Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 3 Results Summary

Our opening Pro-Dance this week initially looks like it’s going to be this series very archtypal very tasteful old-school Anton & Erin ballroom, but sadly we don’t even get this certainty these days, as a whole ARMY of Tom Chambers rampage over the horizon like a marauding synod and sweep them aside. Anton attempts to hold them back via the power of tap-dancing, but in the end there are just too many of them, and sadly Erin is overwhelmed and carried off in the flood. This is two weeks in a row now, poor things. It’s not exactly a vintage series for them already, and we’re only a quarter of the way through.

Our backstage spy Claudia again finds out very little of interest. She has an excuse this week though, given that most of the segment is spent on her and Louis sharing some sort of vibrating sex toy and fudding themselves into a state of ecstacy up against the nearest wall. I guess it’s as good a way to spend your time as any. Also Tess remains annoyed at Claudia snooping around backstage which I don’t really GET as a joke. Is Tess worried she’s after her job? Unfortunately, she probably shouldn’t be.

Our guest singer this week is Dionne Warwick who is on balance probably my favourite pop singer of all time, singing “(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me” which is, on balance, one of my favourite pop songs of all time, and it’s accompanied by Pasha & Iveta, and I think we all know how I feel about them. Sadly her voice is shot (I was going to say “AndyWilliamsed” but I decided it was too soon) and for some reason the pros are trying to do a jive. It’s not as epicmazing as it could be, but this isn’t Strictly 1964 (“dancing the foxtrot, will Kathy Kirby TAKE TO THE FLOOR”) so I’ll take what I can get and maybe go and listen to her original recording of “Walk On By” and hug myself a little.

After advance notice that next week is Hallowe’en Week, and also that Denise hosts the absolute WORST house parties, it’s time to find out our Bottom Two. After the usual pre-amble, including Victoria riding the wire of sanity ever tighter, it’s Jerry Hall vs Michael Vaughan in the Bottom Two. Bruno’s inability to vote out a sexy willowy leggy woman remains true, but the other three come down on the side of Michael, so Anton is taking an early bath, which he doesn’t seem all too ungrateful to be taking. And not for the first time.


14 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 3 Results Summary

  1. Carl

    I was surprised that Michael was in the bottom two over Richard, mostly because I thought Michael and Natalie had a little more of a following. I was also surprised they kept Michael over Jerry, given the way they’d hyped her. Perhaps they were just using this until Hollywood week, but I wonder if there was some backstage tension, as the judges clearly had little use for her and in the past they have kissed up to the older ladies.

    I think Jerry is one of those people who is much more interesting when you see little of them. The more you see, the more she seems like a Bette Davis impersonator in a tall blonde body.

    Did you see that ITT segment where Zoe was disturbed that Natalie kept talking about how she has to tie up various parts of Michael’s body, and you could hear Natalie laughing and being horrified at herself after the interview ended? My favorite part of ITT so far this year, aside from Ian’s trousers.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Richard got saved from Certain Doom for one week by an Erin Quickstep. They did exactly the same thing last year with Rory. Erin’s never, ever, ever going to go home on a quickstep. I think Len would Barlow off the show before he let it happen on his watch. Just like Rory, I think he’s toast next week.

      1. Carl

        Erin’s ballroom is definitely always of a good standard. I thought Rory was safe until the week he went, wheras Richard wasn’t, but I can’t remember the bottom twos of last series that well, so I might be wrong.

  2. Pops

    I half expected Claudia to ask Tom Chambers about his wedding, just for old time’s sake. Len’s ‘casting vote’ was very “You were both shit, but I have to say someone so for argument’s sake, Michael.” Someone get that man a compliation of Louis Walsh’s Greatest Taking It to Deadlock Hits, and show him how to really milk it.

  3. Jenny

    “I’ll take what I can get and maybe go and listen to her original recording of “Walk On By” and hug myself a little.”

    This is EXACTLY what I did!

  4. Carl

    I was surprised at how I enjoyed the pro dances this week. They can’t do class ballroom without Matthew, the Bennets, Ian, Camilla (I guess), but I still loved the throwback mix of sleaze and class porn with Kristina and her men, with the other women moving around (the showstopper being that perfect closeup of Natalie at the front of the line). The tap dancing felt pushed in and Anton’s involvement felt like some type of goodbye, but at least it was offbeat and had some flair and energy. No comedy theme dances, no grinding in the black mesh outfits, no contemporary angst bleeding on the floor…it was a nice change. I couldn’t tell what Pasha and Iveta were doing (I thought it was a contemporary jive) but as they went on I started to care, especially since they really sold the love between the roles they were playing, which I usually don’t feel in these pro dances, unless the duo are together in real life.

    The house party VT reminded me of that Hollyoaks episode where the students almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    The judges seem much more dismissive this series. I was surprised at how dismissive they were after the danceoff, as if they shouldn’t have to put up with this inferior dancing. That’s the whole point of the dance-off. Maybe they want some grand gesture where Denise is up against Sid and they’re outraged at the public. They may get that in a few weeks.

    1. Carl

      I mean outraged as in “how dare this professional standard be against…him, we’ll show you what true dancing is,” not as in Sid and Denise both being seen by them as fantastic dancers. I think a Gabby/Penny type danceoff would probably make Len cut someone.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I found myself wondering whether any of the dance troupe were there. You know Shem would strap on some falsies and a wig if it got him back on the show.

  5. Poppy

    I couldn’t help thinking that Anton was a bit out of time during the tap dancing. Maybe it was a trick of the light. I thought Nat’s wink when she was leading out the girls’ line in the pro dance was very Nat. I was so pleased they let Iveta dance again and didn’t just pack her off back to NY on the first plane to save paying her more than they had to.

  6. DancingBear

    I idly wondered whether there was a secret agreement between Jerry and the Beeb that said she only had to appear in the early shows, then bow out gracefully before she had to actually do anything (like dance).

    Also my mild indifference to Richard curdled when I saw then on ITT – in a week when Jimmy Saville and general sexism at the BBC are in the news it seemed weird that he spent the entire interview with one hand on Erin’s leg, even keeping it there while gesticulating with his other hand only. Am I the only one to find him creepy?

    1. monkseal Post author

      She did seem genuinely a bit peeved to be knocked out. I don’t know that she’s that good of an actress. Martina I can maybe buy it (although probably not) but I think Jerry saw herself being there a bit longer.


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