Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 8 Results Summary

So it turns out that Wembley works much better for a Results Show than it did a Performance Show. Who knew? It helps that we start with a fun Beatles medley with appropriate 60s theming and Craig dancing like a tit, rather than sodding Queen and people bungee-jumping on bed-sheets, that seems to have been designed to fit the space it’s performed in. That’s sadly it for group-routines, as neither Il Divo or James Morrison and Jessie J let people on to play. Boo. Ah well.

Also temporarily withheld due to Wembley is Len’s Glans. Well not really, but the part where it’s supposedly about analysing the contestants performance is conspicuous by its absence as we all just laugh at funny faces pulled by the judges as they watch the show. Then again, I can’t really imagine it was easy for the camera-people to find the couples faces in the great big cavernous space of Wembley. At least they find room for one last “hilarious” face from Russell Grant at the end though.

Erm…that’s more or less it…Len perves on Harry Judd’s arse a bit? Ahem. Anyway results? Anita is safe first and nearly SHOCK-FACES her scalp clean off her head, and the kids the Jordans are currently babysitting follow her, leaving Russell as our first Bottom 2 resident. Joining him is Holly Valance, who seems to find this fact actively amusing, which only really makes me love her more. She’s safe, for…well at least 2 more weeks given a probable combination of Bottom 2 Bounce and post Bottom 2 overmarking, as it’s time for Russell to take his leave, as people apparently did not agree with Len’s assertion that THEY WOULD REMEMBER RUSSELL BEING FIRED OUT OF A CANNON ON NATIONAL TV FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.

In way I’m disappointed, because it means he didn’t out-last Widdy when there was at least a point, about a month ago, when it looked like he was bothering to try to learn to dance, a bit (although really, EVERYONE should out-last Widdy). On the other hand…I can’t say I actually care. Still, he’s sweet with Flavia at least.

Next week : SWING-A-MA-JIG. Joy.


13 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 8 Results Summary

  1. Left Feet

    Its strange that this series that people are leaving when they are bottom of the leaderboard hopefully Robbie Savage will go (spolier Samba for him) next week. I’m glad Russell left I was getting bored of his dances and if he had knocked out Holly he may have got a backlash better to go out on a high.
    Doubt either Flavia or Vincent will ever win the title now, its a shame as worse pro dancers have won SCD mentioning no names oh ok I will Camilla Dallerup.

    1. Carl

      Vincent seems to have been sidelined by the new pros but I think Flavia still has a chance – the new female pros have been more of a mixed bag (Natalie has become more popular but was disliked for a while; the show seems to give Katya people they know won’t win; something tells me Aliona isn’t going to get a fourth contender in a row), and Flavia is still one of the more popular, possibly even the most popular, female pro.

      I was surprised Russell left this early, I thought he had a week or two left, but I think beyond the joke getting old, he probably alienated some people with his big celebration last week.

      I think the public has gotten it right this series, although I would have kept Nancy in a few more weeks. Unfortunately I don’t think the judges have been as adept. I think some of their overmarking is going to help Alex or Robbie get to the final. Then again Robbie will pout about any score he gets and become even more of a martyr in his own eyes. I am not sure if anything will get rid of him at this point – he’s done so many terrible dances and nowhere near the bottom two.

      On a happier note, I loved the Beatles group number.

      1. Left Feet

        Hi Carl I think the judges play it right now they don’t bash the waeker dancers so much even Craig and it usually in the end gets rid of them in the end. Robbie has about 1/2 million twitter friends are whatever they are called but he is now clearly the worst one there and surely will go at worst in the semi’s.

    2. monkseal Post author

      People are being very well-behaved in their voting. I think we’ve got the top half the judges would have had on merit, and I can’t imagine the last time that happened.

  2. cleo

    I didn’t enjoy the Wembey results show – just because of the noise levels. The constant screaming from the audience made the presenters shout even louder, really annoying!

    I was surprised Russell went, he has never even been bottom two before. But Anita got the bounce and Robbie seems for some unimaginable reason to be getting viewer votes.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Personally I think he was done in by his last two routines not being very good, but that’s just me. I think people got bored, and he stopped coming up with ways to surprise people. As much as they pushed that cannon thing, I don’t think very many people enjoyed it – (SPOILERS) it’s currently last, by some distance, with 0 votes, in his Monkies Qualifying poll, and that costume change dance isn’t faring much better.

      1. min

        After Nancy left, there seemed to be a shift in his dances and the Comedy element ratchetted up and the dancing dialed down. The early charm, if you like, was that he was actually learning and doing proper dancing in amongst the faffing.

        Nancy goes and it is straight into pretend bulls, costume changes and cannons with little else. I don’t think the knee can be fully to blame – running up and down the stairs last week put more strain on it than any of those dances. 🙂

      2. monkseal Post author

        I always thought they were going to shuffle him out before two-dance stage (just like they did with Phil Tuffnell’s knee) and given the sudden reappearance of the swing-my-thing, it appears they actually have. Hmmm…

  3. Left Feet

    I see that the yearly moan (its not a discussion!) about this series is happening that this is the “worst year ever” blah blah on some other place where some people have far too much time on their hands.
    If i am truthful this year compared to last had not got the depth, Chelsee is the only female worth watching but she is not in Kara’s league or the good Doctor and netiher Jason or Harry Mcfly or as good as Scott Maslen at this best, the Scott Maslen jive was an excellent dance. However the overall quality is better then series 7, which had more dire dancers Hingis, Dunwoody,Calzaghe, Wood then most of the recent series, despite the excellent Ricky Whittle. Even if you go back to the early years I don’t think that series 3/4 had much quality apart from the obvious names. Too much rose coloured specs going on I’m afraid.
    Its not going to go down as one of the best series and the winner will be midtable but still should be better then Chris Hollins.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I don’t know that it’s just about the quality of the dancers though. I think Series 6 genuinely had probably the most talent at the top end they’ve ever had (although there was quite a bit of dross they had to burn through early on) but I’d prefer to watch Series 2 (which was pretty weak in comparison) just because they didn’t get bogged down in the same pointless week-by-week scandal and crying.

      I think the end will be important before anyone decides how good the series is overall – they do at least seem to be on the verge of getting the best dancers there.

    2. Carl

      Something seems to have gone fundamentally wrong with the dancing. I’ve loved some series and hated others but I don’t remember any where all the dances lack spark, barely seem to start or stop, and actually avoid dancing as much as they possibly can. I’ve enjoyed one dance this year (the Chelsee/Pasha quickstep) and that’s it.


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