Strictly World Cup 2012


By 53% to 47%, the winner of the Strictly World Cup 2012 is…


KARA TOINTON! Alesha finishes second yet again, and Zoe Ball pulls out a minor upset by taking the bronze medal over the winner of the last Strictly World Cup. Here, as Kara revels in her second year in a row of Monkseal Blog Poll Victory, are some statistics.

If Monkseal readers had run each series from some sort of Illuminati spaceship then the Top 3 and results would have been as follows :

Series 1 : Natasha Kaplinksy, Lesley Garrett, Claire Sweeney
Series 2 : Jill Halfpenny, Denise Lewis, Julian Clary (OMG, PERFECT AS IT WAS)
Series 3 : Zoe Ball, Colin Jackson, Darren Gough (REVERSI!)
Series 4 : Mark Ramprakash, Louisa Lytton, Emma Bunton
Series 5 : Alesha Dixon, Matt Di’Angelo, Gethin Jones (OMG, YET AGAIN, PERFECT)
Series 6 : Austin Healey, Rachel Stevens, Tom Chambers (DAMN YOU SNOWDON *shakes fist*)
Series 8 : Kara Tointon, Gavin Henson, Matt Baker (LOL FOREVER AT GAVBOT IN THE FINAL TWO)
Series 9 : Chelsee Healey, Holly Valance, Harry Judd

Which series had the best cast?

1st : Series 5 (average placing : 50th)
2nd : Series 9 (average placing : 51st)
3rd : Series 8 (average placing : 52nd)
4th : Series 6 (average placing : 59th)
5th : Series 2 (average placing : 61st)
6th : Series 7 (average placing : 61st)
7th : Series 3 (average placing : 65th)
8th : Series 4 (average placing : 69th)
9th : Series 1 (average placing : 78th)

Girls rule, Boys drool

Women – average placing : 55th
Men – average placing : 64th

Beauty before age

17 to 29 year olds – average placing : 35th
30 to 34 year olds – average placing : 47th
35 to 38 year olds – average placing : 53rd
39 to 43 year olds – average placing : 63rd
44 to 54 year olds – average placing : 76th
55+ year olds – average placing : 86th

Monkseal’s Most Robbed, being the people who performed by the largest margin better in this poll than they did in Strictly Come Dancing

1st : Stephanie Beacham
2nd : Nancy Dell’Olio
3rd : Gabby Logan
4th : Jimi Mistry
5th : Jade Johnson

Monkseal’s Most Unpleasantly Lingering, being the people who performed by the largest margin worse in this poll than they did in Strictly Come Dancing

1st : Christopher Parker
2nd : Ann Widdecombe
3rd : Dominic Littlewood
4th : Natasha Kaplinsky
5th : Jan Ravens

Best Performing Pro (Single Season Pros not included)

1st. Artem Chigvintsev – Average Placing : 4th
2nd. Ian Waite – Average Placing : 32nd
3rd. Natalie Lowe – Average Placing : 32nd
4th. Brian Fortuna – Average Placing : 40th
5th. Aliona Vilani – Average Placing : 43rd
6th. Camilla Dallerup – Average Placing : 44th
7th. James Jordan – Average Placing : 47th
8th. Vincent Simone – Average Placing : 50th
9th. Katya Virshilas – Average Placing : 50th
10th. Robin Windsor – Average Placing : 53rd
11th. Erin Boag – Average Placing : 55th
12th. Darren Bennett – Average Placing : 57th
13th. Matthew Cutler – Average Placing : 59th
14th. Brendan Cole – Average Placing : 64th
15th. Lilia Kopylova – Average Placing : 65th
16th. Kristina Rihanoff – Average Placing : 66th
17th. Ola Jordan – Average Placing : 71st
18th. Flavia Cacace – Average Placing : 71st
19th. Karen Hardy – Average Placing : 72nd
20th. Anton du Beke – Average Placing : 73rd
21st. Nicole Cutler – Average Placing : 86th
22nd. Paul Killick – Average Placing : 91st

Speaking of which


86 thoughts on “Strictly World Cup 2012

  1. Allgrownup

    Is always quite easy those first rounds, weeding out the no-hopers (LOL-Dutch got kicked out the Euros with zero points πŸ˜€ ) but I had to struggle to reach 6 per category. So most votes went to personality over dance ability. Might not be so kind in further rounds, though.

