OK, so with the Summer tv schedule doldrums well and truly upon us, I have never been more grateful for the 8-9 Wedge O’ Friends on E4. So in respect to its totemic powers of nostalgia I present :

Fat Monica>Janice>Competitive Monica>Ross>Phoebe When She’s Singing>Monica At All Times When She Is Not Fat Or Competitive>Later, Bitchy Pheobe Particularly When She’s Stalking Sting>DrunkRachel>Paul Rudd>Sober Rachel>Pheobe>Joey In The Early Seasons >That one that’s Elliott Gould>Joey’s Agent>The lesbians>That One That’s Married To Elliott Gould>Magnum PI>Gunther>Chandler> Ross’  Token “Look We’re Not Racist, He’s Totally Dating An Ethnic” Girlfriend, whatever HER name was>Joey In The Later Seasons >Pheoebe When She’s Stealing A Small Girl’s Cat Because She Believes It Contains The Spirit Of Her Dead Mother, Seriously, WTF?>Wedding Planner Monica>Emily Fucking Waltham>>>>>>Joey “speaking French”


12 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Steven

    Wedding Planner Monica killed the character for me, forever. Even rewatching earlier seasons now, I’m just all “I KNOW WHAT YOU BECOME.”

    As much as idiot-Joey irritated me, I could watch the episode where he goes on Pyramid forever. “Paper! Snow! A ghost!”

  2. monkseal Post author

    Steven – I love how we’re saying “Wedding Planner Monica” like she’s a special edition of Barbie. I would love that. Bagsy me “Barbados Monica”.

    Rad – Because as amazing as Paul Rudd is, Mike Hannigan’s amazingness is 95% Paul Rudd. He’s kind of a nothingy character. But still… Paul Rudd. And Ross is so high cause I like Ross. He made me laugh, which is more than Chandler did. Ever.

    (Hank Azaria’s character was mostly in it when my interest waned. I think he’s kind of over-rated generally so…probably not that high)

  3. Ruby

    I’ve never understood the universal acclaim of “Friends”. I’ve watched (bits of) numerous episodes but I just don’t get it. Sorry.

  4. Olau

    Ross sucks, and at times was really borderline abusive. And when he wasn’t, he was a whiny pest . But even worse than Ross is Monica … a much better ending for Friends would’ve been if Anna Faris had decided “actually I’m gonna keep these babies”.

    And yeah, Joey’s a fucking idiot

  5. Dee

    Fat Monica was indeed the best especially when dancing.

    I saw Janice in an ep of How I Met Your Mother and it took me the the longesttime to recognise her sine she sounded totally different.

    Early seasons Ross was cute but later seasons Ross was awful, he was so freaking shrill and ridiculous.

  6. monkseal Post author

    Ruby – Universal acclaim? This is not my experience of the Universe

    Rad – I quite liked when he and Pheobe broke up the first time. It felt realistic. Of course they got back together and completely IGNORED ALL THE REASONS THEY BROKE UP IN THE FIRST PLACE LIKE THEY NEVER HAPPENED but well…this is Friends. And later series Friends. Still, he was far better written than most love interests that lasted beyond an episode. MONA.

    Olau – Hey, the notion of Fat Monica is tiresome, depressing, lazy as hell and borderline offensive. Still hilarious though. I think Monica’s height of doucheness mostly expressed itself in pussywhipping Chandler, which I approved of, because Matthew Perry’s failure as an actor on all levels was way past old by that point. And I appreciate that the likability or not of Ross is the defining topic of all Friends fandom anywhere ever. Needless to say, they were on a break.

    (Yes yes, old meme I know…)

    Dee – I remember Janice best outside of Friends from when she was in early episodes of Ellen, before they ruined it by adding Jeremy Piven. Sigh. I had the biggest crush on Adam when I was a teen…

  7. Ruby

    well, I suppose “universal acclaim…I don’t like it” is a bit contradictory 🙂 But I’ve never seen what so many people rave about. I feel the same about “The Office”.

  8. monkseal Post author

    I just remember a lot of people dismissing Friends as stupid anodyne fluff at the time. It’s become more critically respected with time, but whilst it was on, everyone was comparing it negatively to Seinfeld and Fraser because they were “smarter”.


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