Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 7 Results Summary

We’re still at Wembley for our results show this week…well, Bruce isn’t, because he jumped in his limo the second the feathers settled from the tiller girls costumes after Michael’s American Smooth. But hey, Claudia’s not busy off being a bridesmaid at one of her best friend’s weddings or anything, so she’s still drafted in to keep things ticking over.

The show opens with a tribute to the 1950s, with lots of ice-cream parlour and bobby-sox action. Of course it’s not long before we get the authentic sound of that true 50s masterpiece – Grease. Then the judges arrive and ram into one another in bumper cars. Well…Len and Bruno do. That’d be far too much fun for Darcey, who just kind of walks through everything like a particularly anaemic Sandra Dee whilst Craig forlornly mans his kiss booth with no custom. I’m sure it’s a very accurate portrayal of what life was like in the 50s.

Nobody appears to be on backstage snooping duty this week, which means we just get the opinions of CIVILIANS and who wants to listen to those? At least most of them seem to restrain themselves from just shouting the name of whatever male celebrity it is they fancy most down the camera whilst touching themselves. Most of them. Makes a change. Also Louis does an Irish accent, Pasha gets lost backstage and it is ADORABLE, and there’s a sexy ginger floor manager. I still miss Claudia interacting with them all though. Ah well.

Len’s Lens focuses partly on stuff from the Results Show, because that’s how lean the show was this week. Also Denise’s flaps, and the slow gradual discovery that everything amazing about Michael Vaughan’s American Smooth was mostly to do with Natalie Lowe. But, you know, still an iconic Strictly moment for the ages I’m sure you’ll agree.

Celebrity guests? It’s a face-off between gay icons from different decades, as Girls Aloud face off against Kylie. Kylie probably wins, partly because she’s doing a classic single and not a new one ; partly because of the AMAZING LEGS on her male backing dancers ; and partly because Girls Aloud let Sarah Harding sing. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN?

The bottom 2? Well, after letting Kimberley sweat it out for an unseemly amount of time for drama, it appears the gynocracy has reasserted its control over Strictly, as it’s Richard and Nicky facing off for the Wembley crowd. Nicky seems to think this is a shock on par with Kimberley being in the Bottom 2 bless him. Of course he still despatches Richard handily, after one final horrifically sung trip to Erin Island. The highlight of the whole affair? Victoria squealing “IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE DANCE OFF!”.



28 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 7 Results Summary

  1. seminaranalyse

    I think Sarah Harding is better as a singer then Cheryl and Kimberly. (but she often loses the key when shes live)

      1. Dee

        Louis Walsh definitely thinks so. There’s this hilarious interview with him in the Guardian where he says the other girls hated him after he straight up told them Nadine should be the lead because she’s the best singer.

      2. monkseal Post author

        Didn’t Louis basically force Nadine on the show after she was too young to win Popstars : Ireland or whatever? Louis Walsh – champion stirrer.

  2. catherinehirst

    Well, she’s right. It should have been her. And I’m extremely annoyed that I’ve no got to the point if bring all humourless (this always happens mid-season when they’ve got rid of all the obvious shit dancers and the public vote really starts to be felt) and dour about it, but SERIOUSLY. The girl cannot dance, and you could give her a million hours of practise and she STILL won’t be able to dance.

    PsS. I quite liked Lisa’s routine, and enjoyed Flavia’s mash up of I Got a Woman (Ray Charles) and God Digger (which samples I Got a Woman).

  3. hermione

    not sure if it’s just me who isn’t won over by michael at this point? the truth is i can’t say i’m really rooting for, or invested in any celebs this year- even when i really try to care! i felt a bit sorry for colin, but it’s not the same. sod it, can i just split the love between natalie (for sheer fierceness) and pasha (for being a cut above, compared to most of the male pros). i’m for team pashalie (yes, yes, i know it doesn’t work, i can dream…)

  4. FOOF

    Kimberley and Nicky left til the end? ‘No particular order’ my arse!!! Victoria ‘me me me’ Pendleton will no doubt outlast Lisa, Nicky AND Kimbers because her seriously deluded fans keep her in week on week. Looking on the bright side though I guess it will be hilarious to see her Argentine Tango and Viennese Waltz (she could well fall over from the spins hehe) but the one I am personally waiting for is the Jive, omg yes please!! 🙂 Bring it on.

      1. Penny

        There’s always the Salsa. I’m foreseeing a fantastic armtangle, and an epic dance off with Michael also doing car crash Latin.

  5. Monaogg

    Thought Wardrobe must have switched Tess & Claudia’s frocks. Well done if so, 😆
    Sweet that Louis had to tell Flavia they were safe – she looked convinced they were in the dance off. Nicky thought he was safe 😈 until that last cruel to Kimberly moment had been squeezed to death. 👿

  6. Muinimula

    I laughed quite loudly when Nicky compared his SHOCK appearance in the bottom 2 with Kimberley’s last week. Nicky, you were joint 6th out of 9. You’re not all that.

  7. Left Feet

    All the men have been bottom two this year apart from Louis. Therefore in any normal season he is the only male who will win. I’m not sure this year is normel, Still say that Louis should win however he does need a wow dance. Michael I would say is popular only because of his ballroom which he has improved in leaps and bounds.Not sure about the women I think that Lisa is popular and got the biggest cheer from the crowd, but a win for her would be because she is a large personality with a good relationship with Robin, a female Hollins but with better dancing. I think that Pendledrama has only a week or two left. As for the other three I’m not sure who is getting the most votes even though Kimberley was in a dance off.
    Also I have nobody I really want to win DVO would be acceptable as would Louis but meh neither would be in my top ten of strictly dancers. Way to go I suppose.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I have a feeling that one of Denise and Tracy is popular and the other isn’t, but I’m not sure which one. I guess we’ll find out. Or I’m just wrong.

  8. Helen Lynch (@redpanda71)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling to care this year. I can’t warm to Kimberly, Nicky or Louis. Pendledrama and Michael are mostly useless. Denise is clearly the most talented and if she were partnered by anyone other than the smarmy ball of arrogance that is James would probably get my vote, but I truly believe I would have to stop watching if he won. So that leaves Lisa and Dani who may sway me due to their exuberance…………….

    But I don’t think I can be bothered!!


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