Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 6 Results Summary

We begin this week with a loving tribute to ‘Allo ‘Allo with Vincent as Rene and Flavia as Michelle from ze Resistance. There’s a lot more kicking and flicking than I remember, but then I was always really more of a Hi-De-Hi man myself. This is, of course, our mandatory Argentine Tango showcase from the two of them, and I’m sure everyone watching booked their tickets to Midnight Tango immediately.

Claudia and Tess are back on presenting duties, meaning that somebody else is backstage gossip snooping for our recap of the week. That person being Anton, running around doing tiny bits of dancing with various randoms. The bits of ballroom are, as you’d expect, better than the bits of Latin, in that he gets Lisa’s top-line sorted but makes Denise look like one of the “Mah-Nu Mah-Nu” muppets. Interestingly enough he also teases out some wardrobe insights from Fern and Brenda. Who would have thought it? That’s more than Zoe’s managed in 5 weeks of It Takes Two.

Len’s Lens focuses on yet more tomfoolery from the judges, yet more of FUNNY GAY RICHARD’S FUNNY GAY FACES, the second week in a row of pimping out Tracy (it’s almost as though they know one of the other female frontrunners is completely lacking in support…), and Bruno signposting it as heavily as it possibly can be signposted that Victoria’s only ever any good when Brendan is shoving her around. If there was any lingering sentiment left hovvering around that the judges want her near the final, surely it must be gone now, right?

Celebrity Guest Performer of the week is violinist and world smuggest looking man Andre Rieu and his army of Stepford violinists. They’re performing that noted classical piece The Rose whilst Natalie and Brenda rumba around elegantly. At one point it looks like Natalie might actually snatch Andre Rieu’s violin off him, and do the violining herself. If there’s any pro capable of it, you’d think it must be Natalie Lowe.

Other filler? A Comedy VT about Wembley that seems to suggest it’s located somewhere a few miles west of Honolulu, a short vignette about Anton & Kristina (…what a combination…) dancing for The Military Wives for Rememberance Sunday and the usual Claud 9 shenanigans, but let’s face it, there’s only one thing that really needs highlighting from this Results Show…


It was always going to happen now that we’ve got the dance-off back, but the question was always going to be who, and when? Well the answered are “Kimberley Walsh” and “right now” as she is unceremoniously dumped into a Bottom 2 with Fern. I’m not so much shocked by her lack of vote as Richard suddenly acquiring one. The amount of judge outrage, apart from some minor snotting from Craig and a brief yelp of outrage from Bruno, is minimal, so I guess they’re saving it up for something truly spectacular to come. Fern goes out as best she can, but of course the judges save Kimberley.

From her reaction, I think the “making her” vs “breaking her” chances are about 20:80. We shall see over the four remaining dance-off to come I guess…

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28 Responses to Strictly Come Dancing 10 – Week 6 Results Summary

  1. Poppy says:

    I love your comment about Andre Rieu’s Stepford Violinists – that’s spot on. I knew there was a reason why I can’t stand him, but I could never quite put my finger on it.

    I thought it was a shame that Fern went on the first and only night I’ve ever enjoyed her dancing, I thought she did really well, you know, for her. I wasn’t that surprised that Kimberly was in the dance off. I’ve never really felt any connection with her, although she dances well enough, but I get that dead-behind-the-eyes feeling from her that you get from Louis. I’m sure she’ll benefit from a few weeks’ worth of post-dance off rebound after tonight.

    • monkseal says:

      I’m always wary about criticising the classical artists who appear on shows like these, because literally ALL of them attract the “THIS IS AMATEURISH DRECK, PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE 15 YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF AN OBSCURE SERBIAN ARTIST INSTEAD TO LEARN WHAT REAL CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE IS ALL ABOUT” types, and I really know nothing at all about it and would hate to sound like them even if I did. Also I like to save most of my crit for Katherine Jenkins. But still that staging was creepy. Also HIS FACE.

  2. Pops says:

    Kimberly was joint second with the judges, so for her to be in the bottom two when there are still 10 people left in the contest suggests the vote pretty much reversed the leaderboard. I seem to think even the shock boots of yore were more midtable (was Rachel fourth the first time she hit the dance-off?) or when the herd had been thinned a bit, but I could be mistaken. I quite like Kimberly and Pasha, but it was almost worth it for Natalie’s face when it was down to her and Michael, and Kim ‘n’ Pash for the dance-off: “Yeah, you’re not faking us out Daly, trying to make out it’s gonna be the couple who got 9s from the judges, – shitty death, it only is!”

    • min says:

      Ali Bastion was joint third and Zoe Lucker fourth on the judges leader board (out of 10 couples) the week they found themselves in the dance off – which could be comparable.

      Or not, if you think that sixth on the leaderboard that week was Chris Hollins – and equal sixth this week was Nicky and Victoria. ;)

    • monkseal says:

      The ties mae it easier for her to drop but yeah…I would imagine there’s other near the top who are almost as unbacked. I WONDER WHO! *excitement*

  3. Catherine says:

    Artem AND Pasha in the bottom two?

    Look, show. I’ll put up with a lot. But there are no good-looking male celebs this series, and I’m not watching this piece of trash for my HEALTH. If you keep on destroying the totty count like this, I’m FLOUNCING. With EXTREME PREJUDICE.

  4. Reya says:

    I’d heard tales from someone reliably in the know about Fern being rude to production staff – I guess putting her back fat on display to the entire nation and then eliminating her is fair revenge, yes? At least Artem is free now.

