Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 8 Results Summary

Well everyone who ever wondered what Erin Boag would look like street-dancing got their answer this week, as all of the female pros were joined by members of Britain’s Got Talent 8th placers Flawless for a very special tribute to Michael Jackson. I’m not entirely sure why, apart from as some sort of attempt to inspire Louis to try to match up to their performance levels. Incidentally, we find out he’s got Charleston next week. That should…settle things either way I think.

Additionally, anyone wondering what Claudia would look like as a hotel maid from the 1950s also have their answer, as that’s what she’s come dressed as. Now…do what you want with that image and feel free to never tell me about it. She is handily overshadowed however by Tess, who has expanded her bunny-girl outfit of two weeks ago into a whole way of living. Neither of them are on backstage snooping duties however, as that role has been passed off to Brenda, who mostly uses it as an excuse to flirt with middle-aged women and try to flog them tickets for his tour, as the PRODUCERS ARE TOO MEAN TO LET HIM DO IT ON IT TAKES TWO, THE BASTARDS. Victoria? Training? Rehearsal? What?

Len’s Lens features an hilarious shot of Len walking, more prodding of Louis to get on with her Performance Journey Arc already because the judges are getting bored, Nicky’s Charleston gurning, a needless revisiting of the CLASSIC STRICTLY MOMENT when Craig implied that Kimberley had thumbed Pasha’s anus mid-dance, Bruno doing the Single Ladies dance and an EXPLANATION TO THE GREATEST STRICTLY MYSTERY OF ALL TIME – WHY WERE BRUNO AND LEN LAUGHING AT LISA’S RUMBA MARKS? Sadly it is not the explanation I was expecting – that being that Darcey had just farted. What? It would have humanised her!

This week’s special guests? The Script. Mmm hmmm.

And so to our elimination, but not before a whole avalanche of psychologically fascinating reactions from our contestants, from Louis’ disinterest to Kimberley’s ecstacy via Denise creeping ever closer to the edge as she continues to expect a SHOCK BOTTOM TWO PLACEMENT that won’t and almost certainly can’t come, mathematically speaking. Of the rest, Lisa continues to cast baleful looks at the judges table, and Tracy weeps into her hankie about how she wishes everybody could be saved every week, because everyone is like everyone’s mum and the loveliest person she has ever met etc etc.

This of course leaves a relieved Victoria and a saddened Michael in the bottom 2 with the end-result being that we all bear witness to the sad, but probably necessary end of PENDLEDRAMA. She, of course, goes out crying to the last beat of the theme tune. Never change, you Olympic lunatic.


17 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 8 Results Summary

  1. Stormy

    I have never laughed so hard at a celebrity going out. Especially the painfully plastered-on smile Brendan had, presumably to keep himself from shouting “THANK CHRIST!” at not having to drag that weeping mess around the floor anymore. Combine that with Victoria giggling, then crying, then giggling, then crying, then giggling again, and I was nearly on the floor hyperventilating.

    1. catherinehirst

      My favourite bits during her elimination were Craig rolling his eyes when she gasped out “It’s just a shame I can’t dance!” and Natalie’s bitchface when Victoria did the heart-hands thing in a complete circle to the audience. All in all, very satisfying and a long time coming.

  2. Marquis of Caribas

    On a different note did we see rather more of Karen than we needed to in the last few moves of their dance – those indecent blue knicker flashing shots? Monk seal you said Natalie’s pants were so precarious as to be nearly obscene last week and we (and Natalie no doubt) thank you for sparing us that photo.

    However that didn’t stop the SCD folks from using similar indelicate shots to epitomise and replay Nicky and Karens charleston.

    On a different note don’t you think Natalie’s new hair do is fierce! The fringe must have been prompted by the monk seal tousled photo of her with her hair awry “behind the bins” at Wembley. I swear you are driving this show from behind the scenes!

    1. monkseal Post author

      Natalie’s pants were quite literally disappearing up her bumhole. Karen’s loose crotch has nothing on it.

      And yes, that fringe was a thing of beauty indeed. On Natalie. Her hair. On her head. Never mind.

  3. Llwynog

    Natalie’s fringe is EPICMAZING! I also noticed (saddo that I am) something very familiar about her AT dress. Cue an hour of scrolling through last series’ recaps and an “AHA!” when I spot Aliona wearing something very similar in her AT with Harry. This year’s version has had bits cut out around the midriff though. I like to think this has something to do with Aliona using it to hide her secret store of custard, and Natalie being forced to resort to physical violence to get it off her …

  4. ooh

    Odd week, really. Victoria managed to almost attempt to look ‘sad’ at leaving. Wonder if she’s off to buy Brenda a Christmas card?
    Also I am starting to overidentify with Zoe from last week with her desperate clawing at Ian on her birthday and the smooth way he almost won ‘Pointless’.

  5. hermione

    was it just me or did claudia look like she was going to cry when victoria left? i always think of claudia as faintly more rational/ openly mocking an contemptous via florid compliments so i didn’t know how to explain this?

    1. monkseal Post author

      Claudia’s always been soft. She can undercut a moment nicely when she wants to, but she’s dead soppy at heart. I choose to believe.


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