Strictly Monkies 2011 Pre-Voting

Poor Kristina…

We’ve had them all. All the dance this series is going to produce. That’s it. No more. We’re done. Finished. Through. Now vote for your favourites. (Not Bruce’s)

Qualifying Dances :

1. Rory Bremner – Quickstep : Top Hat, White Tie & Tails
2. Nancy Dell’Olio – Tango : Be Italian
3. Lulu – Paso Doble : Highway To Hell
4. Audley Harrison – Quickstep : Too Darned Hot
5. Russell Grant – Foxtrot : Don’t Rain On My Parade
6. Russell Grant – Cha-Cha : Venus
7. Russell Grant – Paso Doble : Carmen
8. Anita Dobson – Waltz : Three Times A Lady
9. Anita Dobson – Charleston : I Got Rhythm
10. Anita Dobson – American Smooth : I’ve Got You Under My Skin
11. Robbie Savage – Foxtrot : Aint That A Kick In The Head
12. Robbie Savage – Waltz : Love Aint Here Anymore
13. Robbie Savage – Quickstep : Little Green Bag
14. Alex Jones – Tango : Relax
15. Alex Jones – Foxtrot : Have You Met Miss Jones?
16. Alex Jones – Quickstep : It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
17. Alex Jones – Viennese Waltz : Memory
18. Holly Valance – Paso Doble : The Train
19. Holly Valance – American Smooth : Swan Lake
20. Holly Valance – Argentine Tango : Por Una Cabeza
21. Holly Valance – Jive : Runaway Baby


38 thoughts on “Strictly Monkies 2011 Pre-Voting

  1. Neio

    I must admit, I found it hard to pick just one Nancy dance – they were all entertaining in their own batshit crazy way!

  2. Little Nemo

    Bloody Lulu, couldn’t vote for any of her dances πŸ™‚

    How gutted is she going to be if Brendan gets to dance with Holly this weekend?

    Poor broken Artem 😦

  3. Dancing cake

    How in the name of all that’s botoxed did BloodyLulu get a qualifier? Is that a joke? I cna’t believe anyone on here would have voted for any of her dances. I use that last word very loosely indeed.

    1. monkseal Post author

      We’re at the stage when everyone’s guaranteed at least one dance through. Actually with Russell we’ve reached the stage where you’re guaranteed at least 2.

  4. Poppy

    For most of this series I’ve found myself voting None Of The Above, not only because I didn’t like any of their dances, but often I simply couldn’t remember any of them. At least I don’t have that problem with Russell and Flav!

    1. Verns

      Snap! I took the easy option and voted for the Broadway foxtrot, which happened to be the highest-scoring of Russell’s dances.

    2. monkseal Post author

      For reference’s sake, voting goes to 2 selections per couple from next week’s elimination. I did not choose this boundary on purpose I SWURR.

  5. Carl

    I voted for the waltz and the charleston, as I thought the charleston was her high point, her best dress, and one of the funner moments of the series.

  6. Judith

    Not an easy choice as Robbie wasn’t great in most and seemed to get more ridiculous as the weeks went by. If he’d got any further Ola would’ve needed to unleash the catsuit again.

  7. kassieq

    Not a good sign, having trouble remembering a lot of Robbie’s dances, they all seem to morph together. In fact I think I may already have voted, but can’t remember what for – whoops.

      1. Verns

        Ah, ‘the umbrella one’ is the only dance of Robbie’s that I remember with a bit of affection, so I’ve voted only for that one. I just couldn’t face being positive about any of the others.

    1. Carl

      I just remembered the one where James made a damn fool of himself raging at Craig and hooting down the balcony (I think that was the rumba) and the one where they fell over (the quickstep, I think).

      Holly I chose the paso and the lamppost one, as I loved that one. Generally the less Artem and Holly were together the better they were.

  8. joseph

    I agree with Holly’s but would have had her Foxtrot instead of her Argentine Tango. Alex’s Tango and Quickstep are the only two I can actually remember, although I did like her, and her Charleston but not for good reasons.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I have to admit, I find the general for Holly’s Argentine Tango amongst her fanbase pretty baffling, but it is what it is, as they say.

  9. Carl

    With Harry I chose close to the end of his run and with Chelsee I chose close to the beginning.

    Jason I just chose two where he didn’t make those hideous groin pull faces which dragged down so many of his dances.


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