The Apprentice 8 – Episode 6 Summary

It’s time for this series’ Official Foreign Task In Foreign. Sadly, instead of France, or Germany, or Morocco, International Waters, the destination is…Scotland. The bar for International Hilarity is set low and even then barely cleared, via some dodgy kilts and Jenna wondering if they have their own language up there. Says the woman who has communicated thus far via a system of goose-honks. It’s hardly “do the French love their children?” or “Moroccans are a bunch of dirty cheating foreigners so I was just trying to fit in LORDALAN”.

The task? Sell “street food” to the good people of Edinburgh. So basically “operate a burger van” then, and as such, Lordalan chooses the two candidates most suited for the task : Adam and Jenna. Not that there’s much need to, because the only other person who hasn’t been PM yet is Jade and like she’s stepping up any time soon. She lives in the shadows and loves it. Lordalan gussies up the task a little by telling the teams to “go gourmet” and produce good quality food that’s almost of restaurant standard (like that would even be possible) but like anybody’s listening to that.

The teams approaches boil down to the usual “middle-market” vs “bin scrapings” with Jenna & Sterling aiming for the former with a Aberdeen Angus stew and Adam & Phoenix setting their sights firmly on the latter with “bits of pasta and a meatball made of pigs foreskins”, despite Tom pulling appalled faces in the background the entire time like ITV casting had decided against Maggie Smith at the last minute for the role of The Dowager Countess Violet in favour of Adam Woodyatt. Still at least he’s doing something interesting for once. Meanwhile elsewhere on Phoenix, Stephen, Katie and Azhar create an amazing catastrofuck of a sub-team, directing the entire team in completely the wrong direction off the back of spurious research, suggesting a price-point that’s about 300% too high for what they’re selling, dressing as a pizza to sell meatballs, spending the whole day climbing on and off and on and off and on and off buses, and randomly chasing a squirrel about.

Meanwhile the entire storyline on Sterling is “will Jenna sell out of her gourmet stew and win?” and despite repeated boring shots of Kaen looking frowny and Helpful Voiceover Man yelling “ON STERLING, SALES ARE SLOW” she does and she does. That and “Ricky Martin – Wrestling Biochemist” is really good at maths. He’s like an onion that man. So many layers. So many beautiful layers. Sterling go off to ride Segways at a country house, and Nick makes up for an episode of inaction by almost catapulting his directly into Laura’s face (<3).

The Boardroom for Phoenix is taken over entirely by a raondly aggro and hyper Stephen, who is fully aware at all times that his subteam tanked the task single-handedly and is desperately trying to throw the blame elsewhere. It works seemelessly (except for those of us watching on tv with the benefit of perspective and also functioning brains), with Adam sucker-punched into taking Katie and Azhar back into the Boardroom without really even knowing why. Once in there, it's "did too much" vs "did too little" vs "is Adam" and in the end, Katie being blonde and perky and likable isn't enough to disguise the fact that…she's not done very well at this game-show apart from when she invented the tap-cosy, and she is summarily dismissed.

Sidenote : the most exciting part of this episode for me? EVERYONE HAD SEXY NEW HAIRCUTS!

Yeah, it's a slow series…


29 thoughts on “The Apprentice 8 – Episode 6 Summary

  1. Paw

    If Jim was a Jedi last year, Stephen is a Sith. He has similar powers of persuasion, but he is more upfront and malicious about it. Surprised he didn’t push his Belisimo pepper branding this episode, wonder if they had leftover stock.

    I’m warming more to Ricky, he seems to have calmed down a bit.

    0/6 project managers fired so far.

    1. monkseal Post author

      The thing is, he was safe whatever he did, because no way Adam is bringing him back into a Boardroom. He just seemed to be shoving people around for the sake of it. I’m trying to remember if he has any beef with Azhar/alliance with Jade, but both of them are so background it’s hard to tell.

  2. Tim

    I know it was never going to happen because of his comedy value, but Adam was SO lucky to survive this one – helped no end by Katie diving in front of the hail of bullets and then getting up and hurling herself under the runaway truck just to make sure.

    It was a bit depressing that Sterling won by so little – an indication of how many errors they also made, I guess – but at least we didn’t get a repeat of Yasmina’s chicken-less chicken wraps from three years back.

