Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 2 Results Summary

We start with a Pro-Dance, this time a ballroom showcase, with the forces of Strictly Good (dressed in white) facing off against the forces of Strictly Evil (dressed in black). For those keeping track, apparently the Forces Of Evil are Robin & Kristina, Artem & Karen and James & Ola, whilst the Forces Of Good are Brendan & Natalie, Vincent & Flavia, and Anton & Erin. I can think of at least three ways in which that’s wrong, but let’s go with it anyway, because at least it’s not generic bobbling around. Iveta doesn’t get to play, because, as a 10-dancer she is equally skilled at both Good and Evil.

Backstage recap filler highlights not an awful lot new, except that Victoria is incredibly needy and that Brendan’s wardship of her is becoming increasingly strained. So…nothing new at all really, I just wanted something to say. Erm…people wear make-up? Len’s Lens is similarly pointless, as it is now completely bogged down in laughing at the judges entirely scripted antics. The only dancer covered is Richard, and his slightly waxy joy faces aren’t really a locus for high comedy any more than they were during the routine itself. Still, Claudia’s here, and cackling away, so they’re doing something right at least.

Our Special Guest Stars are The Scissor Sisters who do their new song, which is a bewildering barrage of demi-obscure drag queen slang droned by Ana Matronic whilst everyone else in the band does baffling dancing in the background, to a generic gay dance-club beat, called “Let’s Have A Ki Ki” (/”Mustapha PeePee”). To say it’s not contingent with the “Strictly Culture” is an understatement, although Tess merrily copies the dance routine to look like she’s “with it”. It’s kind of sad.

Results? The Strictly Safety Sex-Faces are slow to warm up, with Fern and Dani probably giving it the best goes, with Nicky barely even registering at all. He’s just not trying is he? Oh well, I’m sure he’ll claim it’s because he couldn’t hear his name properly?

Oh yeah, the Dance Off? It’s Richard vs Johnny, with Richard being saved because Erin’s choreography had more steps in it. I know. As non-sensical as ever isn’t it? Johnny has a bit of a sad moment about how he messed up in the dance-off, and how he thinks he did well for his age, as Iveta wonders what a girl has to do not to be a First Boot. Never mind eh, Iveta? You might get someone better next serie…oh.

Ah well.


16 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 2 Results Summary

  1. Monaogg

    If the whole raison d’être for the dance off returning is to create drama, they managed as much tension as perished knicker elastic on a sling shot.

    Just as well it is early days when the non dancers can go with little angst. Shame to lose Iveta though.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I thought the constant jumpy editing as people bodies flew around the room in the space of 5 seconds and giant props magically APPEARED really added to the sense of occasion as well.

    1. monkseal Post author

      This is of course the REAL REASON they brought the Dance-Off, because I think there’s a fair chance she would have been a goner without it.

  2. Stormy

    Aw, sad to lose Johnny, but on the plus side, we don’t have to deal with Aliona at *all* this series, even if she gets better in time.

    1. monkseal Post author

      She’ll still be back for pro dances I think. Or at least I hope so. For Pasha-shaped reasons if nothing else.

  3. Carl

    I liked the concept of the pro dance, and enjoyed the whole thing. On the negative side, I really missed Katya (Karen overacting didn’t help this feeling). On the positive, I loved the weird taunting faces from Erin and Anton, and the closeup of Artem’s legs spread wide (that sounds much worse than it was).

    Tess’ wardrobe has now declared open war against her. She seemed to be wearing zig zag arrows pointing at her stomach…? I don’t mind Claudia (nor do I want her to go back to ITT), but I wish she would stop dressing like a disturbed emo Youtube parody of herself. She looked better backstage with the ponytail.

    When Len said the dance-off is about “integrity,” my mind screamed out LISA SNOWDEN LISA SNOWDEN so loudly the windows shook. I also had to laugh when he basically said everyone but two people sucked, then said he loved everything.

    I can’t believe all the comedy sketches are gone. I guess those were all down to, as you call her, Evil Moira Ross. I miss them just a tiny little bit, but then I think of Catherine Tate Van Outen in “comedy” and I stop.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Your mind and my face.

      I wouldn’t believe the comedy sketches are gone. At all. It all seems like wishful thinking to me. People have spent the last two weeks saying “THERE’S NO PROPS!” when there have been exactly as many props as last year, if not more. It just strengthens my belief that people only actually remember the last 4 or 5 weeks of any given series. The comedy sketches last series hadn’t really kicked in at this point either. Jason didn’t even visit that bloody Tesco Metro til Week 4.

      1. Carl

        I probably did forget the first week of last series. I remember the comedy results show sketch (with Nancy as Mary Poppins), but I’m not sure if that was the first week.

      2. monkseal Post author

        That was probably a prelude to Broadway Week, which was Week 3. They still had the comedy VT preceding Hollywood Week this week, but I guess it didn’t have any contestants in, so it’s marginally better.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I was just going on what the official twitter account. And also Artem sprawling his legs out like a pimp.

  4. Neio

    [whispers]I really like “Let’s Have a Kiki”[whispers] Maybe it’s because I like Ana Matronic more than Jake Shears. Although what Scissor Sisters performed on the show was a bit of an edited version – I’m not sure they could get away with someone saying “Motherf***ers” on Strictly, even in one of Bruce’s less, er, lucid moments.

    Speaking of which, did anyone else get the feeling some of the judges and others are a little over Bruce losing the plot? Len really snapped “Len!” at him this week for instance when Bruce forgot who he was talking to.

    I did laugh at seeing how completely out of time and uncoordinated Tess and Claudia were in their dancey entrance bit.


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