Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 10 Performance Summary

So I hoped you all braced yourselves for the show’s attempts to make “Fusion Week” happen, as they hauled out high drama, the most ridiculously OTT stage sets yet, and more 10s than three Christmas Specials combined.

Opening up the show iss Denise, reprising her 50s style jive from Week 2, with a bit of quickstep thrown in there for good measure. Nobody can say that she doesn’t know what her best side is, I guess. Unfortunately for her, her run of jinxed dances continues, as she gets her heel caught in her dress mid-dance, and never really recovered. And not a Jill Halfpenny style snag and then smooth removal either – she rips a great big hole in the thing, as she is only too happy to demonstrate to Bruce, the camera, and several people passing by outside Television Centre. Repeatedly. Louis & Flavia also make a credible but flawed attempt at their fusion, an overwrought yet odd mix of rumba and tango performed to U2 on the set of a 90s softcore porn set, complete with GIANT FLASHING PHALLIC EROTIC LIGHTHOUSE in the background. Louis makes a good fist at portraying the emotions, and capturing the elegance of the rumba, but a poor job of making his GIANT HANDS look like anything other than the baseball gloves that they are. I’m surprised that Craig didn’t add an extra verse to his Spatulistic Song.

Nicky meanwhile is stuck with the hardest combination by far : samba plus American Smooth style foxtrot, the oddly inappropriate staging of Brighton Beach, Olly Murs, and a hostile judging panel and unfortunately, for all his hard work and determination to swim against the tide of this week, makes a bit of a hash of things. If I’d been asked to guess what genres his routine was fusing I would have said tango and salsambcha, it’s that confused. Craig openly tells him that he’s going home, and everyone else vaguely boggles at the inapropriateness of this. Tracy on the other hand is given the easiest combination – quickstep and Charleston, and does very little interesting or dynamic with it. She of course, gets 10s, which are even more scripted than Louis’ were last week, and even less warranted.

The most stark contrast of the night though, is between the two contestants performing the cha-cha/tango combination. In that Kimberley Walsh turns out a gaymazing girlband performance piece to “It’s Raining Men” (!), pouting and wiggling up a storm as she switches constantly and organically from one genre to the other. And Lisa Riley does one dance after the other, badly, with a great big clunk, as Robin decides to do pretty much everything predictable and lazy with the concept of “Fusion Week” that you could possibly cram into one routine. There’s even a mid-routine costume change for God’s sake.

And so that was Fusion Week. Given that more 10s were given out in this one show than in the rest of the series so far combined, I feel it may be back.


46 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 10 Performance Summary

  1. Minky

    I love Denise’s rictus ‘IT’S SHOWBIZ!!!’ smile every split second she realises a camera is nearby. The best one was during Dani’s standing ovation. Camera panned to Denise, James, Kimberley and Pasha clapping. While the other three were focused on applauding Dani & Vincent,there was a flash of needy panic in Denise’s eyes (‘how come the Beaker Bitch gets more adoration than me?’). Then she spotted the camera … Bless. .

    1. monkseal Post author

      It always seems to be either Denise grinning like a mad or Louis looking bored. Tracy’s often at the edge applauding or crying as well.

  2. FOOF

    I pretty much agree with everything you have said here Monkseal! 🙂
    For my part, I loved fusion week – hope it stays actually.
    Absolutely adored Kim tonight, I knew she was gonna top the leaderboard even before she had finished dancing. It was the wow dance I’ve been waiting for from her. She and Pash completely deserved their tens…unlike some… ahem. SURPRISED MYSELF AT HOW MUCH I LOVED IT AND NOW I CAN’T STOP BLOODY WATCHING IT lol.

      1. monkseal Post author

        When I’m nice about Kimberley I get a biscuit ; when I’m not nice about Kimberley I get a whap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. I feel like I’m a puppy and I’m being house-trained. In the nicest possible way, obviously!

  3. Missfrankiecat

    I liked Kim’s fusion but I didn’t love it – that lift looked so awkward to me I really thought he was going to drop her and she was going to fall over as she came out of it. Vincent has the easiest fusion to choreograph but I enjoyed the result and I thought they were the most synchronised couple in performance. I enjoyed Louis and Flavian too – pretty much a first for a male rumba. Spatulastic hands aside, his enormous arm span created a huge space to showcase Flavia and I thought she really let rip and was totally fabulous.

    1. Minky

      Yep I agree with you on all those points. Kimberley’s dance was great but for me it was a lot more of the same from her. I liked Dani’s best.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I can’t decide if I liked or disliked the fact that Flavia basically just stuck two fingers up to Fusion Week and did a rumba with a tiny smear of tango on the end. Given that Fusion Week was a load of balls conceptually, probably the first one.

    3. FOOF

      Louis and FLAVIAN 😀
      Now, when I think of Louis I think of Mr Tickle. His arms are beyond anything I have ever seen on a human.

  4. Kelly

    Fushion was better than I thought it would be, but I still only found 50% of the dances of any interest.

    Kimberley was good, but it was not a 40 dance IMO. Felt the same re Chelsee’s paso last year. Indicator that she may not be getting the public vote? I preferred Dani’s fushion.

    Denise…I loved the material of doom to look at, her dress was my favourite – shame about the hole. I sort of understand why she kept pointing it out, because I know that’s the way I sometimes react to stuff. I think she messed up at the end as well – it looked like she added an extra spin (denise spinning?!).

