Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 10 Results Summary

Movie Week continues and is automatically a little bit less amazing for including Len’s singing during the Len’s Glans segment. It does somewhat make up for it with Bruno openly BOGGLING at Kristina’s arse, but as a segment I don’t know if it ever truly rises above flat Cockney grunting of “Saturday Night At The Movies”. Chelsee gets pimped, Holly gets pimped, Harry gets pimped, Alex gets picked at again, and Kristina gets pimped with a subtle side-order of “well done Jason for ruining it and putting her in the bottom two.”. Because that’s where she is, crying and vibrating and looking ready to cut EVERYONE. Jason is there as well, obviously, and would quite like to talk about his journey and how proud he is of what he’s produced as Kristina’s brain spurts out her ears.

Pro-dances are both very old-fashioned, as they were last night. It’s not that I MISS Artem & Katya bopping around as characters from ultra-violent Quentin Tarrantino films as part of Saturday Night prime-time BBC 1 teatime entertainment. Oh alright, it is. But we get an extensive tribute to Old Hollywood in the form of a Vincent/Flavia, Brenda/Natalie and Anton/Erin Very Classy Dance of Classiness, and an extensive (…maybe a tad too extensive) and very good Charleston by Artem/Aliona, James/Ola, and Robin/Kristina. Both very good dances, although obviously my troth is pledged to Team Ka$ha and Bratalie’s dance forever, so I can admit nothing solid.

Our special guest performance is Alfie Boe, doing an operatic Bond medley. Which works about as well as that sounds. He’s brought his own dancers as well. Ditto.

So who else is in the Bottom Two? Robbie Savage, as it suddenly turns out that everyone is polling more than Jason Donovan, probably, which is a turn of events that would have seemed bizarre in Week 1, but here we are. Still, Robbie winds up going home, just to top off the near-perfection of Movie Week. It’s not quite Widdy finally leaving, but I’ll take it.

Next Week : DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Anyone could go! Except probably Harry…


27 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 10 Results Summary

  1. rodneyandsteptoe

    ‘Except probably Harry…’

    And Chelsee – SCD 2011 between these two, Alex/Jason/Holly fighting for who’s going to be 3rd…

    Really depends on whether Jason and Holly nail their dances (although I think Holly will still go UNLESS she gets 40×2) – if they don’t, Alex’s obvious higher current TV profile/niceness/consistency (?) may see her through.

    Suspect it’ll be a Harry/Chelsee/Jason final though – Jason 3rd, don’t mind who out of the other two wins…

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think Alex will have to go some in the public vote to avoid a double elimination where she’ll likely be rooted to the bottom of the leaderboard. Unless Artem has gone mental and hasn’t veto’ed a Holly Charleston in which case ALL BETS ARE OFF.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I thought that out everyone they did it best, although that may just be because it was a bit of a corny routine to begin with.

  2. Kelly

    I didnt like the opening pro dance at all, it was too long and was especially disappointing in comparison’s to last week.

    Claudia’s attempts to cut off Jason are getting more obvious after being blatant from the start. Doesn’t he realise that it’s turning off the audience?

  3. Judith

    Please let it be Alex and Jason next week! But teamdonovanscd etc are a scary bunch and I reckon there’s going to be a few of them with rather large phone bill. I really liked him the first week but the further he gets and the more he speaks the more he gets on my nerves.

    1. monkseal Post author

      His dance draw does not look amazing, but I think they’ll want him in the final, and give him a decent push on his way there.

  4. Left Feet

    Will a sportsperson ever make the final again? In the five series since the Ramps win they have not had a sniff. The only two with any talent Austin Healy had a bad quater final week and lost out in the dance off and Jade Johnson bust her leg. All the others have either been awful or average.
    Poor Len, not sportsman again to cheer on.

    1. monkseal Post author

      It is quite something when Ricky and Chris’ schoolboy football career were both dredged up repeatedly in Series 7 just so we could have a bit of a sportsman fix.

