Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 10 Results Summary

We start off with a Mad Hatters Tea Party themed pro-dance. I celebrate watching my 100th reality tv “Mad Hatters Tea Party” performance with a hefty dose of laudanum. Ola is Alice, James is The Mad Hatter (except not the proper Mad Hatter, the bs Claire’s Accessories Johnny Depp Mad Hatter), everyone else is a playing card, the choreography is awful, and all-in-all Natalie Lowe picked a really good week to call in sick. (Erin whined on twitter about being stuck with her hair-do. It was very sweet).

For once, Claudia is dressed worse than Tess. I feel this needs noting. Especially as at this point the “backstage report” has devolved to the stage where it’s just shots of the female pros getting their make-up done, the male pros getting molested by random members of the public, and the celebs all pulling random “ME SO SCARED!” faces. Oh, and Karen Hauer crying, which seems to be a regular occurance these days.

Len’s Glans continues the general trend of the week, by focusing on the amazing fusion Kimberley created in her dance, how long and elegant and expressive Louis’ arms are, how fast and precise Denise’s jive kicks were, how joyful and energetic Lisa’s dance was, and just all-purpose gushing about Dani’s dance as a whole. Nicky? Who? Haven’t we already eliminated him? Yeah, I think he got cut on Wednesday. A pity nobody told him, but communication on this show has always been haphazard. I remember when Hayley Holt! got fired by carrier pigeon.

Our musical guest? Michael Buble, accompanied by Anton & Erin doing their annual Tasteful Dance Of Tastefulness. Maybe one day I’ll forgive him for cheating on Emily Blunt. It will be a while yet though.

And so it is to our Bottom Two, and FINALLY this is the week that the hammer comes down on James & Denise. It’s really a kindness, because they’ve clearly been expecting it every week for at least a month, and if it had never happened then James would never have got to speechify, and we all know how he loves to do that. He tells us all off for calling Denise a professional dancer, brings up the fact that she’s got a kid and therefore it’s HARD FOR HER, and also she works harder than anybody else in the competition and that is a FACT. Denise, despite being a reality tv veteran and judge, does not at any point tell him to stop it. Luckily for her she’s up against Nicky in the dance-off and therefore safe as houses. He’s very gracious upon leaving and ACTUALLY LOOKS AT KAREN.

It’s truly the capper to his Strictly Journey.


39 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 10 Results Summary

  1. Neil K

    Is there anyone who would get saved over Denise? I’m not sure there is.

    Still 2am on a Sunday night is the perfect time to remind you that in my yearly bet against my deputy manager at work, I picked Denise, Louis and Dani against her Kimberley, Nicky and Pendledrama.
    What can I say? I love being right about everything. *smug face*

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think they’re so done with Denise and are going to wring her out dry of drama juice for the next two weeks.

      And yes, yes, you’re very prescient. *glowers*

  2. min

    In Len’s Lens why did Len get all huffy puffy at Craig for saying the exact same thing about Denise getting her foot stuck (I know it was barely mentioned, but she did) in her dress because she kicked too high as he had done in the main show?

    1. Isolde

      Also, congratulations to the costume department. I never thought they’d be able to mend her dress by Sunday night. It’s lucky they’ve got that extra day, isn’t it?

      1. Poppy

        I spent the whole of Denise’s dance off trying to see the big gaping hole in her skirt, and wondering how they’d mended it. I hope they tell us on ITT.

  3. catherinehirst

    Nicky was such an awkward dancer to watch. His posture is horrendous – he looks like he has osteoporosis/a job in Dr Frankenstein’s lab. I’d still rather watch Lisa dance – barely.

    However, if she replaces any one of Louis, Kimberley, Denise, or Dani in the final, I’m going to be pissed off. She isn’t in the same league of any of them. She needs to go next week.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I would laugh and laugh. Then they’d throw 10s at her Showdance, only confirming it as the WORST DANCE GENRE ON STRICTLY.

  4. Minky

    James’s speech was the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen on Strictly. I should have played Desperation Plea Bingo. Working more hours than anyone? CHECK. Slamming the public perception? CHECK. Bringing out the little daughter (aka big guns)? CHECK. (I’m surprised at this point that Denise didn’t pipe up with ‘it’s hard being a WORKING MUM. I’m a WORKING MUM. Us WOKRING MUMS always have guilt.’ If she never sees her daughter, she could of course not have done Strictly with it’s long hours. It’s not like she’s doing it for the money or to further her career..

      1. stevenperkins

        I missed that the first time I watched, so thanks for pointing that out – clearly he learned a thing or two about being a sassy bitch from his best pal Michael…

      2. Embee

        For that comment alone I might have considered forgiving him for ignoring Karen all the time, (but there is no excuse for bad manners so I won’t)

    1. monkseal Post author

      I loved every second, right down to Nicky completely undercutting him afterwards. James going on a rant is always glorious – it’s what made the SARGE QUITS ITT! one of the highlights of the series.

  5. Poppy

    That opening pro-dance really was awful, wasn’t it? I never got over the disappointment of realising that the Mad Hatter wasn’t Ian Waite, but James. I feel a bit bad about being down on Lisa, it’s not her fault she’s been consistently overmarked, but she’s not as good as the others left in, and I’m realising increasingly glumly that we could be watching her showdance in two weeks’ time.

  6. Llwynog

    I actually really like Kimberly, but for the life of me, I can’t work out what was so fabulous about her dance. Plus, don’t know if my eyes were deceiving me, but I’m sure I noticed a slight trip at some point. The tirade of swears I unleashed when the scoring was revealed had my housemates in hysterics. “I haven’t seen a dance so ridiculously overmarked since Lisa Snow …” I began, until I remembered last year’s semi and shut up.

