Strictly Come Dancing 8 Monkies – Reader Vote Results

Don’t worry, I’m not going to announce half the results for one poll at the beginning, then a bit more in the middle, then the proper final result at the end. I have learnt from the show in this respect…

Best Judge :

Who? Me?

in the biggest UPSET of the year clearly, Craig Revell Horwood claims 80.6% of the Best Judge vote, up a couple of percentage points from last year, so clearly the bandwagon is gathering pace. Maybe the removal of Darcey prevented vote-splitting between those who appreciate those of a theatrical background. In terms of the other judges, both Bruno and Len lose grounds on last year, but it looks like people might slowly (slowly…) be warming to Alesha.

  • 2nd – Alesha Dixon : 8.47%
  • 3rd – Bruno Tonioli : 8.20%
  • 4th – Len Goodman : 2.73%

Best Host :


and the shocks keep on ROLLING in. Claudia takes down 87.88% of the vote, as she creeps ever closer to taking over the whole damned show. And quite right too.

  • 2nd – Tess Daly : 6.34%
  • 3rd – Bruce Forsythe : 5.78%

Best Pro/Group Dance Of The Series :


Yes, it’s the Paloma Faith Danceathon, with 40.05% of you having it as one of your dance selections. I’m not going to say that the contribution made by pro-dances was poor this year…because the fact that you’ve chosen a routine that basically consisted of a bunch of play-acting, minimal dancing, and Gavbot wandering around in a confused “when is this over?” daze, really says it all. As does the fact that most of the top-finishing dances are from the theme weeks, and probably therefore just the most outlandishly cartoony ones. Jolly good fun though.

  • 2nd – Erin & Anton’s Moon River Waltz : 33.63%
  • 3rd – Matthew Cutler’s Gimp Parade Paso : 29.09%
  • 4th – Flavia unleashes her tango : 24.18%
  • 5th – Bus-stop Charleston : 23.80%
  • 6th – Ghostbusters! : 22.67%
  • 7th – The Jordarumba : 19.27%
  • 8th – Movies Showcase : 18.89%
  • 9th – Showdances Spooky Viennese Waltz : 15.11%
  • 10th – ABBA Megamix : 10.96%

Best Celebrity Guest Performer :

Stone Cold Sober

Perhaps unsurprisingly given that she soundtracked the best pro/group dance of the series, Paloma Faith takes this award in a landslide, scoring the votes of 62.55% of all poll-takers (or thereabouts). Tragically, Gavbot’s autovoter function broke, and his idol Peter Andrew can only finish an ignominious 12th. That’s…even worse than Gavin probably should have on talent…

  • 2nd – Cirque du Soleil : 34.89%
  • 3rd – Take That : 31.06%
  • 4th – Alice Cooper : 15.32%
  • 5th – Manic Street Preachers : 10.64%

Most Bullshit Elimination

A boo hoo hoo

In yet another landslide, with 79.44% of you selecting him as one of your two most BS eliminations. If nothing else, this series has created comfortingly strong black and white opinions yes?

  • 2nd – Tina O’Brien : 34.09%
  • 3rd – Goldie : 26.01%
  • 4th – Pamela Stephenson : 16.17%
  • 5th – Matt Baker : 10.54%

Best Celeb – Talent


With a frankly terrifying 95.37% of all poll-takers having her as one of the two most talented celebs of the series. Admittedly I said Ricky Whittle’s 67.73% score last series was frankly terrifying, but now I regret my reckless use of those words following this frankly TERRIFYING result. That was a merely unnerving result in comparison. What’s even scarier is that, with Gavbot in 6th, we very nearly got exactly the Final Five my readers would have selected on talent. Next year, we’re not going to be nearly so lucky I fear…

  • 2nd – Matt Baker : 50.08%
  • 3rd – Pamela Stephenson : 22.32%
  • 4th – Scott Maslen : 19.45%
  • 5th – Jimi Mistry : 5.74%

Best Celeb – Personality

Despite the hat...

Not quite so much of a landslide here, as Kara gets in with 49.6% of you, and was in fact in second place until not two days ago. Not that I’m suggesting there’s any overlap between an appreciation of rugby and getting so twatted over New Year that you can’t vote straight or anything.