    1. Left Feet

      Yep thats what you got to do there are some that I would not vote for under any circumstances like Widdy or Dom Littlewood. But usually dance talent first, then personality at this stage. Hopefully most of the Dross and forgetable candidates will go.

  2. Jja1987

    I am TOO negative for this and only chose one for each group. Except Groups E and I (and nearly G) which I couldn’t choose one at all. I need to work on liking more of the people involved in this show.

  3. Perdiedumpling

    I’m maybe imagining this, but I seem to remember a “celebrating their love” style cover of a trashy magazine with Erin and Martin Offiah, that I always thought was a showmance. Am I the only one who remembers?

    Had a moment when my mouse lingered over Lisa Snowdon as I thought of the showdance. Then I remembered Austin, and clicked blindly. So if there’s a random vote for Jason Wood, that’ll be me.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I do dimly remember rumours about Martin & Erin, but let’s face it, they must have been hard up for romance that series on the male celeb side.

  4. Pasta

    I tossed Jason Wood a vote as well, despite having no memory of him whatsoever, because I couldn’t vote for any of the others left. Why does one care so much?

    1. monkseal Post author

      I don’t think I could possibly go without using my full voting power, even if I had to hold my nose to do so. Needs must.

  5. pamminxy

    i even voted for people i had no recollection of but liked the sound of/knew it would piss some off and still could rarely pick 6
    even though i rarely felt negative when watching them i still couldn’t actively vote for them
    tho i would have multi voted some
    ok i’m hooked
    when is the next round of voting
    and will it have its own header?

    1. monkseal Post author

      Next round of voting begins next Tuesday and yes, I will change the header. If I remember to anyway.

  6. Carl

    I’ve only seen scraps of the first four series but I didn’t realize how much I missed until the voting – big groups of people I only had blurry memories of (and I do mean blurry, as some of the season 1 or 2 stuff I’ve seen looks like it was filmed in smoke).

    Group H was the worst, as I either did not know most of those people or wished I didn’t. After the iconic Jodie Kidd, AKA the reason for the season (as I would have happily watched she and Ian and nothing else, although I did like Tom and Austin), Anita Dobson was probably my surest vote!

    Most of my voting went along these lines:

    – people I really liked
    – people I liked
    – people who were partnered with Katya, Erin, or Ian (I’m hoping Katya’s partners will all do well and this will magically cause the BBC to bring her back)
    – hideous entertainment like Carol Volderman (“I am a dancing Dalek”) and Jan Ravens (that jive she did with Anton, where he wore the blinding red and looked terrified the entire time, was the best “comedy” he’s ever done on here)
    – John Barnes, as the “England rap” and his reactions to it is one of my favorite ITT moments ever
    – dancers, good or bad, I felt sorry for, and who had nice bottoms (Matt Baker, Craig Kelly), and sometimes I just chose for that reason even if I didn’t care about the person and needed to end a category (Matt Dawson)

    I’d forgotten about some of the people on the list, like Don Warrington, so I was happy to get to vote for them again. I really wish he’d been in another series, as he had potential.

  7. Little Nemo

    Oh poor Siobhan Hayes 😦 I always thought she was unfairly voted out first of her Series. For the sake of balance she was the tall blonde one who was in My Family. I think she may have been partnered with Matt Cutler.

    1. monkseal Post author

      She was. And nothing was stopping the great GIRL CULL of Series 3. The public hunted out those vages and took them out with a VENGEANCE.

