Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 2 Results Summary

So what’s new in the Strictly Results Show for 2011? Well…not a lot really. There’s something called Len’s Lens, which features lots of slowed-down clips of the dances from last night, with everyone laughing at how stupid everyone looks in slow motion. There’s a comedy skit revolving around the theme of “Broadway”, because next week is Broadway Week. It’s not funny, excep incidentally, and that only a bit, so that much remains the same. Also new is the removal of the judges bits from the recap which sadly were always the best bits, in that they featured Alesha stuffing her face with pretzels and breadsticks and cheesy footballs like a woman dying of hunger. And who didn’t love that?

Things that are the same? The results are still revealed in waves of sex faces and people at the top of the leaderboard vainly trying to look surprised. I mean, not that it wouldn’t have been hilarious if Jason/Holly/Chelsee tumbled that far, but it’s barely possible. Also there’s a group routine to Lady Gaga. The end involves Erin ringing Gaga up to tell her to hurry up and release another singer because they’re running out. They’re saving up the recreation of the Telephone video with Natalie as Gaga and Erin as Beyonce for the final, because they KNOW IT WILL KILL ME DEAD WITH THE AMAZINGNESS!

Claudia’s back as well, although even more of a spare part because she’s not on It Takes Two any more. At one point she looks at Robbie Savage like she wants to ask him if he’s who replaced Jared. Also the special guest singer (this week Will Young) comes on and does his new single that nobody will buy, accompanied with dancers he’s brought himself from the So You Think You Can Dance rejects bin. It’s none of it very uplifting. He could at least have done that homoerotic Black Swan routine from his video. With Pasha. Maybe.

Actual results? Eh, who cares about that when there’s filler to be filled. In the end, it’s the two people near the bottom of the leaderboard who were on earliest – Audley and Edwina – who are in the bottom two. You can almost see why they dress the inevitability up can’t you? In the end going home is Edwina. She looks kind of pissed off. Ah well. Not every politician can be as gracious and elegant and beloved as Widdy, you know?


17 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 9 – Week 2 Results Summary

  1. Pops

    The Broadway skit was dreadful, but Channel 4 are showing Sweeney Todd tonight, which should hopefully provide a source of last-minute inspiration for Anton, who probably didn’t think he’d have to choreograph a week 3 routine this year. I could forgive him for the whole Widdy fiasco if Nancy comes out next week dressed like Helena Bonham Carter to do a shaky Viennese Waltz to A Little Priest.

  2. Dancing cake

    I know the BBC are having to cut costs, but running two shows simultaneously isn’t the way to do it. I love Will Young, but mashing him with that episode of Dr Who with the robot mannequins was a bad move. They should have learned some lessons from the Dorothys and their mash ups of doom.

    Nancy dancing to Try a little priest from Sweeney would be genius, tho. (As would be monkseal’s comments.)

  3. Carl

    I wish there was some kind of an electric shock every time there’s a segment where the judges laugh at their own cleverness.

    The Broadway segment will stay with me, mostly because Nancy is Mary Poppins! “A dish of D’Ollioliololiolio helps the crap choreo go down…” And I didn’t think I could be any more disturbed by Jason than I was after that grindhouse private eye segment, but they proved me wrong.

    Didn’t you just LOVE how visibly angry Anton was at being saved.

  4. Carl

    Forgot to add that I liked Will Young’s song, just didn’t like the hair or those dancers, who seemed to have been the morose twins of the dancers in Madonna’s “Nothing Really Matters” video.

  5. Marcela

    Eggy may have been eliminated but I’m still having nightmares about her flashing her nickers and wanting to take Vincent home and cover him in Tia Maria and do all sorts…*shudder*

    Thanks for blogging SCD one more year Monkseal!


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  7. PadsterMo

    My thoughts:

    – I didn’t think it was a good idea to do the pro-routine of the first results show of the current series of Strictly to the exact same song as was used for the pro-routine of the first results show of the current series of DWTS. DWTS did it much better. In fact, I think Strictly should try to separate itself from DWTS as much as possible – I imagine the internet might actually explode if Alesha dances on the judges desk accompanied by a stripping Bruno during a musical guest. America can just keep Len and Bruno.
    – As a child of the 80s,I really want to like Jason Donovan – but he’s too intense and wants to win just a little too much for that to be possible.
    – Can we start a petition so that Alesha can have her nibbles in the Tessanine? (I think that’s what we’re calling it, aren’t we?)
    – On the subject of Alesha, I can’t believe they didn’t show her giving Nancy Del Olive Oil a ‘2’ in the recap. Highlight of the series so far, and they missed it.
    – Now that Claudia’s adrift from ITT, it does almost seem as though she just turned up at the studio and they didn’t have the heart to send her home. Plus, was it just me or did they not plug ITT at the end?
    – Surely if Will Young didn’t want to use the Strictly dancers he could have done better than using the results of a genetic experiment involving Storm Lee’s faceless gimps and Jessie J’s hair?
    – Natalie as Gaga and Erin as Beyonce must happen. Especially if Ian can come back and be the prison warden, and Anton can be Tyrese Gibson, with real poison and everything so he finally buggers off.


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