  • 2nd – Gavin Henson : 48.65%
  • 3rd – Matt Baker : 25.44%
  • 4th – Patsy Kensit : 16.22%
  • 5th – Pamela Stephenson : 14.63%

Worst Celeb – Talent

This - forever

I know, I know, the surprises just keep on coming don’t they? An even bigger than Kara’s here, but in entirely the other direction, with 96.35% of you voting her one of the least talented of the series. Anybody who wants to admit to not doing so is free to use the comments section to explain themselves if they so wish. Use of the phrase “game old bird” I’m afraid is sadly banned.

  • 2nd – Paul Daniels : 49.54%
  • 3rd – Peter Shilton : 41.03%
  • 4th – Michelle Williams : 3.65%
  • 5th – Goldie : 3.04%

Worst Celeb – Personality


And this is what we were told she was here for. It boggles the mind, although I guess a good villain is always appreciated. Meanwhile, Controversial Contestant Duty falls to both Matt and Pamela, who are Top Five for both best and worst personality, with Michelle Williams also bubbling under, taking 6th place in both polls. Ann was an unfavourite of 71.12% of you, with the rest of the top five shaking out as follows :

  • 2nd – Paul Daniels : 32.22%
  • 3rd – Pamela Stephenson : 16.11%
  • 4th – Matt Baker : 14.89%
  • 5th – Peter Shilton : 14.59%

Queen Of All Pros

*fans self*

I’m not saying it’s ENTIRELY due to the hat. It can’t have hurt though. 24.24% of your votes made Katya this year’s Queen Pro, in probably the all-round tightest race amongst all the polls. Good job ladies.

  • 2nd – Natalie Lowe : 21.49%
  • 3rd – Erin Boag : 19.56%
  • 4th – Flavia Cacace : 13.50%
  • 5th – Aliona Vilani : 12.40%

King Of All Pros


Less of a barney amongst the men, as Artem romps home with 53.39% of the vote. Maybe if Katya had pulled Woobie-Face she wouldn’t have had to resort to hats so often…

  • 2nd – James Jordan : 16.53%
  • 3rd – Anton du Beke : 12.47%
  • 4th – Vincent Simone : 7.32%
  • 5th – Brendan Cole : 5.42%

Greatest Dance of the Series :


Yes, despite the protestations of Len, Kara’s American Smooth/Not An American Smooth is the dance that will define this series for decades to come. Or summit. A dance so powerful it instantly cripples whoever it touches. I hope they come back and reprise it for next year’s final and they both DIE (/break a pinky or something.) It pulled in the votes of 55.29% of you, for fans of meaningless percentages.

  • 2nd – Scott Maslen’s Jive – Hit The Road Jack : 40.79%
  • 3rd – Kara Tointon’s Tango – Roxanne : 36.86%
  • 4th – Kara Tointon’s  Rumba – Samba Pa’Ti : 31.12%
  • 5th – Kara Tointon’s Argentine Tango – Las Vino : 30.21%
  • 6th – Matt Baker’s Charleston – 42nd Street : 22.05%
  • 7th – Matt Baker’s Tango – Hung Up : 20.85%
  • 8th – Matt Baker’s Samba – Young Hearts Run Free : 19.34%
  • 9th – Michelle Williams’ Jive – Time Warp : 17.22%
  • 10th – Pamela Stephenson’s Viennese Waltz – Unchained Melody : 16.31%
  • 11th – Matt Baker’s Cha Cha – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • 12th – Kara Tointon’s Paso Doble – The Phanton Of The Opera
  • 13th – Gavin Henson’s Quickstep – I Want You To Want Me
  • 14th – Matt Baker’s Viennese Waltz – Where The Wild Roses Grow
  • 15th – Scott Maslen’s Viennese Waltz – I Put A Spell On You
  • 16th – Scott Maslen’s Quickstep – I Wanna Be Like You
  • 17th – Pamela Stephenson’s Rumba – To Make You Feel My Love
  • 18th – Jimi Mistry’s Quickstep – Mr Pinstripe Suit
  • 19th – Jimi Mistry’s Charleston – Do Your Thing
  • 20th – Scott Maslen’s Tango – Palladio I, Allegretto

My own choices? Up shortly.