  8. Pops

    So true about Patsy Palmer and Anton – I remember their tango being brilliant, possibly because it wasn’t a huge stretch for her to look like she wanted to kill him, but at the time I didn’t realise that her good ballroom/woeful Latin would be the pattern for any half-decent partner he got. I also have a theory that if Kate Garroway had been put with anyone else, she would have been.. well, not good exactly, but not quite so comically inept. Her foxtrot and tango were actually pretty passable, but even Kara Tointon would have struggled with Kate Garroway’s Strictly perfect storm of tendonitis, Anton as a partner, and a run that was front-loaded with the Latin routines.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think if she’d been with anybody else she might not have had the underdog appeal to get through those first few weeks where she was crocked. Who knows?

      1. Pops

        Good point. I think my slight defensiveness of Kate Garraway stems from the fact that in terms of innate talent, I’d say she was no worse than Kenny Logan, who stayed in longer during the same series but got the ‘sportsman’ free pass from the judges. Also, Kate Garraway was an epically good sport, which you would think would be prerequsite for the ‘rubbish but the viewers love them’ candidates, but often isn’t the case.

      2. monkseal Post author

        I always thought the same, although I guess Kate was wobbly, whereas Kenny was just a bit slow and awkward. Depends what you’re looking for, you know, technically dance wise and that. Wobbly.

  9. pamminxy

    err nope – i could never vote for bloodylulu (except to be the target for an arse kicking contest
    had to vote snowden
    after all look at all the fun of baco foil (especially the vid with all the comments – link needed)
    yes yes i know But it’s Snowden … and we know she won’t win! (would it be too cruel to let them get close but no coconut again?)
    at least she gave us that

    what did bloodylulu give us but indegestion (and motorwayman’s interminable ravings and false protestation’s of lurrrve)

    maybe the bacofoil dance should win

    after all it seems to be the one dance that unites us all,
    once seen never ever forgotten
    tho details always seem worse when rewatched

    and nothing we do, no mattter how shite, could ever be as bad – and they survived (brenda even gets props for finding it funny and proving he can get his head out his arse)

    Quite inspiring really

    now i don’t know if i had too much or not enough booze n stuff

  10. Left Feet

    Your right about Tom Chambers being probably the best dancer among the male winners no where near any of the female winners (cept Kerplunk). After a few years of not really getting old smuggo I sort of now sort of like him ish and thinking about it he is the only male winner who could do both Ballroom and Latin.
    Surely this has to be the end of the line for Nancy she’s the worst dancer still left even Gavin could move a bit. Had to vote for Jade in this round. Poor Jade by the way did not make the Olympic team maybe because of her Strictly injury?

    1. monkseal Post author

      I’d still rather watch Nancy dance than Hobbity Hollins. (Not really) (But maybe) (ok not really).

      1. Pops

        I’ve also softened a bit towards Tom (while still sticking to the Austin and then Rachel wuz robbed line.) I think it was the showdance. Somehow Camilla took everything that annoyed me about him – the mugging, the tap dancing (which he could already bloody do before he started on Strictly), the air of ‘please like me’ desperation – amped it up to 11, and yet somehow made it work, which takes a peculiar kind of genius. Personally, I’d still go Ramps for the best male winner though. He wasn’t anywhere near as consistent as Tom, but when he was on his game, I thought he had a real charisma about him which meant you couldn’t take your eyes off him – all the more impressive given a) he was a bit dull in the interviews and VTs and b) he had Karen gurning away beside him.

  11. Neio

    I agreed with most of your choices, with the notable exception of Tom Chambers, who I just felt was a completely smug see you next Tuesday throughout his series. Yes, he could dance, but he ended the competition with exactly the same level of dance ability as he started with. There was no development at all, and I do like to see people develop in Strictly. He also made me never want to hear the word ‘honeymoon’ ever again…

    1. monkseal Post author

      If the Queen can shake hands with Martin McGuiness, then I can make ammends with Tom Chambers.

      (…or find a less offensive comparison)

  12. min

    I had to vote for Julian. Whatever Mr Gough says, he was the original Journey Man, and he made Erin smile.