  5. Ferny

    For me Jason was better at the beginning, but he’s never been bad IMO. I feel for Kristina though, as she’s a brilliant choregrapher and she’s had to put up with the droning voice and awful VTs throughout, and she sooooooo obviously wants to win now she’s actually got a competent dancer. Shame really, I would like to see her win, but not with Jason.

    I like Chelsee (and adorkable Pasha) best but I think Harry should come 1st and make it a McFly double win.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think he peaked somewhere about halfway through for me. Somewhere around the tango/quickstep stage, and even that had the alright but not amazing paso doble to break the run up. He’s started over-doing things since then – he was always a bit gurny, but it’s starting to run a bit out of control and he keeps on trying to course-correct for his mistakes/bad weeks by trying to pull out the BEST DANCE EVAH, and I don’t think it’s working.

  6. Dee

    The right person went this week but I think Jason’s going to get the sympathy vote bounce and avoid going next week. I want Holly to stay because I kind of love her whatever attitude about the whole thing but other than this week I’ve been somewhat meh about he dancing.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I wouldn’t be surprised by anybody other than Harry leaving next week, although Holly would probably be the…least surprising.

  7. Stormy

    Alex and Jason seem like the two weakest dancers now, despite how much Len loves him. I find Alex really adorable, but just not good enough to make it past next week. That is, unless Holly, Harry or Chelsee falls apart. Not likely, but possible.

    Prediction: Harry, Chelsee, Holly final, Holly out first, and Harry wins. Which will be both good and bad. Good, because I think Harry deserves it, and I honestly think he’s a really nice guy as well as talented, and slightly better than Chelsee. Bad, because I can’t stand Aliona…but that’s the petty side of me.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Aliona’s grown on me this year – I think her partnership with Harry’s quite sweet. I’m still not a fan of her choreography – stylistically at least.

      1. Carl

        I think Aliona adapts to the personality of her partner – or I make that up in my head anyway. Her bemusement at Len’s tantrums may come from Harry not being affected by them.

      2. monkseal Post author

        Aliona always looks bemused at everything. If it’s not custard she’s not interested.

        (Actually she hasn’t even mentioned that that much this series has she? What is left?)

  8. Carl

    The charleston was a little endless. I think I was waiting for other pros to show up. Pasha’s more suited to a charleston than Artem, unless it’s a Depression-heralding, bitterly ironic charleston set immediately after the stock market crashed. I also think James needs to never wear that type of cap again.

    I spent several moments trying to figure out why Justin Lee Collins was singing Bond. And why they borrowed Aliona’s Flavia-destroying choreography.

    So cruel to leave Holly waiting to the end. I wanted to see Holly’s reaction to being safe again. I think Harry and Aliona were sure they’d be in the bottom two – that’s the most emotion he’s shown this series.

    My opinion of Robbie wasn’t very high earlier on, especially some of his reaction to the judges, but he more than proved me wrong this past week. I’m glad he got to leave on a positive note, and I’m glad the public have been able to make the right decisions this series (even if the judges had to help with Holly).

  9. Missfrankiecat

    I read today that Harry has over 350k followers on Twitter so I don’t see him being beaten by combined forces of St Jill of Halfpenny, Princess Alesha and Mark Rambo let alone poor little Chelsee and the Green cousin of Wiggy!

    1. Left Feet

      Does that really make a difference though Robbie had over 500 k stalkers/followers and he left and Russell Grant seems to live on it. Are all the SCD voters on Twitter I highly doubt it. I think its importence is overhyped.

      1. monkseal Post author

        I do think we’re probably at a stage now where we’re beyond twitter-followers/McFlea fans/One Show viewers/whatever and it’s on the general audience. Maybe “fanbases” make a difference earlier on, but by this stage it’ll be on the 9 million or so viewers who don’t have fan club badges.

  10. Emma

    I find it slightly odd to think of an internet seal during a television program but did you watch Monday’s It Takes Two? Pasha’s comedy faces! The revelation of the Man in the Hat’s name! All very monkseal territory.


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