The Apprentice Monkies – Voting

Now with Phone-Answering Wars!



14 thoughts on “The Apprentice Monkies – Voting

  1. constantmotion

    As the taxidermy cat’s fiercest advocate, I’m sure you won’t be able to guess which ICB I’m nailing my flag to the mast of this year.

    You know? Somehow I missed Jane when I was voting Worst Personality. So if less than a full 50% of the votes are for Jane, you’ll know who slipped up. I’m sure she’s fine in real life, but on the show… terrifying.

    As much as I do love Gabrielle – and this was practically a tie – I couldn’t help but vote Jenna for sexiest female. Drop dead adorable. But given how my taste in women tends to compare to everyone else’s, I am fully expecting the voters to disagree with me, so I’ll need to swap to Gabrielle after a couple of rounds anyway, and eventually the last two will be between Jane and, I don’t know, Michael Copp, somehow. It’s never the ones I like!

    Oh, and I voted for some things about business talent too, probably, I don’t really remember. Think I went Tom and Ricky for talent. So, both of the finalists, then. That… might be a first!

    (Incidentally, Ricky Martin for phone wars. He almost got that third point. ALMOST!)

  2. duckface666

    I don’t care, I’ll stick my hand up as being the delusionoid who voted for Jane for pretty much everything. I love her mental, black-Irish ways, the fact that she was supremely unimpressed by Karren (although I suppose that’s not THAT impressive but it’s Jane, I have to clutch at straws) and I’m very sad every time I think about her because in many ways she’s the greatest Apprentice nutter that never was, a bundle of feuds and redemption arcs that exist only in my head. *sigh*

  3. Tim

    Hard to argue that Tom and Ricky weren’t the best all-round candidates this year. Oh boy, I never thought I’d say that six weeks ago …

    Phone Wars needs a revamp in future, I think, I’ve already forgotten who I voted for. It wasn’t so much a war as a minor playground spat over who said “boo” to the quiet shy kid this year. About as exciting as watching an average England football international.

    Random warbling – but sadly no polls – as usual can be found here:

    1. monkseal Post author

      Phone Answering Wars was a little flaccid in the middle-going, but the last few episodes were genuinely tense I thought. Tom cock-blocking his supposed bromantic partner Ricky Martin at the last, even though he had no chance of winning himself wasn’t a terribly satisfying ending, although it has to be on the Top 5 acts of Apprentice backstabbing betrayal ever.

      Or something.

  4. FuTeffla

    I had so much trouble selecting boardroom moments – I basically wanted all four times Ricky openly laughed in Stephen’s face but in the end I decided to spread the love a little. Not least because I am still laughing at ‘Tom and Ricky drilled each other for an hour and a half’ and I will never stop finding ‘OOH MAITRE D’ funny.

    1. monkseal Post author

      So long as the earlier Boardroom moments don’t get neglected in the rush of the moment. Whatever they were.

      (To be fair, it’s in the middle that the Boardrooms really sagged. I’m not sure if the Duane and Katie firings were criminal for being “unfair” or just for being boring).

    1. monkseal Post author

      Hey, someone’s always sexiest, even if they’re not sexy. It’s a scientific certainty. Ask Ricky Martin.

  5. Neio

    Best Boardroom Moments was a tough one – like FuTeffla, I was tempted to choose all four moments when Ricky owned Stephen in that one boardroom, but I made sure I spread the love around a little.

  6. Jen

    Too bad Groupon guy was only on YF, I would’ve picked him. They should have had him on the show as well, like the hot investment banker-cum-trash guy from last season.

    Voted! As always, your recaps and polls are the best!


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