    Poor Kimberley :(

  5. Carl says:

    Like you, I was more surprised that Richard was not in the bottom two. He had a routine which was competent enough but not exactly one for the ages, and his scores weren’t so high that he would be safe. I think Erin has looked fantastic this series so I’m just going to assume those are the votes. Or perhaps they are attracting a “luvvie” vote no one else is. That sounds harsh, because I do think they’re a good enough couple…I just have no idea how this week happened. I wouldn’t have expected this to be one of Erin’s longer-running partnerships in the last few years (the one with Ricky Groves ran longer but seemed to become a misery by the end). I noticed that tonight he seemed to transfer some of his…friendliness from Erin to Michael.

    I just hope this isn’t going to lead the judges to trash the couples who aren’t Louis/Kimberley/Denise, to try to “educate” viewers, as I think it’s been nice to see the others developing in their own right, in a way I haven’t seen on the show in a while (usually people who aren’t frontrunners just seem to slowly die off).

    I think the VT with Kimberley hurt her because people have no emotional connection with her.

    Does Michael have another Latin next week? I’m hoping he might at least make it over Richard next week. In some strange way, Natalie has sort of become the heart of the show this series.

    I think Fern’s outfit might have cost her some votes, along with the usual “we don’t have to vote, since she tried this week.”

    • monkseal says:

      Apparently Michael has American Smooth this week, which is a shame, because all the dances are going to be de facto crap because it’s Wembley. Might as well have saved up one of the two/three good dances he has left in him.

  6. Doktorb says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only to hear “You’re out of your MINDS!” from Bruno when Kimberley was dropped into the dance off.

  7. Left Feet says:

    In a way I’m not that surprised before the series started I would have thought that Kimberley would be in the final at least now I’m not that sure, she still might depending on how the dance offs go. One intresting thing I keep reading is that people prefer Pasha with Chelsee and I think thats probably their probelm in that Pasha probably should have had a less skilled dancer or two before getting a contender again. Sadly Kimberley’s dancing is proficent but not exciting and she seems to be going through the motions a bit

    • Carl says:

      Every new pro seems to have two series of potential winners, the first a little better than the second (Natalie, Artem, and, on paper anyway, Aliona). I think Kimberley just doesn’t have an engaging personality, she doesn’t connect. She’s a good dancer but not so good that she’s going to get votes based solely on that, and she and Pasha don’t have a strong connection, either real (like Michael/Natalie) or probably faked, but still strong (Denise/James).

      • Carl says:

        Sorry, I forgot Aliona actually had three. I like to forget Rav’s time on the show.

      • monkseal says:

        I think most of the big name pros have had strong contenders (on paper) two of their first three series. After that, they just have to make do with what they get, unless they’re James or Camilla, in which case they’re fed them til they get a pay-out. Whenever that will happen for James.

    • monkseal says:

      I think she’ll probably make semis – there’s only four dance-offs left and if she’s in next week’s she might as well just quit. There’s a bit of pot luck regarding who she’d be up against, but I think she could win them if she ends up there. Once we’re at the semis I think it’s up to how much the judges want to force the issue.

  8. Pops says:

    The chemistry between the couples does make such a difference – and not just in a ‘ooh, wonder if they’re secretly shagging’ way. I agree Michael and Natalie seem to have such a genuine bond, while Kimberly and Pasha, although, I’m sure they get on, don’t have the same spark as he did with Chelsee.
    Watching Louis on ITT tonight, I did find myself wondering how he would have got on if they’d put him with Ola. I prefer Flavia as a choreographer, so I don’t think his dancing would have been better, but he’s so reserved that I wonder if putting him with someone a bit ‘bubblier’ would have livened him up a bit in a Ramps & Karen-stylee. (To be fair I don’t think any of the current female pros can compete with Karen in the, ahem, ‘big personality’ stakes, I just thought Ola probably came closest. But then can you imagine the carnage that would have ensued if Karen had hung around long enough to been given Russell Grant? Flavia made him a lot more bearable than he would have been otherwise.)

    • Alli says:

      I honestly don’t ever want to see Louis doing the Ola headbanger, starfish, knee slide or be the pole to her pole dancer. He’s so much better than that. I’m happy with Flavia now, I think their partnership is growing organically and he’s making me crack up with all his training room witticisms. He’s reminding me of a Gavin with brains that can dance and that’s high praise, I loved Gavin :D

    • Carl says:

      Karen/Russell would have broken the second seal of the Apocalypse.

      (Karen/Gary Rhoades broke the first)

    • monkseal says:

      I don’t know if he needs livening up in the same sort of way though. Ramps’ appeal to the ovary-voters was always that he seemed like he’d make a really reliable dependable husband (with the body and a libido of a sex-god OBVIOUSLY) wheras I think Louis’ real vote-winning angle is that he’s someone they’d want to mother. That It Takes Two today where they IMMEDIATELY juxtaposed a VT of him where they showed him acting like an awkward teenager with Craig being a BIG OL MEAN to him really driving that point home.

      • Alli says:

        And it’s working! I do wish they’d cut the stroppy 12 year old stuff out, I don’t want to me reminded how young he is. :D He’s 23 for heaven’s sake, but then they’ve no idea what to do with Dani either unless it’s, ooh look how young she is, let’s dress her like a 7 year old off to a fancy dress party.

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