  13. Old Applejack

    Good to come back to the site and find there’s a Strictly tournament going on. I need some knockout action after the football.

    Group A was the toughest. One obvious choice and three others that I give no f*** for. I’m afraid I held my nose, crossed my fingers, and with my third hand, voted for Hollins…

    Anyway, good work Monkseal, and I would also be happy to write something for the final 8. Now I ‘m assured of no Snowdon, I think I could muster at least a scintilla of support for anyone….

  14. Fern

    I love Matt di Angelo, Mark Ramps, Kara and Tom Chambers and they are my top picks of all time so..fingers crossed for them. Then I have a second tier of loves, mainly involving people like Kenny Logan, Gavin Henson and Audley Harrison. Then at the bottom is Darren Gough…I seriously will never understand what happened there.

    1. monkseal Post author

      The public needed a man to win (three women in a row? really?), and he was the manniest man availabile.

  15. durnovarian

    Some groups I struggled to find a second vote, others there were three to choose from. Drat you!

    PS I’ll do a write-up again if you’re short, I really enjoyed doing it last time. But if you get more than 8 offers let someone else have a go!

    1. monkseal Post author

      I’ve got more than 8, but I’ll include you on the list in case you want to write about somebody nobody else wants to. If that’s ok with you (/Shayne Ward).

  16. Lucy

    Match E threw me for a loop. I mean, on the one hand, Ian is amazing and fantastic and I’m still holding out for him to win something somewhere and Jade is perhaps the only person that can match Artem in injury-related woobiedom, but on the other…I want to see Kara versus Alesha. And I’m already voting for both Denise and Zoe, so it’s not like I’m abandoning Ian.

    (And also, poor Brenda. I wasn’t expecting Kelly Brook to be kicked out by this point.)

  17. seminaranalyse

    Fantastic job by all my fellow writers. (Just missing a writing why Nancy dell’olio was the best contestant ever :()

  18. Left Feet

    Great job by all writers I enjoyed reading them and really surprised that Austin Healey is the only man left! I think it proves among the fans that the woman are the most popular dancers. I was pretty sure that Ramps would be there though, So that one surprised me as I felt he still has fans.

    1. monkseal Post author

      It’s a fairly even spread though? The only series not represented are 1, 4 and 7. And I’m not really convinced anybody would seriously argue 1 deserves to be.

  19. BuddyBontheNet

    Pressed Enter too soon! πŸ˜€
    It’s unthinkable that winners like Ramps who fell in love with dancing will not be there at the end. Austin? I mean Austin???? This is a very weird poll this year. If Kara wins I’m done voting. Monkseal why are winners up against each other when non-winners are still in? Just asking. πŸ˜‰

    1. Neio

      Austin was awesome! Mark R was a great dancer, but he had little to no personality. I don’t really agree with the writeup about Austin that he ‘really was the epitomy (sic) of Len’s β€˜sportsman!’ however – he was great because he WASN’T a Darren Gough-alike Len favourite (it was Len who was such a killjoy about Austin’s Paso for a start). He would happily dance to “It’s Raining Men” in pink sequins and not give a shit about people thinking he looked gay, unlike most of the other sportsmen who’ve competed.

      1. BuddyBontheNet

        I liked Austin, but I loved Ramps! Austin was too muscle bound to make a great dancer because he didn’t have the flexibility – sorry! Ramps was a shy guy who struggled at the start with the intimacy of dancing and then fell in LOVE with it! Personality can be shy and quiet – but intense! Take a trip down Memory Lane and watch some of the clips of Mark and Karen dancing! ;-D

    2. Left Feet

      I’ve been watching since series 2 and I think that Ramps not making the quarters is pretty sad he’s still the best male winner although probably not as good from a technical standpoint as Tom and Harry, have to watch some of his dances again!. I think that Kara will win and i’m not too sad Kara is a a great dancer but Holly Valance making the final eight that’s a shocker for me as she was pretty average.

