Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 9 Results Summary

So, after Wembley’s Results show – full of (admittedly fun) bombast and little content, we get the show back in the studio and the content comes spilling out, in the form of a Brendan, Natalie, Team Ka$ha group dance to Adele where they all sleaze over one another in as sexual a manner as possible whilst still remaining on the ballroom side of the great genre divide. Natalie and Pasha’s frotting is particularly…noteworthy. Also out for their annual “ooooh, int’ they CLASSY?” whirligig are Anton & Erin, but they’re dancing to Mr Bojangles, so I have to put in mute. Oh well. It’s no Moon River, but what is? Sadly this upswing in pro-performance quality can’t tempt this week’s guest – Cee-Lo Green, straight from Barry White’s Gym, to allow them to play, as he’s brought his own dancers with him. Boo. They perform a brief tribute to Billy Connolly, as it’s our least week with him.

Len’s Lens? Features Brenda singing, Harry-gush, Chelsee-gush, Alex’s Charleston replayed in agonising slow-motion (although at least it’s one of the better bits), and Ola screaming profanities at Len Goodman. One guess as to which was my favourite bit. It was definitely a worthy replacement for the enforced closing of a close-up of Russell’s jowls wobbling around.

Next week is Movie Week, it is revealed, and so we are treated to another Comedy VT – featuring tributes to Fight Club, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Matrix and The Empire Strikes Back – which actually makes me laugh. Twice. I feel slightly ashamed that this is the level that this show has driven me to. Really the most exciting Movie Week development though, is that Chelsee lets slip that she will be dancing her routine with a Shrek theme. SHREK! I hope it’s a rumba. Can you imagine anything more amazing?

In the end, it’s the obvious Bottom 2, Anita vs Holly, and the obvious boot – Anita. She holds it together remarkably well considering the tears she dissolved in last time she was in the bottom 2, even as Robin has to say goodbye from his sick-bed, over the phone. Personally I think they should have wheeled him out in a black box like Captain Pike in Star Trek, but you can’t have everything can you?


23 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 9 Results Summary

      1. monkseal Post author

        By series 15 they’ll be the Whole Show (not in the Kate Garraway sense) and the dances will last 5 seconds each.

  1. Allgrownup

    The team Ka$ha/Brendan/Natalie pro dance was the best we’ve had in a while, very good. Much more Swingers-a-thon that the actual “Swingathon”

    I liked the Movie Week VT too, see if they get Holly to be a judge she would use the 1-paddle more than Craig. Beat that Alesha! 😀

    1. Carl

      Apparently it was choreographed by Katya and Pasha. They’re magical!

      I loved it, I watched again and again. Using ballroom in an offbeat way, with a complex love quad which incorporated just about every combo (I guess having Brendan/Pasha rolling in the deep was still a bridge too far).

    2. monkseal Post author

      I do like my “1”s to be special though. After the flurry Widdy got, they should be held back for a while. Don’t want them to be ruined like Craig’s ruined his 10 paddle.

  2. Carl

    Poor Robin.

    I would say I’d miss Anita (my #1 of the “mature” contestants over the years, although that isn’t saying a lot) but she really hasn’t been the same the last two weeks. Much slower and sadder. I think she, probably wisely, had checked out,

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think she was one of those contestants who just got killed by being Bottom Two once and she couldn’t get back into gear. Zoe Lucker was another one. In a way I like the Bottom Two, because it gives someone time to prepare for their eventual demise, but it does tend to slow people down a bit. Unless they’re Holly and just don’t give a rip.

  3. Verns

    Awesome pro dance from NatBrenKatPash, but I was a bit meh about Anton and Erin’s VW. I think that dress of Erin’s gave me flashbacks to the horror days of Come Dancing.

    Never in a million years would I have selected Shrek for a movie-themed dance. Possibilities:

    a) Viennese Waltz to ‘Hallelujah’;
    b) Jive to ‘I’m a Believer’;
    c) It was a joke.

  4. Neio

    Alex’s face when James was throwing his hissyfit in the corridor about Craig’s score was priceless. He’s really back-slid personality-wise this series.

    Loved the opening pros number. The Viennese Waltz was kind of boring though, much as I love Erin. The music choice didn’t help.

    I’m glad Anita went over Holly. I thought her cha cha was quite overscored, maybe out of sympathy for her having a different partner. I wouldn’t have liked to see Holly go before Alex and Robbie, although I still suspect she might after being in the bottom two more than once.

      1. Carl

        It was vaguely disturbing hearing an upbeat or jazzy version. Bopping along to “the dog up and died” doesn’t fit.

        I keep reading comments that everything with James is playacting and panto but I think it’s genuine. I don’t think the judges have enough ego to playact being jeered at over the balcony.

  5. min

    I can’t be the only one to mourn the cast VT’s from last year can I – especially the Magnificant 7 one with Gavin loitering round the back in a black cowboy hat.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I thought we were going to get a reprise when they re-used the graphic at the start of the Performance Show but no… Gavin hating being a cowboy was my favourite of all the things he hated.


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