    The joke’s wearing thin now, not least because it’s a tune with only one note. Time to get rid of Adam and promote Stephen to the role of Useless-Candidate-As-Comic-Relief.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I need Adam and Stephen to turn on one another sloppily and messily but I think they might be separated next week to prove a point or something. BAH.

  3. Johnny

    I was pretty surprised that what one episode of The Office (US) called “the carnival business model” — sell crap to chumps and then skip town — didn’t win. In the end they only lost by a few sales at their full price, and all that time wasted messing about with the buses and missing lunchtime trade cost them.

    Should have bought Stephen in for the bus cock up, and I thought the others should have made more of Adam completely ignoring Lordalan’s wishes that they go gourmet (even though I thought they went the right way).

    1. TheBockingfordKid

      Someone should’ve said to Sugar ‘No offence but we thought that seeing as you’ve said we will win or lose on profit, what’s the point of listening to your direction to do it all posh and gourmet?’

    2. monkseal Post author

      I’d love a carnival task. I’m not sure what business model it would fit in terms of the real world, but who cares? I want to see Gabrielle yakking up candy floss behind the wurlitzers and Adam as a particularly seedy carny running a rigged ring-toss game.

  4. min

    I had to smile at Stephen – and not just for the suit/tie/Italian flag combo – when Adam and Azar reappeared in the house and his answer to the post-maatch analysis was bascially ‘we will never talk of this again, ever’.

    Tom really has made the postion of dissent from the back row his own for this series, hasn’t he?

    1. Tim

      To be fair to Tom, he did more than just dissent – he actually succeeded in getting Adam to upgrade some of his ingredients. What was, say, Azhar doing while all this was going on, other than dreaming about donning his tight shorts again and practising his Super-Punch?

      And Tom was just as forthright in his week as PM, where funnily enough the person he had to talk down was also Adam.

      Anyhow, dissenting from the back row worked OK for Tom Pellereau, didn’t it?

      Stephen’s pretty odious – comical, yes, but he would have been back in the boardroom and under serious threat if he wasn’t BFFs with Adam. As in quite a few of the previous tasks, his contribution to the task was mostly negative this week. For such a weak candidate he has managed to fly under the radar for quite a while.

      1. Victoria

        Tom’s MO is interesting. He says quite a lot of sensible things, but *only* insists that other people act on them if not doing so will put Tom himself into the firing line. Rosemarygate a good example of this – he’d already been lined up as the arbiter of taste by Adam, so he needed to make sure he had that covered. His defence of the meatball recipe in the Boardroom was incredibly articulate – as Milord Sugar’s eyebrows signalled.

      2. Tim

        I like the fact he is willing to speak up and put his argument across, but he does so without ever shouting people down. He’s one of the few candidates who I would regard as having a professional business manner (Nick is another). He’s perceptive and articulate, for sure, but the big question is does he have a business plan that Sugar finds attractive? I’m guessing he does – and I’m also guessing Gabrielle does too, given that her architect/design skills would be useful in Sugar’s property business.

      3. monkseal Post author

        It’s even more baffling given that he has been in a position of authority on pretty much every task (sub-team leader in task 1, lead pitcher in task 2, effective sub-team manager in task 3 because Katie didn’t really DO anything, PM in Task 5 and Sub-team leader in task 6) and yet nothing seems to stick.

  5. Ferny

    I found it very strange watching Ricky Martin be sensible and talk complete sense the whole episode, I think he’s definitely the most competent candidate (no end to his talents?!)
    Jenna did well too I thought (hilariously) and unfortunately Adam wasn’t too bad. Katie was hopeless but she’s pretty and likeable so everyone thinks she should have stayed apparently (£7.99??).
    Stephen was growing on me but then he went crazy in the boardroom in a completely transparent attempt to sink Azhar – and only Azhar seemed to pick up on it. As a fellow quiet person, I do like Azhar and hope he stays long enough to do something good. Lord Sugar seems to love Jade and has asked her opinion as the voice of reason since week 1, even though she hasn’t really ‘stepped upto the plate ‘ yet. I knew Tom would be a sushi eater.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Ricky Martin’s good, but he still ran that factory into the ground (because of course, factory manager is the most valued of all Apprentiskills, which is why Chris Farrell and Jim both won). I’d have him a solid third behind Tom and Nick at the moment.