    Dani was *the* highlight for me. But then Charleston/Quickstep was far, far too obvious. Would rather she had been given something mad … like Nicky’s AS/Samba (bizarre!). Gosh, anyone would think that the Producers *wanted* rid of him. CONSPIRACY DRAMA!

    Louis should have been amazing. Probably was … all I could see was his massive wingspan, with comedy clown hands on each end.

    I see Denise has been all over DS blaming Chris Evans – that well-known dance critic – for her fall from grace. Apart from the spoiler thread, avoided the DS forum completely on Saturday night lest the build up of bile and jelus hatehry caused cancer of the eyeballs.

    1. Carl

      I’d guess Kimberley still doesn’t have the votes and they are trying to make sure she at least gets to the final 4.

  7. Carl

    So the papers are claiming Karen Hauer told Denise she is “all jazz hands, teeth, and no substance.” I don’t know if I believe anyone talks like that in real life, but I’d pay to see them play it out.

    Is this James outburst worse than the yelling off the balcony one last year? I still can’t get that out of my head.

    I thought that they were scoring Lisa high and trashing Nicky as a clever plan to get rid of her, but now people are saying that she’s in Craig’s show, so maybe not.

    Every year it’s supposed to be different yet we always end up with Craig the panto meanie and James being a twit.

    1. Carl

      The Karen/Denise spat was denied by Denise and James. Damn. If they had that on Glee or Smash I’d actually watch those shows.

  8. seminaranalyse

    I think Denise is the basically opposite of Craig Kelly. I always thought how the opposite of “It was better in rehersals” would be. Denise showed me.
    Loved Nickys and Karens Comment to james utterly ridicolous speech

    1. monkseal Post author

      Does this mean she hates Blackpool? Is that why they’re not going there this year? OMG RIGGED 4 DENISE etc etc.

  9. Left Feet

    So its Louis v’s the girls which I guess most people thought it might be even in October, I actually think at this stage only Denise can’t win, suspect that Lisa support will blow out and that it will be Louis against either Dani or Kimberley. As the only male left he’ll probably take it but I do think that both Dani and Kimberley are gaining support.
    Wonder if Karen Hauer will return or if she will be a one season wonder, like HAYLEY HOLT or Jarhead, I sort of hope they give her a second series. Don’t think that Nicky Byrne was the easiest to train and maybe she would do better with somebody else. They did make the quarters which in the scheme of things is not that bad.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think she’ll be back. The only One Series Wonder to get comparatively far was Slothy with Will Thorp, and Karen’s shown far more personality.

  10. Pops

    There was a Guardian blog assessing the chances of the last six, and one of the commenters wrote that he wouldn’t vote for James Jordan “even if he was partnered with my own mother”, which I can kind of relate to. I thought he’d have learned his lesson from all those shock boots that the correct response to being in the bottom two is “Obviously, we didn’t want to be here, but everyone’s upped their games and we were in the danger zone on the leaderboard yada yada yada.” I can’t get too worked up about Denise being a ringer because Strictly can never be a level playing field, but as soon as he starts whinging on, I want to point out, (as mentioned in one of your polls) that she actually judged other people’s dancing on a BBC talent show, which I’m guessing isn’t the response he was going for.

    1. Jam

      The other problem with James’s speech was that it wasn’t really a shock!unjustified dance off appearance. It would be slightly more forgivable to be uppity if they had dropped from the top or second from top of the leaderboard, but they were third from bottom. I guess he just didn’t want to waste the specch which he’s obviously had written and ready for the last 4 weeks.

      1. Left Feet

        In a way a do sort of see where he is coming from Denise is not a trained ballroom dancer despite all the “ringah” jokes and the assumption she is has ruined their chances. Everything left in is a performer of some description but not a dancer. Sadly people do get this wrong so many times the differience between performers and real dancers (the pros) and I say this as not a fan of Denise.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I don’t think James ever does anything with any particular response in mind, to be fair. I think he just HAS TO BE HEARD.

  11. Trundles

    Thank you, I’d missed Erin moaning about Natalie’s hair-do. However, my favourite quote from her this week is still from last Thursday’s ITT: Erin admits to Zoe, “I didn’t really try last year, I’ve got to honest.” (Yes, ok, sorry, she was actually talking about the Botafogo challenge rather than visiting her island during the main show with Rory).

    1. monkseal Post author

      And she’s winning (until Vincent/Flavia come along and smush her, as they keep on foreshadowing after every flipping segment).

  12. PadsterMo

    That opening pro-dance was easily the weirdest, most disturbing and altogether most creepy routine since the Goldilocks-themed Pervert’s Paradise Performance when Bruce and Lance leched at Ola a few series ago. Plus, ever since X Factor did the Alice In Wonderland themed Oh So Quiet thing a year ago I didn’t really need to see it again.

    I fail to see the appeal of Michael Bubbles – yes, he can carry a tune, but I don’t see the appeal.

    Len’s Lens is a pointless bit of crap, and should be relegated to ITT. Bring back the drinks and nibbles and backstage chat instead!

    I’m assuming Lisa will go next week, yes? Which, if my theory of how the public vote is going, will see Kimberly and Dani top the leader board to keep them out of the reach of the bottom 2, with Denise and Louis mid-table because there’s no way Lisa would beat either of them in the dance off, and Lisa at the bottom, thereby pretty much guaranteeing she goes home…………..

    And why is it that the second they’re guaranteed to go home the celebrity does/says something to make me like them? First Pendledrama clearly not giving a fig any more, and now Nicky and his sarcasm. If he’d shown that side a bit earlier it could have been very different…….


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