Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 11 Performance Summary

It’s officially the semi finals, and on top of that it’s Two Dance Week, so the floodgates have been opened for two things. Tens and babies. Yes, BABY WARZ are all over our semi-finals, as three of our contestants throw their children/nephews/random hanger-on kids at the camera in the VTs in a desperate attempt to get into the final. None of them apparently having noticed just how well this worked for Nicky Westlife in the long run. The only ones without kids in their locker are Dani (who just has a younger sister) and Louis, who has to make do with Aston JLS. Who he probably COULD pretend was his child, but he’s just too honest and REAL for that.

On the lesser matter of the dancing, it’s a rum night, with everybody bar Lisa picking up multiple 10s as we hurtle into the final reckoning. And in terms of the prevailing mood of the show, I’m contrary to it with every individual pair of dances. Well…apart from Louis, but I can’t imagine anybody stating that Louis’ High School themed jive, where he’s flat-footed, jabby, and nearly pulls the entire set down on top of him, is better than his charming (if slightly sea-sick) foxtrot to that Gotye song. Unless they were actually shutting their eyes and pointing, and even then I think their subconscious would guide them in the right direction via second sight. Still, Flavia promises a nude showdance, so there’s that.

With everyone else? I’m vaguely baffled. In fairness it’s understandable with Kimberley, who falls victim to one of Len’s sporadic enforcements of the rules of the American Smooth, whatever they’re supposed to be this week. Fortunately, Pasha’s breaking of the CAST-IRON LAWS OF CHOREOGRAPHY only results in the docking of one mark, and as a result her sexy, sultry routine to Fever scores 39, and this, combined with another Perfect Score for YET ANOTHER OVERMARKED CHARLESTON FFS (*breaths into paper bag*) puts her snugly at the top of the leaderboard. Just behind her is Denise, who starts off with an excellent, hyper-aggressive tango to “Roxanne” (our fourth ever) but then follows it up with a truly RIDICULOUS rumba, with her running around in her night-dress over-acting wildly, and being paid back in kind by James. Whilst it’s the former that gets the higher score (and the loudest audience reaction), it’s the latter which prompts torrents of tears and gasping from all of the show’s staff. To me it just looked like a Hollyoaks tribute to Streetcar Named Desire. And as hilarious as that stands.

Saddest probably is the fact that, having spent the last month or so on tenterhooks eagerly anticipating a Flavia vs Vincent ARGENTINE TANGO FACE-OFF OF DEATH, all the (mostly invented in my head) hype culminates in one fairly indifferent premature Argentine Tango where Vincent has clearly given of his best in terms of his choreography, but Tracy can’t quite match it. Her American Smooth is, to my mind, a much stronger effort, even if it does appear to be being danced on the set of Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Either way she finishes a credible 3rd, behind Denise, but ahead of Louis.

Which just leaves Lisa to bring up the rear, with a joyous MESS of a salsa that climaxes in her skidding around on her arse, being hauled up by Robin, then standing on the spot doing choo-choo arms with Robin for 15 seconds or so. She follows this up with a dry as dirt American Smooth that closes out the show. It feels like a goodbye dance. It probably will be.

25 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 11 Performance Summary

  1. Monaogg

    Ah, the Rumba invigorated by high dose bromide whilst wearing someone’s toga party cast off with a partner in a baggy evening shirt & sewn on bow tie.
    Best bit was the judges convulsed with laughter & Craig being unable to speak.

  2. Poppy

    I think that doing two dances really knocked the quality of the dancing. I do wonder whether they’ve put 4 people in the final because then each finalist doesn’t have to do as many dances as usual. I was rather underwhelmed by last night, apart from Kimbo’s brilliant AS. I thought her Charleston was a bit of a shambles though.

    1. monkseal Post author

      It always does, which is why it’s so silly to have it at the semi-final stage when nigh on everything is obliged to get 10s.

  3. Llwynog

    Lisa’s floor spin was hilarious. But even more hilarious was…
    a) A shot of Holly in the audience, blatantly thinking “A lie down in the middle of a dance. Genius! Wish I’d thought of that.”
    b) The look on Artem’s face that read: “WTF was THAT?”
    c) The split second haughty look of utter disdain on Natalie’s face when the scores came through.