    3. monkseal Post author

      It’s done like an actual World/European Cup eg

      1. Winner Group A vs Runner-Up Group B
      2. Winner Group C vs Runner-Up Group D
      3. Winner Group E vs Runner-Up Group F
      4. Winner Group G vs Runner-Up Group H
      5. Winner Group B vs Runner-Up Group A
      6. Winner Group D vs Runner-Up Group C
      7. Winner Group F vs Runner-Up Group E
      8. Winner Group H vs Runner-Up Group G

      Then 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4, 5 plays 6, 7 plays 8. And so on down to the final. Who was in each group initially was randomly determined (with seeding based on performance in pre-qualifying rounds).

      Basically, I have no say who plays who. It’s all RAHNDOM, like Bruno’s scores.

      1. BuddyBontheNet

        I really liked Jade and it was awful that she had to drop out, but Ramps will always have a special place in my heart as one of those contestants that almost had a emotional light bulb moment when he fell in love with dancing! πŸ˜€

  20. Old Applejack

    Ramps gone? Was always gonna be tough against Jill. If only he’d got a home tie against Jade Johnson…

      1. BuddyBontheNet

        I agree (although imho Jade was better than Tuffers), but posted my reply in the wrong place! I’d love to have seen Jade go further and what a shame Ian had another contender, but didn’t win that glitter ball

        Maybe she’s win a medal instead of that glitter ball! πŸ˜€

  21. PadsterMo

    This is too difficult!

    Firstly let me say that I’ve loved reading the work of the guest bloggers – and I am slightly thrilled to be sharing blog space with Steven, Ruth and the exceedingly might Monkseal. If there was a ‘vote all’ option I’d be tempted to use it!

    Secondly – it’s a shame Ramps didn’t quite scrape through – easily my favourite of the male winners – but it’s an absolutely cracking Top 8 and any of them deserves to win – either for talent or for entertainment alone!

    Thirdly, vote Rachel!

  22. Missfrankiecat

    You will never hear me complain about a poll which has Austin Healey as the last man standing, even if I also have a soft spot for Ramps. I think watching the two with different partners in the tour it was pretty obvious that Ramps was not necessarily the better dancer of the two, despite his series win. I think there is a very respectable argument for rating Austin’s ballroom in particular as superior. Erin and Austin were a stunning partnership and a real illustration that much vaunted ‘chemistry’ is nothing to do with fauxmance.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I always love it when Erin really bonds with a contestant. I’m so sad that these days they just use her for the awkward contestants who don’t really want to do the show, because when they stick her with someone who *gets it*, it’s always magic.

  23. seminaranalyse

    I have a feeling i could write another victory write up about Kara *feeling smug*. No really i love her and i feel her, Alesha and Jill are the best of the dancers and they would all be worthy winners. Zoe i like as a presenter but i don’t know her dancing so much.

  24. BuddyBontheNet

    I love it! Really good choices left with no turkeys! πŸ˜€

    And every year we get posts on DS saying women don’t vote for good looking women! πŸ˜€

    I think Kara will win though because the other three were contestants on the show too long ago now, so more and more voters never saw them (their loss). And no matter how much you look back at individual performances, you can’t recreate the atmosphere of those wonderful moments that we all have in our memories. Plus so many people went off Alesha when she became a judge – at least that will be one less moan we’ll get on DS this year.

    PS Just hedging my bets now by saying that I know in my β™₯β™₯β™₯ heart β™₯β™₯β™₯ who the real winner is – no one ever forgets their first girl crush! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  25. Left Feet

    Zoe for me is the intresting one because she is the only non winner and among fans is popular and I don’t just think its because of its because of ITT. I think that many people think she probably should have won series 3, Its not there for other popular with the judges contestents like Emma Bunton or Ricky Whittle or even Rachel Stevens. Actually during that series I wanted Colin Jackson to win. I think too that Kara will win she’s very popular wih the hardcore Strictly fans.

  26. seminaranalyse

    Yay. Loved Kara so much. 4 amazing females and i’m happy for Zoe. And again i wrote the winners entry. Yes.


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