The Man in the Hat 😦

    Oh Michael and Natalie – this final needed you so badly

  8. Poppy

    I seem to be the only one who enjoyed Louis & Flav’s showdance. I loved the gym bits, but felt that the AT bit didn’t really sit well with the barefoot/modern vibe of the rest of it. Kimberley’s was a mess for me, lumpy lifts and quite sloppy. Dani’s wasn’t good, full stop. Denise’s showdance was stonking, and I was enchanted by the grace and ease of her entrances & exits from all those lifts. She managed that superbly well.

    I’ll join in with Panda’s LOOK LOOK they’re all standing up, Monkseal! You’ll remember this for the rest of your life! Thank you, you’ve made me laugh a lot this year, and I’m very grateful.

  9. Kerry McCormack (@KerryMc1978)

    All of the showdances were pretty terrible but I hated Louis’ for the pretentiousness of it. Actually, i’ve not really liked any of Flavia’s choreography this year & I wonder if that is why I’ve not taken to Louis when he was my pre-series favourite (along with Michael, although I knew full well he wouldn’t be great at the dancing).

    I’m going to channel Len and give you a sitting down standing ovation, while wafting my 10 paddle around in an obnoxious manner.

  10. Creepy

    Look, Monkseal, look! Thank them, THANK THEM, look, it’s all for you – THANK THEM!! Methinks somebody needs to sit down with Brucie for a bit of a ‘performance review’ before next year…

    Dani – showdahnce-disaster (although I thought it was a bit painfully obvious from the judges’ comments that they were determined to cast her as this week’s Lisa equivalent and thus get shot of her first – all very ‘nice try, you did… your best…’)

    Chinberley (love it!) – first dance was boring, followed by a sloppy, messy showdance – the tango was her only redeeming feature, and with her posture, flyaway arms and unstable middle I think her being in the final three is not the greatest endorsement of this year’s talent 😦

    Denise – oh if only she didn’t come across as so regrettably odious. By far the best dancer, those lifts in the showdance were stunning and every shape she made was sublime. But shucks, Denise’s gurning plus James’s faux-earnestness and self-righteousness ruined it all. Loveably goofy Kara she ain’t.

    Louis and his Mr Tickle arms – in the words of Brad Pitt – inevitable… Not sure why they savaged him on performance all the way through the series when clearly his pigeon toes needed work too? Also the bit at the start of the showdance where they leap backwards and end up on the floor looked like a mistake to me – I’m sure it wasn’t, but it surely shouldn’t have that effect :S

    However, my moaning aside – huzzah for you Monkseal! You have redeemed it all in one fell swoop 😀 THANK THEM!!!!

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think “pigeon toes” is a bit beyond the level of technical critique that this show is working at these days. If it can’t be solved with a BEEYOOTIFUL NECKLACE, then why bother?


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