    Highlight for me this week was Kimberly. Think she could be the only one to stop the juggernaut that is Louis and the nation’s ovaries. Dani third. Denise odds on favourite for fourth …

      1. Poppy

        I don’t usually notice the pros’ bitch faces in the Tessanine, but Natalie’s was unavoidable. Superb. We *really* need a screen shot of it.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I couldn’t quite capture Natalie’s nose-wrinkle of a face in a picture. I wish it had been possible.

  4. Left Feet

    Thought that Kimberleys AS was the best dance last night, it was unsual in that it was a sexy AS which is unusual, Cheryl and Nicola were both giveing Len the evil eye when he mentioned the lack of hold! She is lovely though and improving and the rest are rather static.
    I don’t mind males winning no probelm with Ramps, Harry Judd and wanted Austin and Ricky Nipple but Louis bar Lisa is the worst dancer left so I would be a little put out if he won.

  5. Ferny

    I actually really liked both of Denise’s dances – she was my favourite for the first time last night – despite the rhumba being totally OTT…or maybe because? I always like James’ rhumbas though. Kimberley was a very close second for me but as of last week my allegiance has switched from Louis to Kimberley and I’m hoping she can gather enough momentum to win this thing.

    I kind of liked Louis’s jive but…y’know…technique and that. Not that that mattered for Lisa of course – how is it she has had the least criticism out of everyone remaining, if not everyone in the whole show?! So clearly because she’s in Craig’s show…Grrr!

    Kim to win!

  6. Neio

    I must admit, I quite liked Kimberley’s Charleston (and not just because of Pasha’s bum in those jodhpurs. Although of course that helped…), it was fun and ‘Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines’ was a nice, unexpected song choice. It wasn’t as good as Denise’s one at Wembley though.

    1. Poppy

      I wasn’t really paying attention at the start, and I could swear that the faceless intro-voice man said “Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovalev dancing the Waltz”, so I was a bit confused at the start, and thought it was a bit of an odd sort of waltz, and Len wouldn’t like it.

      1. monkseal Post author

        See : a particular picture in the Results Recap that may have been included solely for that reason.

  7. Lollypants

    Denise and James’ rhumba reminded me of a week one SYTYCD attempt at contemporary by a pair of dancers who’s specialty was in hip hop or something. It was just hilarious, so painfully earnest!

  8. Lollypants

    Also, for once I agreed with Len (!); I was fast-forwarding, and missed the VoiceOver to their first dance and thought it was a paso. I have no Holy Spreadsheets to remind me of what’s already been danced! 😉

  9. PadsterMo

    So I guess Robin didn’t actually know that once you pass Week 9 you still have to actually choreograph something and not serve up a rehash of what’s gone before? I like him, and would like to see what he could do with someone like Kara or Alesha rather than continue to get the Latter-Half-Pre-Final-Boot-Emotional-Basket-Cases, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s just not that good a choreographer? I’d hate to lose him though, as he sticks out in the Latin-based pro dances in a good way (unlike Anton, who also sticks out in the Latin-based pro dances for a VERY different reason) and he seems to be a good partner to have if you’re struggling, rather than one who will shout at you and storm off (mentioning no names).

    Kimberley’s AS was the first AS I’ve liked since Kelly Brook’s. The charleston was the best I’ve seen since Chris and Ola – which, coincidentally, was the last charleston I liked.

    Denise’s rhumba was bizarre, and I didn’t really get it. I usually enjoy the rhumbas that James choreographs but this one just didn’t work for me. The tango was much better, even if the song choice led me to draw unfavourable comparisons with Kara’s (I know, different version, but still, same song!). Suspect she’s going bottom 2 anyway – that DaIly MaIL article won’t have helped with the vote – which is a shame as she and Kimberly are the top 2 in my eyes.

    Louis’ jive was rubbish, as was the foxtrot. I really don’t know what the judges see, apart from the olympic medals.

    Bless Dani for trying, but that AT was too hard for her. Her As was much better but, you know, imberley’s was better. Not a good night for the Smurfs!


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