Hey Remember That Time That Len Said That Thing…Again?


Yes, it’s that time of the series again. When we all remember when Len said that Lisa Snowdon was the best female celebrity never to win the show and then we all laughed and clapped and threw shoes at our televisions, and vowed that we would all gather on this spot around the same time every year to MOCK.HIM.

Series 9 has added a whole 3 celebrities onto our lists of the greatest Strictly runners-up of all time, and that’s only a little bit because of inflated scoring and that. Hey, Holly Valance got a 38 once. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. DEBATE (AND VOTE) AWAY!


7 thoughts on “Hey Remember That Time That Len Said That Thing…Again?

  1. Left Feet

    For the women I’ll probably say Zoe Ball her average is still in the top ten and she produced dances which are still remembered like her Tango and Samba. Probably Rachel Stevens as well despite the dullness. Men Ricky Whittle (dull yes but anything is better then the dancing goblin) and Austin Healey, Series 6 despite its stong topend talent really had a damp squib of an ending and I don’t really mind smug vicar Tom Chambers these days.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I have to say, both Donovan and Judd appearing in that “Top 10 of 10s” bit on It Takes Two almost made me retroactively sympathetic towards the Vicar’s whining for months on end about never getting one. Almost. He deserved more than effing DONOVAN at least.

  2. Rad

    Zoe – with Rachel and Chelsee close behind. Men: Austin/Ricky tie. Although ITT tonight would say Ricky, Rachel and Lisa…. HA HA HA

    Also: John Barnes is up there?

    1. monkseal Post author

      It’s done based on the 10 celebs of each gender with the highest “highest scores”. John Barnes got 36 for his salsa, so he’s in. The women have more, because there’s a few tied at the bottom. Although I may just leave it as everyone who ever scored 36+ in future, because it feels like a natural cut-off.

  3. Carl

    I liked Chelsee a lot but thought her dancing was too inhibited over time to make her one of the best. I went with Denise, and Colin, although I was very tempted to vote for Matt di Angelo, as I think his nerves and overly complicated choreography were what obscured his talent at times. When he was good, he was amazing.

  4. Lilopossum

    Austin wuz ROBBED!! Hundreds of stubborn (deluded?) women will still be yelling this mantra come series 20…
    Myself included 😉


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