Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 1 Performance (2) Summary

Our second performance show of the week is topped and tailed, as usual, by the two Party Dances guaranteed to have the most impact – that is, the two performed by our two Beloved Ringers, Kimberley Walsh and Louis Smith. As Week One Ringer Cha Chas go, they’re the same as ever – moderately interesting for signs of potential of Latin madness to come, not very exciting in their own right, danced to modern pop R & B. Kimberley’s is a bit more wobbly, Louis’ is a bit more of a complete void of personality and connection and the human spark, but he wins bonus points for throwing a couple of gymnastic tricks in, looking UTTERLY DISINTERESTED the entire time. He does the splits like he’s putting the milk out, except he turns to the milkman halfway through, DARING him to be impressed.

Then he winks at him.

At the other end of the cha-cha spectrum (can you imagine a cha-cha spectrum? It’s mostly yellowy beige) are Jerry and Johnny, both handicapped by various things. Firstly Johnny, by the partner change foisted on him by Aliona’s injury. He’s being partnered by Two-Time World 10-Dance champion and So You Think You Can Dance 20TH PLACER (seriously Karen, I apologise for ever making fun of your comparatively amazing finish), Iveta Lukosiute. Unless this show is pulling some sort of bizarre Vertigo twist, with Johnny Ball as Jimmy Stewart, in which case he’s being partnered by Aliona Vilani, minus a sandwich. Anyway, he’s crap. Jerry on the other hand doesn’t appear to want to do a cha-cha which…fair enough, if you want me to judge you by the same standards by which I judged WIDDY. Still, she’s far more charming off the dancefloor than Widdy ever was, so there’s that.

Defining cha-cha of the show though, is done by Lisa, who finally gets to unleash the rainbows, sparkles, and dildo-unicorns that we have only seen fitfully from Robin before, full-on, 100% GAYMAZING STRENGTH. She does a routine straight out of Hairspray (noted for its authentic cha-cha choreograph) right down the camera lens. Even half-assing it (which she clearly is for some of it) it’s more energetic than every single other routine from the weekend combined. She tops the leaderboard, somehow. Let’s not question it, because I can’t imagine it’s going to last. At least not without some Tedious Controversy anyway.

Speaking of campery, let’s turn our attention to the waltzes. More specifically Richard’s. Because he does a classic waltz, quite indifferently, with a frozen Liberace grin, to “You Don’t Send Me Flowers”, as sung by Barbra Streisand. Bruno and Darcey both complain that it isn’t camp. I conclude that Bruno and Darcey don’t know what camp IS. Also waltzing are Tracy Beaker (wobbling all over the place because she’s drunk, no, seriously, I would be very surprised if she wasn’t a little tiddly) and Sid Owen (better than you’d think, and he’s partnered with Ola, so “better than you’d think” is automatically inflated to POTENTIAL WINNER because that’s just how the prism of Ola works).

Anything else? Bruce and Tess try to get the audience to act excited about the Dance-Off again, and fail again. Darcey’s still saying yah, but the flow’s been stuanched slightly. Oh and there’s a pro group-dance, which is notable for Natalie singing along to Pixie Lott into her dressing-room mirror and nothing else.


11 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 1 Performance (2) Summary

  1. Left Feet

    At this stage its about the entertainment factor and Lisa and Robin delivered that and from my standpoint there was some Cha Cha in the performance. I see on the forums that there are a few grumpy gits rubbishing the score which she only got because she is “fat”. Misberable and unsporting. Saturday much beter then Friday

    1. pamminxy

      i know – urggh on the it’s only cos she is fat.
      except if you watch it closely check out how Lisa’s and Robin’s arms and leg movements are in synch – when they are in hold, side by side or on the opposite side of the dance floor!!
      I did see a post on DS that listed the different steps she did and there were plenty (i know nuttin but am sure someone would have corrected him if he was wrong).
      Brendan was wanting Len and Bruno to make it 8’s too if you watch the tosspit. Was also good to see Day Varch and Man in the Hat were applauding hard. All the pro’s would be thrilled to have a partner knock it out of the park like that.
      and she wasn’t out of breath at the end either!
      How long before the ringah cries go up (she said in one interview she had some dance training at drama school).

      And it is just as good if not better on repeat viewing.
      WTG Lisa and Robin

      1. monkseal Post author

        I can’t believe she’s still only 7th/8th favourite to win after kicking everybody’s arse. I mean, it’s probably realistic, but it’s a bit sad.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I thought Saturday was better for the quality of dancing, but I preferred Friday somehow? I think because Lisa beat everyone so soundly that all of 7 of the other couples felt a bit overshadowed. Still a very strong first week though, entertainment wise though. I’m not going to declare it BEST EVAH, like I can even remember other years clearly enough to say, but it’s a possibility.

  2. Wiskas

    Seemed to me that Lisa just trotted through a good part of the ‘dance’ whilst grinning her stage school munchkin grin. Felt sorry for Jerry saddled with that waste of space, I’d like to see what she could have done with someone like Ian Waite or even (gulp) Brendan, or just about anyone who knows what they’re doing.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think she ran out of impetus a little towards the end, although it might just have been the routine. Really it peaked with her spanking her arse right in Craig’s face.

  3. Carl

    I think that 8 Craig gave Lisa is going to make her less popular, and I’m a little surprised he did that. I wonder if he was just relieved for some excitement after two relatively lackluster nights. I like Lisa and I hope she won’t become Russell Grant, who was made into such a self-parody that viewers seemed to just have enough.

    Is Anton trying to become Brendan? That hair. That blank forehead. Anton now seems to be on a completely different show than everyone else. Even Bruce.

    Pasha looked bored and slightly angry several times – when he was on the balcony reacting to Anton’s incredible wit, and then after Louis was done splitting. Maybe he and Louis are in a feud to the death over who looks sillier with that hairstyle. The idea of a jaded Pasha, preferably standing around with Kristina and Erin and giving death looks at the camera, is on my Christmas list.

    Darcy was lapsing into what sounded like an old “BBC English” language guide.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think Lisa should be fine – Russell never even came close to dancing at that level, and Robin can churn out camp routines in his sleep, whereas Flavia was a little (only a little, calm down) more hit and miss. Also he was injured towards the end of his run, which really put a spanner in the works of the little he could do. I think she’ll be fine. Probably won’t win, but should be fine.


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