12 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 8 Monkies – Reader Vote Results

  1. Left Feet

    I did not vote in this but I have to say that Craig as a judge is a bit overrated and got a couple of things wrong namely the lifts with Kara (see Karen Hardy on ITT) and being slapped down by Jimmy Jordan about Pamela’s Cha Cha. Not surprised that Alesha was second because she had by far the best final of all the judges and apart from Matt/Scott AS did not mess up so much. Bruno was better last year when he was much harsher and Len he knows his stuff but his marking really lets him down.

    Not surpised about the talent polls and personality because particulary for a Girl winner you need both which Kara had both Widdy yeah worst dancer but personality? Thats what got her so far I would have thought.
    Female pros yes I would like to see Katya with a contender next year and think that Robin should have maybe been in the top three he did better then Vincent and Brenden this year surely?

    1. monkseal Post author

      Re : the Widdynator, I’d say that her fanbase (more casual voters, older voters, more conservative voters) would be less likely to get into this sort of blog. Also they’d be more motivated to vote during the series than they would in a poll, and her support did seem to wane as the series went on, and the poll is being taken at the end, not the beginning. She still came 11th out of 16th on the Best Personality poll, which isn’t too shabby.

  2. Left Feet

    Forgot to say Gavin second in personality surely that is an error and your readers are either drunk, insane or voted with their private parts (male or female) the man is just a blank slate.

  3. Jules

    I disagree with almost all of the above! 🙂

    Widdy is a nasty old bat, not funny, not interesting, but Anton is a genius.

    Gavin was hilarious, perhaps just too subtle for some….?

    1. Left Feet

      Thing is at least I am talking sense if Widdy was really a nasty old bat why did she finish 6th? It had to be for some reason it surely was not her dancing and I don’t think that any pro even Anton gets the votes on his own so it had to be her personality and no I did not like her at all but people were voting for her that was sadly a fact.

      As for Gavin “THE PLANK” Henson, subtle is The Thick of It its not some brainless rugby player who did not want to do Strictly because he was afraid that he would get an errection!!

      1. PadsterMo

        The thing with Gavin, I thought, was that he either has a really dry self-piss-taking sense of humour or is too thick to put a filter on the things that come out of his mouth. I went for the former, so for that reason I thought he had one of the better personalities on the show!

        Agree with most of the results, although Ghostbusters was definitely my favourite pro-dance with the chaos of the launch show closer coming second.

        Disappointed Patsy’s jive didn’t do better. Also disappointed I couldn’t manage to vote for drunk Lisa Snowdon.

      2. monkseal Post author

        Patsy’s jive came 24th. Sadly I guess there was only room for one comedy jive this year…

  4. Joe

    Perhaps my favourite moment from the Paloma Faith Dance, hell even the series, is the look on Katya’s face after her and Gav do the failed lift from Blackpool. It’s just pure triumphant bitch genius.

    Then when we saw Jimi doing his Quickstep, Scott Tango-ing, and Michelle doing her Jive again (although it was the parts that weren’t the Time Warp), and everyone else doing whatever, it was great. It genuinely made the series for me.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I may have been face down in a phone power-dialling for Kara at that point, so the finer details may be lost on me.

  5. Neil K

    I must admit to voting an awful lot for Kara in the polls as she really made the series for me. No one else really connected to their dances in the same way (with the possible exception of Michelle’s time warp but then Michelle didn’t have Lilia-like hair)

    I can’t help but think that Paloma won the best guest performer on singing ability rather than the fact that people liked the mess that was the dance that went with it. In a programme frequently filled with singers who can’t perform live, this series was a low point in the history of the show. I found myself wishing she’d been asked to sing every week as at least she was in tune!

    Anyway, loved your recaps as always. Once again you have made the series twice as fun as it would otherwise have been. Thank you 🙂

    1. monkseal Post author

      Even the low point in terms of the guest vocalists (Duffy? I know some people will say my Neily Diamond, but I WILL NOT HEAR IT) couldn’t compare to Andy Williams. Or Barry Odolow.


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