  6. sevenstories

    Torn between desperate hatred of Adam meaning I wanted him to go and wanting someone to shout at in future episodes. What a deluded person.

    Did you see the You’re Fired send up of Jenna’s ‘charm’? I was laughing despite myself, as it can’t be fun to see that once you watch the series back. I was unnerved by her giant fake eyelashes in the kitchen section though.

    Despite thinking it was not a great selection of candidates at the start I actually really like Jade, Gabrielle, Nick, Ricky and Tom and I’m fine with Azhar after he managed to be eloquent and sensible at the boardroom (relatively speaking). Laura and Jenna can go anytime and Stephen and Adam are fighting it out for awful candidate yell at.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think it’s mostly a likable cast, just not a particularly lovable one, if that makes any sense. I don’t really dislike anybody apart from Adam, and even then I appreciate it’s because the edit has done an absolute number on him rather than because he’s, say, Katie Hopkins/Jenny Celery levels of vindictive. Stephen’s a bit of a player, but this is a gameshow at heart after all

      1. sevenstories

        I’m not sure I’ve really loved any candidates since Yasmina. I liked several candidates last year but probably like some of these more. I must admit I have a big soft spot for Gabrielle. As you say, clearly the editors are not doing Adam any favours but his sexist streak and inflated sense of worth cannot be entirely created, he has said these things even if we don’t get the right context.

      2. monkseal Post author

        Oh, I’m not saying they’re created at all, just that there must be something else to his personality. Probably. Somewhere.

  7. Neio

    Was this the Official Foreign Task In Foreign, or was it the “try to sell stuff to people in Birmingham whio have no money/ask people in Manchester if they LIKE THIS DRESS!” task? Hopefully there’ll be a proper Task In Foreign a la Morocco or Germany or Paris later on, ’cause those are always good for a laugh.

    I can’t believe no project managers have been fired so far, especially Adam this week. He was awful – so thick-headed, and as unselfaware as usual. If he’d been charging £2 or £2.50 or something, they probably would have sold loads of the stuff, even at the football game, and won. £5.99 was just taking the piss.

    I loved the clip on You’re Fired where Adam was incredulous and blustering about how no-one would want to eat sushi and asking who on his team eats sushi and almost all of them put their hands up. Ha!

    1. monkseal Post author

      I hope so. Spain is a very neglected market for this show – I want that to be next. I’d say Italy, but I feel Stephen has personally insulted their culture enough without being inflicted on them in person.

  8. Shrinking Man

    So, RIP, blonde assassin. I will miss perving over you.

    I suppose it’s Jade for me, now. I’m so fickle.

    1. monkseal Post author

      She seems to be after a media career (AN APPRENTICE CANDIDATE! WHATEVER NEXT?) so you may not be missing her for too long.

  9. Ross

    Objectively Katie deserved to go but I’m sorry to see it happen; not just because she’s sexy (though she is) but because she managed to display a lot more personality and likability that some of the blocks of wood on this show.

    I’m surprised Adam is getting so slated for his leadership. I thought he wasn’t that bad really but proved surprisingly weak in the boardoom.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think his biggest fault was letting Stephen run riot, and then not actually backing it up with any consequences when he turned the task into a three-ring circus. His basic strategy was sound (if…contrary to the spirit of the task), he just let the Old Boys Club he’s got going pull him down.

  10. Jen

    It’s been six weeks and I’m still not rooting for anyone, or sad about someone’s firing. Ugh, this season!

  11. FuTeffla

    Tom got a lot of love from me this week for frequently looking at Adam like he wanted to drown him in tomato sauce. As if that could make Adam’s face any redder. I’m really cross that Katie went, largely because I always want Adam to be fired, even on occasions where his team hasn’t lost. But if you live by the assassining, you die by the assassining.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I don’t know how many more boardroom Katie could conceivably have done. She seemed fed up by the end, and I think she let her first week “you do nothing” spooking trick her into feeling she had something to prove so she over-egged it a bit on every task. Not the worst approach in the world, but she made too many mistakes in the end, I think.


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