Yet Another Market Research Post

So Channel 5 have announced their new “The Bachelor”. Not Frankie Cockooze, or him from TOWIE, or even Gavbot again (FOR SHAME), but somebody called Spencer Matthews from “Made In Chelsea”. Tragically I only know two men from “Made In Chelsea” from sight – the evil ginger one, and the gay/not-gay one with the long hair. Based on a cursory Google, Spencer Matthews appears to be one of those people who actually look better with a beard, rare as they are. Other than that, my knowledge of the man is precisely nil.

Which is why I am (partially) relying on you, my “possibly watches Made In Chelsea” based on my twitter readership. And even those of you who don’t. Is it worth my comitting to another 10 episodes of madness, crying, boredom, bikinis, soul-mates, worlds of hurts, right reasons, wrong reasons, chemistry, connections, daddy issues, pizzas laden with significance, wonky boobs, emotional letters, fruity woo-woos, strip-teases with all the sexuality of a butchers slab, crazy bitches, sweet natured Eastern-European virgins, family visits, haunted fairgrounds and rainy ziplines? And possibly someone who dated DUNCAN from Blue this time? Or is Spencer Matthews no adequate replacement for The Gavbot to the extent that it’s not worth writing about? What say you?


16 thoughts on “Yet Another Market Research Post

  1. NotTheRealJoe

    It will probably be either the most dull thing ever broadcast on television, or a cacophony of stupidity. If it were me I’d wait until the first episode.

  2. Carl

    I always enjoy the recaps here so I voted yes, but if there is other stuff you’d rather focus on then I’d read that too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this show.

  3. Poppy

    I voted yes, but then I read it if you recapped the News At Ten. If your sanity’s at stake then save yourself for something better, but I did enjoy your recaps of the Gavbot one.

    PS I’ve never seen Made In Chelsea, so I can’t comment on the new potential ‘bachelor’.

  4. Verns

    Of course you must blog this! I know it will feature some bloke who loves himself more than any woman could, and a lot of narcissistic wannabe-wags – but isn’t that the point? You watch it, recap it here, and make us laugh a lot – but the main thing is that WE DON’T HAVE TO WATCH IT OURSELVES. I think that’s known as a win-win situation.

  5. durnovarian

    I only even *tried* to watch the last one because of Gavbot. I’ll read the recaps if you do them, and will probably laugh a lot, but I shan’t watch. If you have the time, energy, and stamina to do it – great. If not, I for one wouldn’t blame you!

  6. Neil K

    I would loved you to recap it.
    I watched the first episode of the last series and knew that you would be recapping it once I saw how shambolic it was. Your analysis made the torture of the show worth it. If you find it too much then by all means shelve the idea but at least do a recap of the first show. For all we know, this tit could be more moronic than Gavbot.

    p.s am addicted to everything you write. So much that I’m thinking of starting a Monkseal support group for those evenings when there’s nothing new to read. :$

  7. Kerry McCormack (@KerryMc1978)

    I haven’t voted because I think that you should watch the first episode and see how you feel before committing. I will of course be reading if you do decide to recap though.

    Btw, any idea when the Lord Eyebags show is due to start? It just says coming soon on the ITV site. Have just discovered that Amanda Holden is hosting though which is another reason that I think i’ll hate it.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I’ve heard it will be airing every night for a week which…I’m not recapping that, I’d give myself a hernia. Maybe 2.

  8. AWench

    I’m with all the others who say we’d read reviews of breakfast cereals if written by you, but …. you’re a precious resource and should be carefully husbanded

  9. Sinead

    Based on having watched the first series of Made in Chelsea, Spencer is a prize twat and I would love to see you skewer him (as it were…). However, as others have said, maybe decide after you’ve watched the first ep. If you can stand to, watch ep 1 of Made in Chelsea (you don’t need to see any more than that – it’s variations on a theme) but be warned – I became hooked despite hating myself & wanting to scrub after every ep!


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