    Lisa…has any other contestant with actual potential failed to improve to such a degree? I can’t think of anyone, the others who barely progress are usually hampered by their two left feet. Robin has some responsibility but ultimately it seems she’s not that interested in using the technique.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Laila (very) arguably could have been good but never really delivered on it. (I’m just saying that so she can sass me again like she did on twitter if she trawls the Internet for her name again. I’ve never felt more pleased to be bitch-slapped).

  5. Kelly

    In conclusion,the best dance of the night was Harry and Chelsee’son the McFly Show. Conclusive proof last year was better!

    1. jspanero

      I’ve seen this on YT and for two non-professionals it looks fantastic and they have great chemistry. Has Chelsee been keeping up with her dance lessons? She most definitely should!

  6. Left Feet

    Craig was particulary vile to Nicky last night, I don’t even like him (Nicky) that is but that was uncalled for. I even prefer Len this year.
    Kimbers really pulled out a Hell yeah dance out of the bag and I loved her reactions afterwards. Also loved Dani even though I accept that this Fusion worked well. I think that they have both improved the most. Shame that I was back to being unexicted about Louis after last weeks breakthough it was back to brick personality again Flavia tried her best but there was zero connection between them in my view as I said I really don’t think he has improved that much. I am sort of hoping that he does a Harry (Quickstep) and does an amazing dance which I will love.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Dani I think has had a Goughy Journey. Had a crap first dance but everything after that’s been fine. It’s only really been her Viennese Waltz and Jive that have blown me away (/Craig). OTOH I think being in the Bottom 2 was the making of Kimberley in a way it’s been for very few other contestants.

  7. Pops

    I really enjoyed fusion week, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I thought Kimberley was great, I liked Dani and Vincent a lot, even though it was more like a charleston fused with a charleston, and thought Louis and Flavia did a good job with a weird routine. (To quote Zoe on ITT: “If you think the rumba and tango are a weird combo, wait until you hear what they’re dancing to.”) Did I mishear or did Len basically tell Denise it was her own fault if she got her heel caught because her kicks were too high?

  8. Poppy

    I, too, enjoyed the fusions and wouldn’t mind if they were back next year with the proviso that anyone who suggests ruining an innocent dance by sticking a blahddy samba on to it is sent to be re-educated on Erin Island. I loved V&D’s Charleston/QS, liked Kimbo’s thingy well enough but felt a bit bemused by the rapture it provoked, and found myself wondering how the judges managed to miss Lisa shuffling about by the stage having forgotten her steps for a full 4 bars (except Len, who didn’t seem think it mattered much).

  9. Jenny

    Nice of Flavia to give us a preview of her next West End dance extravaganza, a musical based on Friends called Ross & Rachel: Midnight Rumba.

    Me (and my ovaries) loved it.

  10. Monaogg

    2 bad, 2 hmm and 2 great.
    Poor NIcky looked like they were dancing a frantic AT rather than a Samba/AS combo.
    Lisa did the car wash all over again so nothing new.
    Denise & the dress, shame the Elton John suit fabric caught in her heel.
    Louis – why is it no matter what dance he does all I see are his gorilla length arms and huge hands.
    Kimberly – personality at last.
    Dani & Vincent got the best fusion combo.

      1. FOOF

        Amen!! Louis does have extremely long arms, its like they have been stretched and his hands are like shovels – very distracting to watch actually.

      2. Nikita

        Diane – it’s never a good idea to compare a black person to a monkey. Ever. You can point out how long his arms are without needing to make that comparison. I’m sure it wasn’t meant maliciously, but just don’t do it.

      3. Monaogg

        Gorillas are awesome animals. However they are the only animal I could think of that matched proportionally.

        I am very sorry to say that the racism tag is bandied about too quickly and diminishes us all by diluting true and vile racism in the process.

    1. diane

      and I did not ever compare him to a gorilla just pointed out that the comment was made by someone else in comparison to a gorilla and shame on those who even thought that racism was even relevant at all.

  11. PadsterMo

    Why didn’t they just call it ‘Showdance Week’ and be done with it? Kimberly’s reminded me very strongly of Alesha’s – which is high praise from me – but I did think she was came out of the lift slightly unsteadily. Still, seeing as Dani had gotten 38, the judge;s didn’t have much room with the scores so I’m not surprised it got 40. Nice to see a bit of personality too!

    Vincent and Flavia were great as well, – whilst I hate the Charleston I can’t deny that they put on a good show.

    I love it when Flavia gets to think outside the box choreographically and really gets it right – just a shame the performance didn’t match up to the potential. Ditto James and Denise – I think thre was one spin too many in there?

    Nicky and Lisa can go home please..

    1. monkseal Post author

      Denise would have spun off into the audience if they’d let her. It was the same on the Results Show. She’s OUT OF CONTROL.

  12. Stormy

    Considering how much they pussyfooted around Lisa’s horrendous mess, the treatment of Nicky was utterly ridiculous. It wasn’t the greatest, but holy hell, how are you supposed to blend American Smooth and Samba?? If you saw the Friday panel, you’ll notice Mark Ballas was equally baffled by some of the combinations. I’m kind of glad he wasn’t too nice to come out and say so.

    Honestly, I want them to just go back to a regular series. No Wembley, no fusion, no Hollywood Week, nothing. Maybe a return to Blackpool, but that’s it.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Poor Iveta. Aliona and Ola both seem to not like what she did with their celebs whilst they were away, so I doubt we’ll be seeing her ever again.

  13. FOOF

    Monkseal you naughty dog, I hope you don’t mean I have been whapping your nose or feeding you biscuits re Kimberley? I assume you are referring to the collective?
    I don’t actually think shes all that so… *shrug*… now Pash on the other hand… did love that fusion though. Thought it were fabby 🙂


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